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Alma loves LAS best

Alma loves her LAS alumni best! ;)



Barbara Wilson

New Dean Returns to Lincoln Hall

For the past five years, Barbara Wilson has kept on her office wall a photo of Lincoln Hall—the “old” Lincoln Hall, that is, pre-renovation—given to her by the Department of Communication when she left there to work in the Office of the Provost. In it, a person is making his way back to the iconic building through the snow. Call the image symbolic if you want, but Wilson, too, is heading back to Lincoln Hall. 


Ruth Nicole Brown

Professor’s Research on Young Females Is Gaining Notice 

If you were studying the behavior of African American girls, how might you collect your data? You’d watch them, of course. Well, as Ruth Nicole Brown knows, it’s not that simple—and her methods of researching female behavior are gaining attention across the country and recently earned her a slot in the first-ever White House Research Conference on Girls.


Ron McFarland

LAS Alum’s Memories of Fishing with a Professor Are Highlighted in Magazine

When Ron McFarland arrived at the University of Illinois in the 1960s, the Floridian looked at the landscape around him—“uncompromising flatness” and “great country for soybeans and corn” were terms that came to mind—and, as he recalls, “my heart sank like a two-ounce sinker in a still pond.” For an avid fisherman, the outlook was bleak. 


Illini 4000

The Illini 4000 Crosses the United States in the Name of Fighting Cancer 

Nobody can say that members of the Illini 4000 aren’t willing to go the distance for their cause. The  group of 20 bicycle riders from the University of Illinois–including eight from the College of LAS–has completed a nearly 4,500-mile cross-country journey from New York City to San Francisco, in support of cancer research and patient support services. 



Illinois Astronomer Has a Penchant for Unusual Supernovae

Ryan Foley is an expert at studying the oddballs of the stellar universe. “If it’s exotic or something strange, I’m your guy,” says Foley, a University of Illinois astronomer. “My thing is figuring out the weird ones.” That was certainly the case back in 2008 when Foley began studying an unusual supernova discovered by an equally unusual amateur astronomer.





Wines around the World at Bin 36

Saturday, September 27
Chicago, IL

Join the LAS Alumni Association for a tasting of nine exquisite wines from Europe, South America, Australia, and South Africa. Also be one of the first alumni to welcome our new dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Barbara Wilson, and hear her vision for the future.



LAS Homecoming Open House

Saturday, October 25
Illini Union 

Come back to the University of Illinois campus this fall and celebrate Homecoming with LAS! We have a fun day planned featuring college-related exhibits, tours of Lincoln Hall and the Observatory, a photo booth, games for kids, and more!





The Lincoln Hall Project

The Lincoln Hall Fund for Scholarships

Engrave your name—or that of someone you wish to honor—on a paver, bench, theater chair, or even a room in Lincoln Hall. All proceeds support student scholarships!

Goal: $10 million. Your gift to the Lincoln Hall Fund for Scholarships will help create a permanent means of filling the gap between a family’s unmet financial need and the cost of an excellent education.



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