PHL in the News 
September 14, 2012 

The following items have appeared recently in newspapers, blogs, on websites and other media regarding PHL and might be of interest to affiliates of the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss.


  • Open Source GIS is assisting in the reduction of PHL in Africa through APHLIS, the African Post Harvest Loss Information System. Using a shared database, loss estimates for sub-Saharan Africa can be shared on an online platform. The project is funded by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and is aiming to provide loss estimates for 39 African nations.

  • Information technology is being used to address PHL in smallholder African farming communities, by giving access to market information, preventing price exploitation by speculators, and through the provision of warehouse receipts. Esoko in Ghana is partnered with the International Finance Corporation and the Soros Economic Development Fund on a project which sends crop price text messages to farmers, as well as warehouse receipts. IFPRI utlilizes a tool called the Food Security Media Analysis system which compares international media coverage to global agricultural production and food price stocks to determine if media coverage accurately depicts the global food situation.

  • Mozambique is creating a system for mercantile exchange, focusing on agriculture trading. The system will hopefully overcome the current unorganized sales of surplus agriculture over the border. Additionally, access to a systemized market will help counteract the high PHL and lack of financing for agricultural marketing within the African country.

South Asia

  • A high level delegation of eleven members from Nigeria visited CIPHET, the Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, in India to discuss areas of collaboration in the post harvest sector. The delegation sought to find new ways of transferring technology to end users and how institutes such as CIPHET ensured proper implementation.

East Asia

  • The IRRI Training Center in Los Banos, Philippines, is using videos to help train farmers on how to use new technologies effectively in the reduction of PHL. Recent videos focus on the IRRI Superbag and flatbed dryers. Each video discusses how to use the respective technology and making the videos appealing through the addition of music, compelling scriptwriting, and visual editing.

ADM Institute

  • The ADM Institute published two more blog posts on the AgriLinks Knowledge-Driven International Development (KDID) site about the challenges of research in the areas of System Informatics and Analysis and Policy Analysis. Researcher videos were also highlighted within each blog post.

  • University of Illinois President Robert Easter and Associate Chancellor for Public Engagement Pradeep Khanna both discussed the ADM Institute, PHL in an Indian context, and the significance of the University of Illinois' role in PHL research. The video interviews can be found on the institute's YouTube page.

Conferences and Symposiums

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World Water Week focused on increasing global agricultural productivity and especially the relationship between saving water and reducing PHL. Read more in an article from the Global Harvest Initiative and slides from a presentation by Dr. Julian Parfitt.


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