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August Schiess & Kim Gudeman, CSL
Symposium on Frontiers in Big Data

The Symposium on Frontiers in Big Data, hosted by CSL on Sept. 23-24, brought together more than 400 in-person attendees, 27 speakers, and rich discussion in topics ranging from big data in agriculture systems to machine learning. In addition, there were 633 views of the live webcast throughout the event. Read more.

Thomas Huang 
August Schiess, Maeve Reilly, Steve McGaughey

The Huang Symposium on Sept. 30-Oct. 1 honored Thomas Huang, a longtime CSL, Beckman Institute, and ECE faculty member. Read more about his career.

 Zichao Ye and Les Allen
August Schiess, CSL

Determining the structure of a material is key to manipulating it. If you know the structure of a virus, for example, you can develop drugs to control it. This was the motivation behind recent research by Zichao Ye, a PhD student in materials science and engineering advised by CSL's Les Allen, who won a Best Paper Award at the National Thermal Analysis meeting (ICTAC/NATAS) in Orlando in August 2016. Read more.

Uttam Thakore and Bill Sanders 
August Schiess, CSL

CSL's Bill Sanders, Uttam Thakore, and Gabe Weaver won the Best Paper Award, and Sanders received the 2016 IEEE Innovation in Societal Infrastructure Award at this year’s International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN). Read more.

 CSL Professor Carolyn Beck
August Schiess, CSL

Changing, unpredictable behavior challenges computer-based systems, especially in large, interconnected networks. Volatile behavior—such as wind variances that affect the performance of a network of wind turbines—inspired a team of CSL researchers to investigate the ways systems communicate and collaborate with one other in the face of adversarial conditions.

The team, led by CSL Professors Carolyn Beck, Angelia Nedich, and Alex Olshevsky, received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, titled “Design of Network Dynamics for Strategic Team-Competition.” The goal of the grant is to create a method that allows each unit of a team to perform well individually, despite unstable conditions, while maximizing output as a group. 

Read more.

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Research Grants/Gifts


  • Negar Kiyavash, A Comprehensive Approach to Inferring Functional and Statistical Dependencies, 3 years, $319,835, Office for Naval Research. 

  • Nikita Borisov, $22,000, Ford Foundation, ITI. 


  • R. Srikant, $25,000, AT&T. 

  • Michael Bailey, $100,000, Google, ITI.