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To assist graduate programs, the Graduate College has created Grad Data.

Using DMI data, this interactive tool provides a snapshot of five key areas of graduate education and program administration: Selectivity, Satisfaction, Time to Degree, Underrepresented Minority Enrollments, and External Support.

Information in Grad Data is restricted to those with a University of Illinois NetID. Others can see the publically available information on the DMI website.

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Selectivity measures the acceptance rate of doctoral programs as the percentage of applications that are accepted for admission.


Satisfaction displays the average student satisfaction as measured in doctoral student surveys after the first year and at degree completion.


Time to Degree is measured as the time (in years) from the first doctoral (or other graduate) enrollment to completion of the doctoral degree.

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Underrepresented Minority Enrollment (URM) is measured as a percentage of Fall Enrollment. URM is definied as domestic students who self-identify as American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, African American, or Hispanic/Latino.

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External Support is measured per department as a percentage of all enrolled graduate students (at the masters and doctoral level) whose tuition is paid by the student or as a tuition remissoin or an educational allowance. 


For additional data about graduate education at Illinois, visit the publically available Graduate Education Dashboard. For questions about the Grad Data or the Graduate Education Dashboard, contact us at