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Building closed December 23-January 2

CSL operations will be closed December 23 through January 2, returning January 3rd. Please note that these days are all official University Holidays, so no University support offices will be open during this time. CSL will also be on reduced heat during this period and is expected to be cooler. We ask that you shut down any equipment that you can be during this period to help the University conserve energy and to protect equipment from unexpected outages. If you are expecting any shipments, please keep these dates in mind as all deliveries will be suspended. If you have any questions, please feel free to Karen Cromwell, and we wish you well during the holiday season.

2016 RT Chien Awardee Brenda Roy 
Brenda Roy receives R.T. Chien 2016 Service Award

Brenda Roy received the R.T. Chien 2016 Service Award. The award is given each year to one of CSL's civil service staff, whose high quality service is essential to the success of our research programs. Brenda, pictured with Elyse Rosenbaum, chair of the R.T. Chien Service Award selection committee, and CSL Director Klara Nahrstedt, provides office support for the Signals, Inference, and Networks (SINE) research group at CSL. Congratulations, Brenda!


 Grace Gao, Sriramya Bhamidipati, and Yuting Ng won Best Presentation of the Session Award at the ION GNSS+ conference
August Schiess, CSL

Using multiple GPS systems to track power grid activity is a diagnostic tool that has the ability to protect and strengthen the security of our power grid, according to recent research by aerospace engineering graduate student Sriramya Bhamidipati and CSL Professor Grace Gao. Read more.

Lara Waldrop 

A team of University of Illinois researchers, including CSL's Lara Waldrop, has discovered the existence of hot atomic hydrogen (H) atoms in an upper layer of Earth’s atmosphere known as the thermosphere. This finding, which the authors report in Nature Communications, significantly changes current understanding of the H distribution and its interaction with other atmospheric constituents. Read more.

 Victoria Stodden
Liz Ahlberg Touchstone, Public Affairs

CSL associate professor Victoria Stodden is the lead author of a new report that provides recommendations for how researchers, funding agencies and journal publishers can work together to report data and computational code as part of scientific research findings. Read more.

Naira Hovakimyan 
August Schiess, CSL

Disease. Weeds. Nutrient deficiency. Weather damage. These are just a few issues that can arise in agricultural fields, but thanks to IntelinAir, a start-up co-founded by CSL Professor Naira Hovakimyan, these problems are becoming easier to detect for farmers.

IntelinAir, Inc. utilizes drones and airplanes with advanced imaging to conduct what the company calls an Ag-MRI™. With imaging analytics, the technology can conduct a health analysis of a field and provide insights to farmers. Read more.

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Illinois Innovation Prize 

Nominations for Illinois Innovation Prize are due Dec. 18. If you think you are working on something innovative, ask your professor, mentor, advisor to nominate you today! Or if you are working with an innovative student, please take a few minutes to nominate them today!  

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