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Dear AHS faculty and staff:

Welcome to August! The fall semester begins three weeks from today, and campus will be alive! Freshman enrollment is expected to break 7,700 this year, and break 2019’s record of 7,665 new freshmen, according to University Housing. Move-in week begins Aug. 15, so there are exciting times ahead.

That said, we need to continue to exercise caution. The CDC this week urged vaccinated people to resume wearing masks indoors as the Delta variant of COVID-19 surges. Consistent with our practice of following CDC and public health COVID-19 guidance, the university will once again require all faculty, staff, students and visitors to wear a face covering inside our university facilities. All university students, faculty, staff and visitors must wear a face covering in university spaces indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Additionally, all AHS employees are expected to return to their Campus offices full time by Aug. 9. Please contact Jennifer Russell if you have any questions regarding return to work policies or procedures.

I love seeing all the updates about media coverage, grants, and publications, so I encourage you to continue sharing your accomplishments to publish in The Dean’s List. To ensure inclusion in Monday's email, we ask that you send information by 5 p.m. the previous Friday to Items will be reviewed and edited for style and grammar.

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
Dean, College of Applied Health Sciences


Please join us for a celebration for the Illinois Paralympians who will be competing in Tokyo. DRES will be hosting a sendoff party on Monday, Aug. 9 from 3-4 p.m. in the lobby at DRES (1207 S Oak St.) The Kona Ice Truck will be on-site with complimentary Kona ice cups!


Cecilia Kattan, a student in the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences program, talked about the importance of her internship.

Baseball pitcher and RST student Cole Kirschsieper wrote an informational paper about the possibility of college athletes profiting off their likeness. Two years later, he’s living a reality he never dreamed possible.


SHS Graduate Secretary Andrea Paceley has been selected as a recipient of a 2021 Chancellor’s Distinguished Staff Award. Andrea has demonstrated sustained excellence in support of our graduate programs, students, and faculty, contributed to improved operational efficiency, and she does so every day with kindness and grace. Congratulations, Andrea!

Celine Auriemma, a third-year doctor of audiology student, received an Audiology Research Travel Award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). The award is for audiology students and postdoctoral fellows interested in expanding their knowledge of research in audiology and/or hearing by attending the ASHA Annual Convention in November. Congratulations, Celine! 

KCH Professor Marni Boppart was inducted as a Fellow in the American Physiological Society (APS). The rank of Fellow of the American Physiological Society (FAPS) is an elite member status reserved to honor distinguished leaders who have demonstrated excellence in science, have made significant contributions to physiological sciences and related disciplines and have served the Society (15 consecutive years or longer).


If you or a family member plan to make a donation to AHS, please review and submit this form to Liz Clawson. The Employee Donor Agreement is required by the Conflict of Interest Office to address potential tax deduction implications.


You are consistently using the Internet for your research needs, but did you know AHS has an Intranet? Using the AHS Intranet, you can get answers to questions such "Who do I talk to about a problem with my office?"


The Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Clinic is offering group and individual therapy this summer. Illinois residents can receive telepractice services over Zoom from June 14 to Aug. 6. For more information, visit, email, or call 217-333-2205.


The Wellness Research Collaborative in Multiple Sclerosis (Well-MS) is seeking to recruit faculty, staff and students to join our working group. The mission of the collaborative is to support the health and well-being of individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis in Central Illinois and beyond through research and outreach activities. Our group collaborates on grant submissions, publications, and other scholarly activities. We have developed a research registry and database to facilitate data collection and recruitment of participants. We also engage in community outreach activities to support the MS community and foster collaborations with other researchers outside of UIUC. The working groups meets on a monthly basis, and all are welcome to join. If you are interested in being involved with the MS collaborative, please contact Laura Rice for additional details.

The Human Factors and Aging Laboratory is seeking research participants for a study titled “Understanding Older Adults’ Willingness to Adopt a Health Application.” The goal of this study is to learn about older adults' perception towards adopting digital health systems. Furthermore, we would like to understand motivators or barriers to adopting new technology. This study will last 2 hours and take place on zoom. Potential participants must be 60 years old or older, currently have a smart phone, be willing to use zoom, have a device or computer that is zoom compatible, and have internet access. Participants will be compensated with a $25 Amazon Gift Card. For more information, please contact Mimi Trinh.

We are looking for adults aged 21-55 years with high weight for height to participate in a study into prolonged sitting and how adults think. The study involves three visits to Freer Hall, three Zoom calls, wearing activity monitors, and screening procedures. Measures include cognitive tests, electroencephalography, a body scan, maximal exercise test, and blood draws. Compensation up to $250. For more information, email Dominika Pindus.

Investigators of the VetCareMind study are seeking a graduate hourly student certified to lead mindfulness-based training classes to help modify the curriculum from in-person to live stream. Investigators of the VetCareMind study will interview caregivers of veterans with neurocognitive disorders and/or posttraumatic stress disorder to ensure the modified training is responsive to caregivers’ technological needs. Please contact Dr. Sandraluz Lara-Cinisomo if you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity.

Are you/were you a caregiver to a veteran with brain-related disorders, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and/or any other neurocognitive disorders? Are you 60 years of age or older? If the answer is yes, now is your chance to be part of the first-ever study that is trying to understand the needs and experiences of older caregivers of veterans with brain-related disorders to provide recommendations for new programs and services.  If you are interested in participating, please use any of the following options to complete the brief online screener to determine if you are eligible. The online screener can be found here.

We are seeking participants for a study focused on understanding the needs of those with a vision impairment when navigating through spaces. Specifically, we are interested in assistive technology aids. Requirements to participate in this study include: Able to Zoom call or phone call; Be 18 years or older; Have ‘severe’ vision loss (even with correction); 20/200 to 20/400 visual acuity. Participants will be asked to meet, via Zoom or phone, and work with a researcher for about one to 1 1/2 hours. During this time, the participants will answer a few questionnaires and engage in an interview. Participants will be compensated $25 for completing the study.  If you are interested in participating and would like more information, please send an email to the researcher, Megan Bayles, or call her at (217) 265-0248. 

We are recruiting mothers and their children (8 to 12 years old) for a study about benefits of familiar voices in noisy places. Requires two, one-hour lab visits. Mothers record a list of sentences. Then children are tested on their ability to recognize the sentences in noise. Participants are paid $15 an hour. Daytime/evening/weekend availability. Free parking. Email: or call 217-300-8336.


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