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University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital                                     July 2017

 white cells

At the heart of every pathology reading is, of course, a knowledgeable and experienced pathologist who can examine slides to form a diagnosis or point you in the right direction for further testing. At the College of Veterinary Medicine we’re fortunate to have nearly 20 such professionals. Luckier yet, we were able persuade one of them in to submitting an article for this month’s newsletter and be our featured faculty person.

Also, just in case any of you aren’t feeling the love when it comes to reading slides even after completing vet school, perhaps this slide will help. (Photo by Lisa Shipp.)

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Cytology for Primary Osteolytic Neoplasia

Aspiration of lytic bone lesions is becoming a more common technique in the diagnosis of primary bone tumors. This article describes what’s new in the diagnosis of primary osteolytic neoplasia.

Tumors associated with bone lysis or proliferation are categorized as primary bone tumors, i.e., tumors that arise from cells associated with bone. Just as there are various cells types responsible for the formation of healthy bone, there are various tumors types classified as primary bone tumors, including: fibrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, synovial cell sarcoma, histiocytic sarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma.

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Faculty Spotlight:

Anne Barger, DVM, MS, DACVP

Dr. Barger

Dr. Barger is a clinical professor of pathobiology.

"I like to study cytology, and I have been able to develop some interesting collaborative research projects with cytochemical staining and immunocytochemistry. There is so much art to cytology, and I still really enjoy diagnosing a cool fungus like blastomycosis or helping a veterinarian diagnose a challenging tumor."

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AVMA Convention
July 21-25

Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis


Don’t miss our alumni reception at the Slippery Noodle on July 21. We’re celebrating the University of Illinois Sesquicentennial by showing #ScienceWithHeart. Come get a special “beating heart” T-shirt that literally beats orange and blue when you view it with an app!

3D-printed heart
Then find us in the Exhibit Hall, July 22-24, where cardiologist Dr. Ryan Fries will walk you through the occlusion of a PDA on a 3D-printed heart model.


CE Opportunities

Ureteral Microsurgery Short Course
July 28-30
University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital

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New Clinical Trial and Study

Partially Funded Clinical Trial for Head and Neck Tumors in Dogs – Evaluation of Fluorescent Sentinel Lymph Node Imaging for Canine Head and Neck Neoplasia

Risk Factors for Tick Exposure in Dogs and Their Owners

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