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The robotic “bio-bat” demonstrates self-contained autonomous flight by mimicking morphological properties of flexible bat wings. Cover photo reprinted with permission from AAAS. 
Rick Kubetz, Engineering Communications

Bats have long captured the imaginations of scientists and engineers with their unrivaled agility and maneuvering characteristics.

However, their wing flexibility and complex wing kinematics pose significant technological challenges for robot modeling, design, and control.

CSL researchers Seth Hutchinson and Alireza Ramezani, and Soon-Jo Chung from Caltech have developed a self-contained robotic bat—dubbed Bat Bot (B2)—with soft, articulated wings that can mimic the key flight mechanisms of biological bats. Read more.

 Six ECE-CSL faculty members
Daniel Dexter, ECE ILLINOIS

Six CSL professors—Pavan Kumar HanumoluRobert Pilawa-PodgurskiMaxim RaginskyRomit Roy ChoudhuryLara Waldrop, and Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia—have received new faculty fellows and scholars appointments from ECE ILLINOIS. These honors are given to faculty to signify a distinction beyond that implied by a normal professorship, notably for faculty members earlier in their careers. Read more.

IoT sports analytics 
August Schiess, CSL

Sports analytics—tracking how fast the ball is moving or how players move across the field—is becoming a key component of how coaches make decisions and fans view games. Data for these analytics is currently sourced through cameras in stadiums and courts and is incredibly expensive to acquire.

In an effort to make big data analytics more accessible for the sports industry, CSL Professor Romit Roy Choudhury and CS PhD student Mahanth Gowda have utilized IoT devices—low-cost sensors and radio—that can be embedded into sports equipment (e.g., balls, rackets, and shoes), as well as in wearable devices. Read more.

 Naira Hovakimyan
Fatima Farha, MechSE Communications

CSL Professor Naira Hovakimyan was recently named a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AAIA) “for pioneering development of technical knowledge in robust adaptive control and its transition to aerospace and commercial applications.” Read more.

Around CSL

The Information Trust Institute is offering undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the “science of security” this summer. Science of security emphasizes the methodology of research in cyber-security as much as the results of that research. In addition to research experience, students will also receive training in ethics, research writing, presenting, research poster development, and grad school preparation.

Along with experience, students will receive a stipend. (Non-Illinois students will also receive lodging and a meal allowance). The internship will be held from June 5 – July 28, 2017. Applications are due by Feb. 28. Find more information and apply for the internship.

Upcoming Events
Social Hour with Bruce Hajek

Professor Bruce Hajek is our guest speaker for this week’s special Social Hour on Friday, February 10 at 3 p.m. in 369 CSL. Prof. Hajek will briefly talk about his research and his experiences at CSL.

Join us for CSL Social Hour each Friday at 3 p.m. during the academic year. It's a great opportunity to network with fellow researchers and learn more about the breadth of work underway in CSL. Refreshments will be served. 


The 12th CSL Student Conference is next week, Feb. 15-17! Register now for the conference and job fair. Highlights include:

  • The plenary talk from Dr. Arvind Krishna, Senior VP, Hybrid Cloud and Director of IBM Research
  • Four keynote talks by speakers from Stanford, IBM Research, Cornell, and Rice
  • Flying squirrel robots, robotic surgery, and more at the Robotics Demonstration Session
  • The job fair with reps from top companies, including IBM, Intel, CIA, Roche, NVIDIA, and National Labs
  • Free registration and meals included. 
Wed, Feb 15, 3:00 pm
Wed, Feb 15, 4:00 pm
Tue, Feb 21, 4:00 pm
Wed, Feb 22, 4:00 pm
Research Grants/Gifts


  • Pavan Hanumolu, $35,000, Texas Instruments.