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News and Highlights for Faculty & Staff on the Urbana-Champaign Campus  |  February 2017

President's Executive Order on Immigration

President Trump’s January 27 executive order on immigration has generated great concern about the negative consequences to faculty, staff and students on the campus and across the entire System. We have reached out to the individuals who are directly affected to assure them that they remain welcome here and to offer resources and information to assist them. More information about the order, our responses and a compilation of resources can be found at We are updating these pages as more information becomes available.

Updated Provost Communication #6: Named Faculty Appointments

Provost Communication #6: Named Faculty Appointments has been updated and is available on the Provost’s Office website.  Below is a summary of edits.

  • Rearranged the order of sections I and II
  • Clarified conflicting/inconsistent language throughout, including within Fellow and Scholar appointments section
  • Added reference to University appointments where policy previously included only Campus-wide
  • Clarified contents and description of nomination packages; requirement to include gift fund agreement was removed
  • Clarified language regarding use of annual funding
  • Added renewal processes
  • Added section on Leaves of Absence, Retirement, and Resignation and clarified language for these occurrences
  • Updated Transmittal forms to include separate forms for new appointments and renewals; fields are more clear. Both are PDF fillable forms.
  • Added new templates:  requesting named appointments; named appointment offer letters from EO to appointee; and EO request for annual report of named appointment activities
Budget Reform Update

The campus continues to move toward comprehensive budget reform. The Campus Budgeting Reform Steering Committee, chaired by John Wilkin, has charged two working groups to provide recommendations on specific budget reform components.  

 The Budget Model Components Working Group, chaired by Larry DeBrock, will assess alternative cost and resource distribution models, making recommendations based on those analyses. The recommendations will focus on budgeting model components that will support cost and resource distribution activity in a way that reflects our core principles.

The Data and Systems Working Group, chaired by Peter Constable, will investigate the current data and information systems used to aid decision making and strategic planning. The working group is charged with recommending a strategy for either adapting those existing systems or implementing a new system that will be timely, coordinated, and can be sourced as automatically and reliably as possible.  

An overriding goal of the work groups is the creation of data, systems, and processes that result in a budgeting environment that is:

  • Transparent;
  • Predictable;
  • Easily understood (legible);
  • Promotes good stewardship;
  • Ensures accountability (expected return);
  • Responsive to strategic goals/priorities (creates the desired incentives); and,
  • Facilitates long term planning

Additionally, attention will be given to the question of alignment of incentives, both between the campus and colleges, and between colleges and their departments.

The efforts of these working groups and the budgeting reform steering committee will help inform and guide campus leadership towards a budgeting system that is designed to serve our fundamental goal of excellence in all we do. 

Please contact Paul Ellinger ( if you have questions or comments regarding the budget reform initiative.

Office of the Provost Website

The new Office of the Provost website is now live. Our primary goals were to streamline content into a more navigable structure, align more closely with our campus identity, and to make the site responsive so users have a seamless experience across all devices.  Because we made a considerable effort to improve content and structure, you will notice the site has been completely reorganized. This means that links you once used to access information may no longer work. If you have old bookmarks or saved links, we invite you to update those by searching or navigating the new site to find what you are looking for.  We are currently working through final bug fixes and minor tweaks. Please take a moment to browse the site and if you come across any errors or issues, please report them to Kim Green ( We appreciate your feedback.

Provost Fellows Program

The Provost Fellows Program provides academic leadership experience in key campus administrative roles for distinguished faculty. Fellows participate in a range of mentoring and learning opportunities, collaborate with colleagues in the Provost’s and Chancellor’s Offices and in other academic and administrative offices across campus, and assume leadership roles on critical campus strategic initiatives and projects, designed in conjunction with fellows’ individual interests and longer-range career goals.  Provost Fellows for the 2016-2017 academic year are Kelly Ritter, professor of english and director of the undergraduate rhetoric program; Jamelle Sharpe, professor of law; and  Scott Willenbrock, professor of physics.

BTAA Academic Leadership Program Fellows  

Each year, the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) offers an intensive Academic Leadership Program to develop the leadership and managerial skills of faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability and academic promise. The program allows five high-potential faculty to take part in three interconnected seminars emphasizing a specific topic, such as human resources and leadership, budget and resource management, and the future of the research university.  Illinois’ ALP Fellows for the 2016-2017 academic year are W. Brooke Elliott, professor of accountancy; John Hart, professor of computer science; Prasanta Kalita, professor of agricultural engineering; Tracy Sulkin, professor of political science; and Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, professor of education policy, organization & leadership. They will attend seminars at Indiana University, Penn State University, and Rutgers.

New Dual Career Liaison

Dana Cohen has joined the Office of Academic Human Resources in the role of Assistant Director, Dual Career Program.  In this role, Dana will work closely with the Office of the Provost, partners of current and potential faculty members, units and community employers to identify potential employment opportunities for our dual career partners.  As you know, our ability to find career opportunities for spouses and partners is an important component of our efforts to recruit and retain excellent faculty.   Dana is available to speak with partners to discuss potential employment opportunities and information about opportunities in the community.  You may contact Dana at or 217.333.6747.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Website

This Spring campus will be collecting learning outcomes assessment templates for all degree programs. To help with this work, a new website for Learning Outcomes Assessment has been created. The website offers resources for filling out the template, past assessment reports, the Principles for Assessment at Illinois and details about upcoming learning outcomes assessment workshops.  Questions about this learning outcomes assessment work can be directed to Staci Provezis, Assistant Provost for Assessment ( or, or to your college’s Council for Learning Outcomes Assessment representative

Awards and Honors

We invite you to visit the Spotlight page on the Provost’s Office website to read about some of the recent awards and other honors of our faculty.

Have you recently won an award? We’d like to know! To notify our office of a recent award or honor, please use this online form or email

Other Resources

Campus Strategic Plan • Campus Academic Calendar • Campus News

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