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Sun dog behind Altgeld

On January 9, LAS alumnus Doyle Slifer (BS '93, psychology; JD '96) caught this atmospheric phenomenon called a sun dog appearing behind Altgeld Hall.



 Hindi script

A Growing Hindi Program Expands in Cyberspace 

Step by step, the University of Illinois has been building one of the best academic programs in Hindi in the nation. In its latest improvement, however, students and the instructor don’t even have to leave their seats.


English Building 

Recent Alumni Receive Prominent Grants for Work in Literature

Prestigious as it was, news in December that the University of Illinois had received five National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships wasn’t even the full story. Two recent graduates from the College of LAS were also named recipients of the fellowships. Additionally, three other alumni have been awarded Creative Writing Fellowships in Poetry from the National Endowment for the Arts.


 Medieval globe

New Journal that Deepens Our Understanding of the Middle Ages Begins with an Examination of the Black Death 

Some issues require scholars in both the humanities and sciences to fully understand. As a new journal sponsored by the Program in Medieval Studies reveals, the Black Death is one of those topics.


Gisela Sin 

Political Scientist Studies How Rule Changes Affect the Course of History 

As the U.S. House of Representatives reconvenes this month, adopting rules of procedure are among the first orders of business. Pretty mundane stuff, it would seem—but in fact it determines the very balance of power throughout the entire federal government. LAS political scientist Gisela Sin has analyzed more than a century of House procedural rule-making through 2013.


 bioenergy researchers

Researchers Map the Best Locations to Grow Bioenergy Crops

Biofuels may be good for the environment, but farmers who decide to grow bioenergy crops face risk like any other commercial venture. Researchers at the University of Illinois, however, have made growing the crops easier by mapping where they thrive best.




The Lincoln Hall Project

The Lincoln Hall Fund for Scholarships

Give a lasting gift by honoring someone on a paver, bench, theater chair, or even a room in Lincoln Hall. All proceeds support student scholarships!

Your gift to the Lincoln Hall Fund for Scholarships will help create a permanent means of filling the gap between a family’s unmet financial need and the cost of an excellent education.



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