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January 3, 2014

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Issues of Loss 

  • Ghana: government has made progress in food productionAvailable data in Ghana shows surpluses for all major staple foods except for rice. Despite this improvement, food security for all individuals and households is not achieved due to issues of economic accessibility and postharvest loss.


  • Tackling postharvest losses in Cameroon
    In 2012, the Australian government awarded Blanche Etongwe a scholarship to complete an African Fellowship Course in Postharvest Management of Maize, Rice, and Legumes at the University of Sydney. Etongwe returned to Africa and initiated a survey-based postharvest loss reduction training effort for women farmers.

  • CGIAR scientists develop working groups to coordinate mycotoxin research
    In October 2013, participants from five CGIAR centers met at Naivasha in Kenya to share their current activities related to mycotoxin research and to plan for how these different activities might contribute to the next phase of the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) mycotoxin research portfolio.

  • Ghana: government's support for agirculture in upper east appreciated
    Through collaboration with the Northern Rural Growth Programme and the Ghana Social Opportunities Programme (GSOP), a number of roads and dams in the Bongo district of Ghana have been rehabilitated to aid farming and transportation of farm produce to market centers.

  • Food security law: centre to share more costs with states
    The central government of India has decided to widen the acceptability of its biggest social security initiative, the National Food Security Act, by agreeing to equally share the financial burden of transportation of grain and commission for ration-shop owners with state governments.

  • 80 food grain depots to be upgraded
    In response to public concerns about the safety of food grains in India, the government has stated that all precautionary measures are being taken for safe and scientific storage. In addition to building new facilities, government officials say that steps are being taken to upgrade the physical infrastructure of existing godowns. 

  • China to safeguard national food security
    After the Central Economic Work Conference met to review work in 2013 and map out plans for 2014, the Chinese government reported it will build its capabilities to safeguard food security, improve the construction of agricultural infrastructure, and speed up the development of agricultural science. 


  • Africa still suffers high food crop losses
    In an interview with Voice of America, an African farmer says that if postharvest losses were tackled in Africa, an amount estimated to value approximately $4 billion a year, the continent's food debacle would be nearly solved. 

Related Articles 

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Institute Spotlight 

Multi-Million Dollar USAID Grant Awarded for Postharvest Loss Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab led by KSU 

The ADM Institute will contribute research to the newly founded USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab for the Reduction of Post-harvest Loss. The Innovation Lab will be established at Kansas State University, research consortium lead, with the granting of a multi-million dollar award.


This newest lab will focus initially on helping the countries of Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Guatemala reduce their postharvest losses and food waste for grain and oil seed crops, tuberous root crops, and peanut and legume crops. 

ADM Institute Focus 

In collaboration with the consortium's several partner organizations, the ADM Institute will lead research initiatives in Bangladesh.

View the press release for more information



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