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November 1, 2013

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Issues of Loss 

  • New machine can help rice farmers cut postharvest losses
    A lack of policy framework in Cameroon will negatively impact farmer access to a new rice processing machine developed by The National Institute for Agricultural Research for Development of Cameroon. Before the innovation can be useful, experts say farmers need to be trained in threshing, milling, and other postharvest management best-practices. 

  • Global food waste campaigns suffer from data deficiency
    Better measuring and monitoring of global food loss and waste are identified as key impediments to the prevention of postharvest losses worldwide. A review of major reports shows a lack of reliable and sufficient data on types and quantities of wasted crops.   

  • China imports 4% of the world's grain and that's still not enough
    China's grain supply is not self-sufficient due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, threatening its food security and price stability. Reducing postharvest loss is viewed as a way to mitigate impacts of increasing demand for grain from countries like China, India, Brazil, and others.  


  • Research projects to be funded under the National Food Security Mission
    The Ministry of Agriculture of India opened a call for research proposals under The National Food Security Mission, a scheme set up to fund scientific innovation for the achievement of food grain production targets. Projects can range from resource management, farm mechanization, improving agronomic practices, and others that deal with crop efficiency. 


  • Postharvest losses: government urged to provide more support to farmers
    The Minister of Agriculture of Pakistan visited the University of Peshawar to discuss agricultural production and rural issues. Experts urged the government to extend financial and technical support toward curbing postharvest losses, which occur for major crops at the 35-40% range.

  • 20 mt of wheat wasted in India every year: report
    A report published in January 2013 by the Institute for Mechanical Engineers, Waste Not Want Not, was released in India this month. The report states that India loses 20 million tonnes of wheat annually, and that curbing total loss would add nearly $100 billion to the Indian economy.  

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