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Fall 2014
Oct 20-24

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    FLAS Fellows Announced

EUC FLAS Fellows

EUC Academic Year 14-15 FLAS Fellows Announced

Graduate Fellows: 
Caroline Clasby, EU Studies, Arabic
Mian Duan, EU Studies/MBA, French 
Ryan Eavenson, REEEC, Czech     
Chelsay Endres, EU Studies, Turkish
Christopher Jackson, EU Studies, Croatian
Elizabeth Matsushita, History, Arabic 
Paul Myers, Education, Swedish
Lindsay Ozburn, EU Studies, Modern Greek
Michelle Urberg, GSLIS, Swedish
Caroline Wisler, Landscape Architecture, Serbian
Undergraduate Fellows:
Amanda Oster, Italian/Math, Italian
Jordan Schmitt, General Studies/Actuarial Studies, Modern Greek
Raegan Tiggelaar, Global Studies/Spanish, Catalan
Miranda Wickham, German/Political Science, Turkish
For more information about FLAS Fellowships, click here.
    Events This Week

Videoconference Panel Discussion (with U. Pitt.)

Tuesday, October 21,

Room 411, IPS Building, 507 E. Green St.

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1914 Revisited? The EU-US-Russia Triangle

Speakers: Mark D. Steinberg, University of Illinois; Carol Saivetz, Harvard University; Gregor Thum, University of Pittsburgh; Frank Furedi, University of Kent; Andrew Konitzer, University of Pittsburgh.

Moderator: Ron Linden, Director of the EUCE and Professor of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

Free and open to the public.

Organized by European Union Center of Excellence & European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Co-sponsored by the UI European Union Center (EUC) and the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center (REEEC).


Wednesday, October 22,

Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB, 707 S. Matthews Ave,

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Vikings in America? Swedes in the American Ethno-Racial Hierarchies in the 19th Century

a public talk about a U.S. immigrant group’s rhetorical

Speaker: Dag Blanck, Director of the Swedish Institute for North American Studies (SINAS) at Uppsala University.

Abstract and speaker bio

Co-sponsored by the Department of English; Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures; INSPIRE: Illinois-Sweden Program for Educational and Research Exchange,through Illinois Strategic International Partnerships (ISIP); and the European Union Center.

European Movie Night

Wednesday, October 22,

Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB, 707 S. Matthews Ave.

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johanJohan - The Netherlands (2005)

Johan Dros is born as eleventh consecutive son of soccer-obsessed pa Rinus, who raises his boys mainly as the small island Texel's team. Johan's rare reprieves from training for a sport he doesn't care for cease when ma dies. After captain brother Johhny sort of steals his local girl-friend Evy, Johan leaves for Amsterdam, where he becomes a hairdresser and would-be singer. Soccer, a vocal TV talent-hunt and Evy will bring them all together again, but also raise unprecedented strife in the Dros family.


Thursday, October 23-26

Hilton Chicago Magnificent Miles Suites Hotel, 198 E. Delaware Pl., Chicago, IL

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43rd Annual New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) Conference

Complete list of Sponsors from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois at Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania are available online and further information on the conference is available online.

Co-sponsored by the European Union Center.

EUC Lecture

Friday, October 24,

Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB, 707 S. Matthews Ave.

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Uploading, Downloading and Reloading EU Policies: Angela Merkel's Efforts to Europeanize a Sustainable Energy Turn-Around

Speaker: Joyce Mushaben, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Speaker bio and abstract

    Upcoming Events

MGS & CAS/MillerComm Lecture

Wednesday, October 29,

Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum, 600 S. Gregory St., Urbana

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Timothy Noah

What Varies and What Does Not Across Civil Wars: Comparing the Greek Civil War to the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria

Speaker: Stathis N. Kalyvas, Professor of Political Science & Director, Program on Order, Conflict and Violence, Yale University

Abstract & Speaker Bio

Co-sponsored by the European Union Center.

Great War Film Series

Thursday, October 30,
7:00-10:00 pm

Auditorium, Krannert Art Museum, 500 E. Peabody Dr.

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gallipoliGallipoli (1981)

Directed by Peter Weir

Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I.

Starring: Mel Gibson, Mark Lee, and Bill Kerr

Great War Lecture

Monday, November 3,
3:00 pm

210 General Lounge, Illini Union, 1401 W Green St.

akcamCANCELLED  Denying the Armenian Genocide: A Turkish National Security Concept     

Speaker: Taner Akcam, Professor of History, Clark University

Abstract and speaker bio

Co-Sponsored by the European Union Center

*The speaker has decided to cancel the lecture at UI due to the recent issue with Steven Salaita's appointment.

Center for Translation Studies Lecture

Tuesday, November 4th 

Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB, 707 S. Matthews Ave.

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Research in Translation, Complexity and Integrated Translation Project

Speaker: Patricia Minacori, Universite Paris Diderot; Scholar in Residence, EUC/CTS

Speaker bio and abstract

Co-Sponsored by the European Union Center

Great War 

Thursday, November 6 7:30 pm;

FridayNovember 7, 7:30 pm;

Saturday, November 8, 7:30 pm

Froellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center, 500 S. Goodwin Ave.

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Oh What a Lovely War

As the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign commemorates the centenary of the beginning of World War I, Illinois Theatre will revisit the era with this new musical production developed and written by Joan Littlewood and her company at the Theatre Royal, London, with Charles Chilton and Gerry Raffles. A 1963 response to growing cultural interest in uncovering truths about WWI—the first modern, industrial, mechanized war—the company’s work drew into sharp relief the human impact of global conflict. Robert G. Anderson directs the production with choreography by Philip Johnston and musical direction by Kent Conrad.

Tickets can be purchased at the Krannert Center Box Office, or online.

EUC Lecture

Friday, November 7,

Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB, 707 S. Matthews Ave.

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Approaches to Digital Pedagogy


Anita Chan, Assistant Research Professor of Communications in the Department of Media & Cinema Studies, UIUC

Harriet Green, English and Digital Humanities Librarian, UIUC

Abstract and speaker bios

    Related Events

Center for Advanced Study Lecture

Monday, October 20 
12:00 pm

first floor seminar room, Center for Advanced Study, 912 W. Illinois St.

How Immigrants Became 'Americans': The Case of the Poles

Speaker: Jim Barrett, Department of History, University of Illinois

The question is one of the oldest in our complex relationship with immigration: How did immigrants, steeped in their old world cultures, gradually and unevenly transform their own identities and begin to think of themselves as “Americans”?.This paper considers the case of the particularly strong and durable Polish American culture from two vantage points that have perhaps not received enough consideration: religion, specifically the role of the Catholic Church, and youth culture––music, dance, and street gangs. Each played a distinctive role in the emergence of a distinct “Polish American” identity by the interwar years.

SLCL Film Series

Wednesday, October 23 6:00-8:00 pm

Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 FLB, 707 S. Matthews Ave., Urbana

Issiz AdamLess Commonly Taught Languages Fillms Series: "Issiz Adam" ("Alone")

(Turkish, 2008, with English subtitles) "Issız Adam" tells the stories of those people whose lives have been isolated by modern lifestyles.

Cyber Seminar with Stockholm University

 Friday November 7; and, Monday December 8, 9-10 am

Room 411, 507 Green St.


Cyber Seminar with Stockholm University

Please join a unique teleconferencing seminar on cultural heritage that UIUC and Stockholm University have organized. We will be seeing each on large-screen TV through a technology interface. We meet for one hour on October 3, November 7, December 8, from 9-10 a.m.  in the conference room of the IPS suite of offices on the 4th floor of IPS at 507 Green (between Starbucks and Urban Outfitters). If you will participate please email Helaine Silverman (helaine@illinois.edu) and she will send you a hard-copy of the readings and a coupon for Stabucks! There is a great opportunity for us to engage with wonderful colleagues at Stockholm University.

NOVEMBER 7 TOPIC: What is ‘Swedish heritage’ in the USA & What is ‘American heritage’ in Sweden.
UIUC reading:
We will read Lynne Dearborn’s (School of Architecture, UIUC) wonderful paper:
Deploying Heritage to Solve Today’s Dilemmas: The Swedes of Rockford, Illinois” InEncounters with Popular Pasts, edited by Mike Robinson and Helaine Silverman. (Springer, 2015, in press)
SU reading:
“Performing Nordic Space in American Museums: Gift Exchange, Volunteerism and Curatorial Practice” by Lizette Gradén in Performing Nordic Heritage, edited by Peter Aronsson and Lizette Gradén, Ashgate, 2013.
DECEMBER 8 TOPIC: Some of our graduate students present their research to each other, with faculty participation.
    EUC Blog
EUC Blog Highlights


The European Union Center is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 "Dispatches from Europe" blog contest! Students who study abroad in Europe over the summer are encouraged to submit blogs about their travels to our Across the Pond blog.

First place is awarded to Jenelle Davis, a PhD student in Art History, for her blog, "Pink Tanks and Rotten Cakes: A Research Trip to Prague."

Second place is awarded to Chris Jackson, an MA student in European Union Studies, for his blog, "Prishtina's Two Towers."

Congratulations to the winners!

Read more on the EUC blog.

As always, we invite you to join the conversation by leaving comments and sharing posts with others!



Promote Your Europe/EU Spring Courses

Are you teaching one or more courses in the spring that will address topics relevant to Europe or the European Union? We can help to promote your course to students!

As a service to faculty, students, and advisors, the EU Center maintains a web listing each semester of graduate and undergraduate courses offered at UIUC that address topics related to the EU and Europe. The link to this web listing is circulated by email listserv and in our e-Weekly electronic newsletter.
Please go to our short web form here and insert information about your course(s), including but not limited to special topic courses and language/culture courses, that will have at least 25% of the content devoted to the EU or Europe. If you are teaching more than one Europe-related course, please submit a separate form for each one.
Note: the EU Center will update the listing on an ongoing basis whenever new submissions are made through the form or we learn of relevant courses. 

Spring Courses

Language and Minorities in Europe
Meets: Wednesday 1:00-2:50pm, 136 Davenport Hall
Instructor: Professor Zsuzsanna Fagyal

African Immigrants in Europe
Meets: Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:50PM, 209 A Davenport Hall
Instructor: Professor Alma Gottlieb


European Diplomacy Workshop: Eastern Partnership
Application Deadline: October 26, 2014 

The European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw is accepting applications for the 8th edition of the European Diplomacy Workshop: Eastern Partnership to be held on December 1-6, 2014. The European Diplomacy Workshop (EDW) is a 6 day program devoted solely to the Eastern Partnership, European Neighborhood Policy and European Union Foreign Policy and energy security.
Based on workshops from experts in the fields of EU Foreign Policy (Eastern Partnership and European Neighborhood Policy), and hands-on skills training in International Negotiations, Public Speaking with Impact, the European Diplomacy Workshop is designed for emerging political and social leaders, public servants and non-governmental representatives who are eager to learn how to influence the changing context of their country. The 8th edition will also include a private meeting with H. E. Mikheil Saakashvili.
For additional details and to apply, click here.
Address any questions to: Katarzyna Waksmindzka -- International Program Coordinator, European Academy of Diplomacy

YMCA Travel Scholarships

The University YMCA’s Fred S. Bailey Scholarship Program

The University YMCA’s Fred S. Bailey Scholarship Program is now offering TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS for University of Illinois undergraduates.  The Fred S. Bailey International Travel Scholarship program will fund up to 75% of the total cost of international travel with a service component.  Awards range from $600–$1800.

Eligible applicants must have been involved in the program (academic or extracurricular) for a minimum of one semester before traveling. Recipients will be selected on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to the project/program, long-term career goals in international development or related fields, the trip’s potential impact on the student’s learning and professional development, potential for positive impact on the host community and financial need.

For more information, visit here.

Conversation Tables & Coffee Hours

Conversation Table in Modern Greek LOGOS: meetings take place at Espresso Royale on Goodwin, every other Thursday from 4:00-5:00 pm. Next meeting, October 23

LINGUISTICS - Turkish Coffee House: meeting will take place at Espresso Royale on Goodwin, every Thursday from 5:00-6:00 pm. Next meeting, October 23.

Swedish Conversation Group and Coffee Hour: meetings take place in the Philippson Library (3114 Foreign Languages Building), Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 pm.  Coffee is provided and currently enrolled Swedish students get credit for attendance.

Melanzana - Italian Conversation Club: meetings take place in the Urbana Espresso Royale on Goodwin, every Tuesday at 7:00 pm.  Next meeting, October 21.

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Conversation Table: meetings take place every second Wednesday in the Urbana Espresso Royale on Goodwin at 4:30 pm. Next meeting, November 5.

Arabic Conversation Table: meetings take place every Thursday in the basement of 1207 W. Oregon (Less Commonly Taught Languages Program Resource Room) at 4:00 pm.  Next meeting, October 23.

Pause Cafe: meetings take place every Thursday in the Urbana Espresso Royale on Goodwin at 5:30 pm.  Next meeting, October 23.

If you would like to announce your converstaion tables & coffee hours,
please send the information to
Sebnem Ozkan.



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