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There are many resources available to employees across the University of Illinois System.  Knowing who addresses each particular type of situation places you one step closer to the answers you seek, and at times, resolution to the situation you face. This edition of Ethics Matters will provide you with several valuable resources to assist you when conducting university business.

5 Minute Flash
Informative Videos on Hot Topics

The University Ethics and Compliance Office has begun releasing quick, 5 minute videos discussing important topics related to university business, such as travel, gift acceptance, and other training and compliance-related matters.

Click here or click the image below to view our most recent video on the topic of employee gift acceptance, "Gifts in 5 Minutes."

Keep an eye on our news feed at for the latest 5 Minute Flash video or go directly to to view all current and prior productions.  Here, you can also obtain a printable resource page for each video topic to post in your office or keep handy to assist with daily operations.

Have Questions?
How We Can Help...

Each week the University Ethics and Compliance Office receives multiple communications in the form of calls, faxes, emails, and paper mailings. Most communications give us an opportunity to provide guidance and advisory assistance to employees on ethics and compliance-related matters.

Our primary responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the University of Illinois Systems' general ethics and compliance programs and providing advice and assistance to ethics contacts and those with compliance responsibilities
  • Providing advisory services/assistance to employees with ethics and/or compliance concerns. Often times, this involves coordination with other University units
  • Developing and administering annual ethics training, sexual misconduct training, and new hire ethics orientation programs
  • Coordinating the Statement of Economic Interests review and filing process for the Office of the Secretary of State and the Supplemental Statement of Economic Interests for the Executive Ethics Commission
  • Handling referrals of ethics complaints to the University by the Office of Executive Inspector General for the Agencies of the Illinois Governor
Who Else Can Help You?
 Ethics Matters
Common Contacts

Employees often wonder whether they should direct their calls to the University Ethics and Compliance Office or to another university unit. Our office philosophy is, "If you don’t know who to call, call the University Ethics and Compliance Office. If we are unable to address your concern or if there is a university unit that is better equipped to address your concern, we will let you know and provide you with contact information.”

Below is a listing of a few key areas of concentration and topics we often refer to units with greater expertise. Please feel free to go directly to the units listed if you feel your concern falls into one of the categories identified below:

  • Freedom of Information Act “FOIA” Requests – University Relations
  • Nepotism - your university Human Resources
  • Management Behavior – Human Resources at the unit or university level
  • Media/Reporter Inquiries – University Relations, Campus Relations, Public and Media Resources
  • Subpoena – Legal Counsel
  • Civil Service Hiring/Testing – Staff Human Resources
  • Academic Searches/Committees – Office for Equal Opportunity/Access and Equity/Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Conflicts of Interest/RNUA Form/Disclosure – Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR)
  • Discrimination/Hostile Work Environment - Office for Equal Opportunity/Access and Equity/Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Student Concerns – Dean of Students
  • Faculty Concerns – Provost

Additional resource contact information is available on the University Ethics and Compliance website at:

First Point of Contact
Where to Start
 Ethics Help Line 866-758-2146

Because of the wide variety of calls we receive, the University Ethics and Compliance Office has developed a network of contacts in many areas within the University of Illinois System. If we are unsure where to direct your concern, we will do the necessary research to find the best office to help you.

The Importance of Union Representatives

Certainly, if you are a member of a union, it is often best to first reach out to your union representative to discuss your concerns and any possible grievance or other union-supported processes for addressing your concerns.  Union representatives are not only well-versed in the work you perform and the rules and laws governing that work, but are also most familiar with your employment contract, so they are often a best “first stop” when it comes to discussing your concerns. Additionally, because many of our complaints span multiple university offices, if you reach out to a unit and they feel University Ethics and Compliance Office involvement is warranted, they will reach out to us and include us in the ethics or compliance-related portions of their review.

Speak Up and Do Your Part

Most importantly, please remember the University Ethics and Compliance Office is here to serve our employees and provide both expertise and advisory services in a comfortable and safe environment.  As an employee of the University of Illinois, you play a significant role in your work environment.  When you have questions regarding whether or not something is appropriate or compliant with policy, it is your responsibility to Speak Up so someone who is in a position to address your concerns can answer your questions or take appropriate action.

Compliance Corner
Coming Soon....


All faculty and staff, including extra help employees, are required to complete the Haven for Faculty and Staff Training module. This is an online course addressing sexual misconduct and your reporting responsibilities as a University of Illinois employee. The training will be completed during the spring semester, annually. Employees will receive log-in instructions and deadlines for completion through their official university email account. 

Training Dates: March 1st - April 7th


Want to learn more? Visit the Haven for Faculty and Staff section of our website.



For those with spending or budgetary authority, watch for your Statement of Economic Interests to arrive in the mail late in March 2017.  Keep in mind, filers will need to complete both the Statement of Economic Interests AND the Supplemental Statement (electronic), which are filed separately and in two different locations.  Make sure to check your home mailbox and your university email account for messages from our office and the Executive Ethics Commission related to these important filings.  For more information, please visit the Statement of Economic Interests section of our website.