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CS @ ILLINOIS Alumni Awards - Friday, October 28, 2016

Announcing our 2016 honoreesDistinguished Alumni Achievement: Steven Ashby, Utpal Banerjee, Carl Dill, Marcin Klecynski, & Yu Pan; Distinguished Alumni Educator: Thomas Dietterich, Edward Reingold, Romit Roy Choudhury, & Yizhou Sun; Distinguished Alumni Service: Michael Hughes & Daniel Kaufman; Memorial Achievement: Michael Faiman; C.W. Gear Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Andreas Kloeckner; David J. Kuck Outstanding Thesis Awards: Milos Gligoric (PhD) & Le Xu (MS).

The CS Awards activities are held in conjunction with the WCS Alumni & Student Dinner and Homecoming, making it an ideal time to visit campus. Network with faculty, students, and fellow alumni. Hear personal and career insights from WCS Keynote Ulku Rowe and CS Awards Keynote Sohaib Abbasi. LEARN MORE




Ten outstanding new faculty members are joining CS @ ILLINOIS during the academic year. In total, twenty-nine talented teachers and researchers have joined the department since 2013, helping to address an unprecedented demand for CS education.

The Siebel Scholars program recognizes the most talented graduate students at the world’s most prestigious graduate schools of business, computer science, energy science, and bioengineering. 

They created YouTube's HTML 5 player, work on new ways to manage big data, ensure that Android apps are secure, crowdsource video captioning, and develop apps to improve the classroom experience. Meet the five new CS @ ILLINOIS Siebel Scholars.

Kasinda Williams is one of the many high school students benefitting from the new computer science curriculum that CS Professor Lenny Pitt helped craft. 

Illinois researchers will receive $880,000 to prove the feasibility of fine-grain data sharing through fast on-chip wireless communications.

Kasinda Williams is one of the many high school students benefitting from the new computer science curriculum that CS Professor Lenny Pitt helped craft. 

CS students have fired up the Election Analytics website, which has provided one of the country’s most accurate political forecasts over the past six years.

Milos Gligoric 

Gligoric’s PhD dissertation presents an innovative solution that substantially speeds up regression testing for modern software development environments.

Engineering Visionary Scholarships: Roger Dickey says, The world needs more great engineers, and the EVS initiative supports that mission.


New Media Coverage

Chicago Inno

This fall, 46% of incoming CS freshmen in Engineering are women. CS Prof. Lenny Pitt: “Students see how important and pervasive computing is and how it could change their lives.”

MIT Technology Review

Researchers stored a record 200 megabytes of data in DNA, which is seen as a potential replacement for magnetic tape.

Illinois Public Media

CS Professor Sarita Adve and Women in Computer Science President Corly Leung talked about the growth of women in CS. Listen to their radio interview starting at 17:15.

Chicago Inno

Sophomores Cody Pawlowski (CS) and William Widjaja (ECE) have launched a sentiment analysis tool for social media. (WCIA video)



Featured Events

September 29-October 1

Attend this signature student-run tech conference to network, listen to tech talks, complete in Mechmania and PuzzleBang!, and attend job and startup fairs.

October 27

Network with the Women in Computer Science student club members and hear personal and career insights from Ulku Rowe (MS CS '97), Managing Director and Global Head of Credit Risk Technology at J. P. Morgan in New York City.

October 28

Meet the 2016 CS @ ILLINOIS Award recipients and attend a keynote by business executive, computer scientist, and philanthropist Sohaib Abbasi (BS CS '78, MS '80).

October 29

Be a part of this signature college tradition! Visit with fellow alumni, enjoy delicious food, and cheer on the Fighting Illini and new Head Coach Lovie Smith at Memorial Stadium.


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