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Richard Newmark named 2017 Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni

Richard Newmark (’57) is this year’s Beberman Award winner and will be honored at the 2017 Uni Gala in April.

Newmark set a great example in his professional career through leadership, scholarship and publications.  He continues his leadership roles in the community in the areas of education and the environment. His contributions to community, public service, and civic activities are emblematic of the Uni High mission to encourage citizenship and influence the educational community.

He has been a leader in many organizations including the St. Paul Audubon Society, the Environmental Issues Committee, the St. Paul Classic Bike Ride, the Woodbury Environmental Advisory Commission the St. Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium, the District 1 Community Council and the St. Paul School Board Gifted & Talented Committee.

Newmark attended Harvard University and completed his PhD at the University of California at Berkeley. In 2001 Richard retired from 3M as a Corporate Scientist from the Corporate Research Analytical Laboratory where he specialized in the analysis of chemical materials using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

The Max Beberman Distinguished Alumni Award was established by the University of Illinois Laboratory High School in honor of the late Max Beberman, a Uni math teacher. During his tenure at Uni High—from 1950 to 1971—he started the University Committee on School Mathematics, which had an impact on math education around the world. Max is remembered as being a truly wonderful teacher whose forte was enabling students to “discover” for themselves the new math ideas for which he is famous.



Remember wondering what’s after high school?

More than 300 Uni students are wondering the same thing!

Uni's Alumni Agora Day is coming up, with sessions on everything from How to Publish Your Book to a Mini Car Show to The Joys of Diseased Plants.

But the April 6 event still has space for YOUR story! Your 45-minute presentation about the most interesting part of your post-Uni life can be on any topic and include anything you want - video, photos and hands-on activities are just a few of the possibilities.

Alumni Agora classes will take place the afternoon of April 6, 2017 as part of the inaugural ReUNIon Week (April 6-8, 2017) at Uni High.

While you are welcome to share your academic and job experiences, Uni students are just like you remember – interested in everything! Share your passions, your projects and your life experiences - we value our grads and all of their experiences.

Please contact Josh Hall at to schedule your Agora class!


Agora 2017 adds Cultural Awareness component

Uni students learned about everything from "Hamilton: The Musical" to making chocolage to learning Yiddish in this year's Agora Week, Feb. 21-24. Students, teachers, parents, alumni and community members submitted a record number of class proposals, and the week was full of fun and interesting experiences. 

A highlight of the week was Uni grad Blaine Garst's chocolate class, sponsored by Uni Director Jeff Walkington (Garst is in the background on the left, and Walkington is on the right in the photo.) 

Agora Days is a four-day program held once a year in lieu of regular classes. It features more than 100 special-interest classes taught by students, parents, alumni, faculty and community members. For the first time this year, students were encouraged to take specially designated Cultural Awareness classes. These classes included Islam 101, Native American games and Ukrainian cooking.


Khan accepts new position

Uni Alum Tony Khan recently announced that has has been appointed Vice Chairman and Director of Football Operations of Fulham Football Club. Khan had recently been advising the football operations at Fulham, particularly in the area of analytics and research. He played an integral role in the identification, recruitment and signing of players.

In 2015, Tony Khan created the statistical research department at Fulham, where his aim was to complement classic scouting methods by analysing football player performance and developing proprietary football performance metrics to aid the Club's efforts to gain promotion back into the English Premier League.

Khan graduated from the College of Business at the University of Illinois in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance.