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March/April 2017


In this Newsletter…

  • News and Updates
  • Calendar
  • Our Affiliates Out and About
  • New Bibliography on the CCB Website: The Hype About Girls: A Bibliography Based on Titles
  • New Books We Just Had to Read: CatStronauts: Mission to the Moon and Dreaming the Bear
  • Highlighted Book from Our Wish List: Horning’s From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children’s Books



News and Updates


On Friday, March 3, the CCB’s ongoing IMLS-funded grant project, App Authors, will be represented at the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference in St. Charles. Melissa Hahn and Lauren Gray will discuss the project thus far, share curriculum handouts, and network with fellow technology educators. If you’re at ICE, stop by the Snapshot sessions at 1:00 to learn more about the project!


The 2017 Storytelling Festival is coming up on Saturday, April 15th!  This year, iSchool assistant professor Kate McDowell will coordinate the event alongside iSchool student Sarah Sahn. The event brings together new student storytellers and seasoned professionals for an evening filled with characters being brought to life through the power of story. If you are interested in participating in the festival as a storyteller, please email the CCB at for more information.


On Friday, April 28th, Kafi Kumasi, associate professor of library and information science (LIS) at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, will present the 2017 Gryphon Lecture, “Check the Rhyme: Harnessing Hip Hop’s Enduring Literacies with Youth in Libraries”.  Kumasi publications include book chapters, and journal articles in (among others) Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults, School Libraries Worldwide, School Library Media Research, and Urban Library Journal. Her research interests include issues of literacy, equity and diversity, particularly in urban educational environments spanning K12 and graduate school contexts. A reception in the School of Information Sciences East Foyer followed the presentation.



March/April Calendar


Monday, March 20-Friday, March 24: CCB Closed for Spring Break


Monday, March 27: Fred Schlipf and Georgeann Burch present the second annual Brown Bag: Designing Library Spaces that Work (12pm in the CCB)


Thursday, April 13: Rob Chappell’s Brown Bag Presentation: The Lost Years of Gilgamesh: Before and After the Epic (12pm in the CCB)


Saturday, April 15: Storytelling Festival (7-9pm, iSchool rm. 126)


Friday, April 28: Gryphon Lecture: Guest lecturer Dr. Kafi Kumasi will present “Check the Rhyme: Harnessing Hip Hop’s Enduring Literacies with Youth in Libraries” For more information about the Gryphon Lecture, check out our website: (7pm, iSchool rm. 126)



Our Affiliates Out and About


Carol Tilley has a few upcoming talks:


On Saturday, March 18 at 12pm, Tilley will be presenting “Wondrous Women: Highlighting Great Women in Comics” at the Frankfort, Illinois Public Library District Fan Fest.


At C2E2 (Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo) on April 21, Tilley will be presenting “She Changed Comics: A History of Women in Comics” with Betsy Gomez of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and cartoonist Lucy Knisley. Tilley will also present at C2E2 on April 22 “Educational Comics/Comics in Education” with Jim McClain (teacher/cartoonist), Christy Blanch (comics researcher), Josh Elder (Reading with Pictures/ comics writer), and Paul Storrie (comics writer).


At the UIUC Undergraduate Library on April 24, Tilley will present “She Changed Comics: A History of Women in Comics” with Betsy Gomez of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, cartoonist Nina Paley, and University librarian Mara Thacker.


On April 29 at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro’s Cora Paul Bomar Community Matters Summit, Carol Tilley will present “Pariah to Powerhouse: Looking at Comics in Libraries.”


Carol Tilley has also been recently named the new editor for the Journal of Comics and Culture from Pace University Press.


Upcoming Publications by Carol Tilley:


In February: Introduction in Weird Love vol. 4 (Yoe Books/IDW)


In March: “Educating with Comics” in The Secret Origin of Comics Studies (ed. Matthew Smith and Randy Duncan)


Kate McDowell will be presenting “Storytelling Thinking for Professionals” on Saturday, February 11 at PechaKucha Night Champaign-Urbana. PechaKucha Night C-U is a night of “captivating stories and unique perspectives!” Join the Champaign-Urbana community for a night of rapid-fire, 20-second presentations. For more information, check out the Facebook event page.





New Bibliography on the CCB Website


The Hype About Girls: A Bibliography Based on Titles

Created by Anna Lapp



New Books We Just Had to Read

Every month, the CCB and BCCB Graduate Assistants highlight books reviewed in the most recent issue of the Bulletin that we were excited to read. These decisions are based on personal preference, but all books listed are Recommended by the Bulletin. For complete reviews, visit the Bulletin website ( learn how to subscribe.


Hannah’s Review: CatStronauts: Mission to the Moon

Reading Level: Gr. 2-4

Pages: [160p.]

Publisher and Year: Little, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-316-30747-5

Price: $15.99


3…2…1, blast off! CatStronauts Major Meowser, Waffles, Blanket and Pom Pom rocket off on their mission to the moon. This furry crew of astronauts is called on by the President of the United States and the World’s Best Scientist to solve the world energy crisis. The CatStronauts must train hard, think on their paws, and break a few rules in order to be ready to blast off to the moon and save the world. The CatStronauts’ personalities are the strong point in this graphic novel; each brings a unique, and sometimes hilarious, element to the story. Readers will be torn between picking fearless commander Meowser, hungry but brave pilot Waffles, bright inventor Blanket, or sharp-witted science officer Pom Pom as their favorite. This cheery graphic novel will captivate young readers with its funny quips and expressive drawings. Cat lovers, space enthusiasts and graphic novel fans will all eagerly await the next addition to this series.


Lauren’s Review: Dreaming the Bear

Reading Level: Gr. 5-8

Pages: [176p]

Publisher and Year: Lamb, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-399-55750-7

Price: $17.99


Darcy enjoys many of life’s everyday pleasures: cooking, shopping, reading, and daydreaming about her ultimate heartthrob (her older brother’s best friend Tony). Until her parents drug her away from her life in England to the desolate, wild landscape of Yellowstone National Park, Darcy never thought that she would spend her days befriending a bear. Away from the familiarities of her school, friends, and civilization altogether, Darcy battles a nasty case of pneumonia by exercising her lungs in the harsh and icy forest air. When she finds herself struggling to catch her breath, she starts to lose consciousness and wakes up wrapped in the arms of a grizzly. Through the haze of her sickness, the isolation of their cabin, and heavy family tension, Darcy’s voice shifts in and out of her body. On her daily ventures to get some space and stretch her lungs, Darcy finds solace in the company of her bear. Bringing the animal food brings purpose to the monotony of her sick days at home, and they each gain an unexpected friend in the midst of poor health. Darcy’s first-person narration is sprinkled with ethereal moments with the bear, trips into town, phone calls home to friends, and an unfolding love story. Once her dad and older brother learn about Darcy’s secret animal companion, her relationships mature in unexpected ways. In a heart-wrenching finale, Darcy must face reality for the sake of her own and the bear’s health. Readers looking for a grim story about the rawness of nature will find Darcy’s story intriguing.




Highlighted Book from Our Wish List


Horning, Kathleen T. From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children’s Books. Revised ed. HarperCollins, 2010. ISBN 9780060777579.


For more book selections or to order this one, visit the CCB’s Amazon Wish List.



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