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Freeing an innocent person from prison costs an average of $300,000, which includes DNA testing and hours of investigative and legal work. Help us free our 10th client.

IIP Client William Amor Granted Evidentiary Hearing

IIP has obtained an evidentiary hearing for client William (Bill) Amor, imprisoned 19 years for a crime he did not commit. The hearing will provide the opportunity to dispute fire investigation evidence that was used to wrongfully convict him in 1997.

Fire investigation techniques have evolved greatly since Mr. Armor’s 1995 case.  The techniques used in this case have been invalidated and no longer support the finding of arson.

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IIP Student Faith Hook Unveils New UIS Lincoln Statue

IIP’s own Faith Hook was selected to participate in the unveiling of the University's landmark statue “The Young Lincoln,” created by renowned sculptor and U of I Alum George Lundeen.

Faith represented UIS students and, as a future attorney herself, honored both President Lincoln’s legal legacy and the University’s commitment to justice through IIP. She joined U of I President Timothy Killeen and UIS Chancellor Susan Koch in the ceremony.

Congratulations IIP 2016 Graduates

Congratulations to the next generation of justice advocates -- our UIS IIP students who graduated on May 14! Best wishes to Janet Howell, Kalima Swain, Deangelo Parks, Michael Blake and Ray Alvarez.

Graduates Faith Hook and Michael Dahmane intend to continue working for IIP before they go to law school in 2017; Nat’e Russell will volunteer with the Project this summer as she pursues employment.

Miss the Defenders Event?

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