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 Past Nudges

2018-05-29 [Data Nudge] Why and when to publish your data
2018-04-24 [Data Nudge] Find Technology From Across Campus
2018-03-27 [Data Nudge] Take advantage of versioning tools @ Illinois
2018-02-27 [Data Nudge] Tips_for_your_file_name_2018-02-27
2018-01-30 [Data Nudge] Your File Formats Matter
2017-12-12 [Data Nudge] End-of-Year Checklist 
2017-11-28 [Data Nudge] Questions to ask your IT Pro? 
2017-10-31 [Data Nudge] Competitive grant applications through stronger DMPs
2017-09-26 [Data Nudge] Campus-wide data-related events
2017-08-29 [Data Nudge] Identify and evaluate a data repository
2017-07-25 [Data Nudge] Make good use of cloud storage for your data
2017-06-27 [Data Nudge] Do you know these Box features?
2017-05-30 [Data Nudge] Lightening documentation
2017-04-25 [Data Nudge] Prioritize your data management goals
2017-03-28 [Data Nudge] Write a Data Management Plan
2017-02-28 [Data Nudge] Determine a file naming strategy
2017-01-31 [Data Nudge] Back up your data