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This Holiday season we rejoice alongside the families that no longer have an empty seat at the table. On Giving Tuesday,
please help us return more innocent people home
to their loved ones, where they belong.

What Really Happened – Suspect Convictions Podcast Features Bart McNeil’s Case

The case of our client Bart McNeil, wrongly convicted of murdering his 3-year-old daughter, takes center stage on Season 2 of one of this year's top podcasts: Suspect Convictions. Listen to IIP Executive Director John Hanlon and Staff Attorney Gwen Jordan explain what really happened.

University of Illinois Springfield alum and veteran journalist Scott Reeder co-produces this true-crime podcast with WVIK, Quad Cities NPR. 

For more on Bart McNeil's case ...

46 Years in Prison as an Innocent Man

Any wrongful conviction is a tragic injustice. But this one gave us pause for the sheer length of Wilbert Jones’ wrongful imprisonment.

During the night in 1972, 19-year-old Wilbert was taken from his home by an officer acting without a warrant and was convicted of a rape he did not commit. This month – nearly 46 years later – Innocence Project New Orleans won the reversal of his conviction. Twelve days ago, Wilbert, now age 65, was released.

The court based its ruling on the State’s failure to disclose to Wilbert’s lawyers compelling evidence of his innocence – evidence showing that a serial rapist likely committed the crime. Wilbert was convicted at a time when citizens other than white men were routinely barred from jury service. The trial prosecutor, Ralph Roy, was frequently the subject of findings of misconduct and racial discrimination.