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Astronomers discover hyper-starburst galaxy

The galaxy SPT0346-52, located some 12.7 billion light years from Earth, has one of the
highest rates of star formation ever seen. Joaquin Vieira, an astronomer at Illinois, played
a role in its discovery. (Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/University of Florida/J.Ma et al) 
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Social and Behavioral Science Research Initiative launches at
U of I

Program will help connect experts across disciplines to answer some of society’s most pressing questions. 

Lisa Ainsworth 



Six LAS faculty members rank among world’s most influential

Professors are among eight at the University of Illinois named to the Highly Cited Researchers list for 2016. 


Robert Carr and students at a Give Something Back Foundation event. 



U of I receives $1 million for scholarships from Give Something Back Foundation 

Founded by an LAS alumnus, national organization makes college a reality for students of modest means.


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A love of history leads to medicine and research

“I love to learn and soak up details” - Katie Arrigo-Wozniak, history alumna and senior manager of clinical research.


Stephen P. Long, a professor of crop sciences and of plant biology, center, with postdoctoral researchers Johannes Kromdijk, left, and Katarzyna Glowacka. 



Scientists tweak photosynthesis to boost crop yield

Research confirms a hypothesis that some believed was impossible. 


Shivaliben “Shivali” Bhargavkumar Patel, center, poses alongside Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner as she receives the Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award. (Photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor.) 



LAS student receives Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award

Shivaliben “Shivali” Bhargavkumar Patel wins one of state’s highest honors for helping those in need.

(from left) Kris Jenner, Susan Martinis, Barbara Wilson, executive vice president and vice president for academic affairs for the U of I System, and Stephen Sligar. 



Susan Martinis receives Stephen G. Sligar Professorship

Alumnus Kris Jenner endows the professorship in honor of his mentor at Illinois.


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Join us!

LAS alumni are invited to connect with others through the college’s 
LinkedIn Group.


Lincoln Scholars

Ryan Renee Evans is a first-generation student whose grandparents raised her. She didn’t think she’d be able to afford Illinois. The Lincoln Scholars Initiative made it possible.

Hear Ryan Renee talk about what being a Lincoln Scholar means to her. >>


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