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Civil and Environmental Engineering
September 2016

Inspired by the needs of their grandmother, who suffers from arthritis and scoliosis and has difficulty communicating with physical therapists due to a language barrier, CEE at Illinois student William Cheng and his twin brother, Stephen, launched the startup ExoWear to help monitor the progress of in-home physical therapy. READ MORE


CEE at Illinois alumnus M.T. Geoffrey Yeh (BS 53), chair of Hsin Chong International Holdings Ltd., was presented with the 2015 Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement on May 31, 2016, in a special ceremony at the Hong Kong Club in Hong Kong. Established in 2000, the award recognizes the University’s distinguished international alumni. READ MORE


When an important bridge collapsed on Interstate 5 near Mount Vernon, Wash., in 2013, questions were raised about how such a failure could occur. An analysis by a team of CEE at Illinois faculty outlines the many factors that led to the collapse, as well as steps that transportation departments can take to prevent future accidents. READ MORE


A team of engineering and writing faculty, led by CEE Research Assistant Professor Julie Zilles, will study the way engineering students are currently taught technical writing across the College, collect best-practice methods and resources, and synthesize their findings into a set of recommendations. READ MORE


It may be unpleasant to think about taking our drinking water directly from water used to flush waste from our homes, but as we approach an era where water is an increasingly precious commodity, CEE at Illinois Assistant Professor Jeremy Guest is advocating for exactly that. READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Impact Day (Sept. 16)
Engineering Expo (Sept. 19-20)
WeGoCEE Workshop (Sept. 23-24)
CEE Job Fair (Sept. 22)
CEE Alumni Association Board Meeting (Oct. 7)
Traffic Engineering & Safety Conference (Oct. 19-20)
Railroad Environmental Conference (Nov. 1-2)