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Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities Announces “Paradigm Shifts” Fellowship Awards for 2017–18 and New Horizons Summer Research Fellowships, 2017


The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities (IPRH) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has awarded its annual Faculty and Graduate Student Fellowships to seven faculty members and seven graduate students from the campus for the 2017–18 academic year, which will center on the theme of “Paradigm Shifts.” IPRH also announces its inaugural class of New Horizons Summer Research Fellows for 2017. New Horizons Fellowships support faculty summer research and provide for the hire of an undergraduate research assistant to support the project. Please join IPRH in congratulating this newest cohort of fellows.


IPRH Fellowships, 2017–18: “Paradigm Shifts”

IPRH Faculty Fellows, 2017–18

Clara Bosak-Schroeder, Classics: “Other Natures: Ecocultural Change in Ancient Greek Historiography”

Amanda Ciafone, Media and Cinema Studies: “Growing Old in a Mediated Age”

Jenny L. Davis, Anthropology: “Speaking with Two Spirits: Indigenous Language, Gender, and Sexuality in the Two Spirit Movement”

George Gasyna, Slavic Languages and Literatures and Comparative and World Literature: “A Time for the Province: Palimpsest and Contact in Twentieth-Century Polish Borderland Literature”

Lindsay Russell, English: “Women and Dictionary Making: Gender, Genre, and English Language Lexicography”

Eleonora Stoppino, French and Italian: “Ugly Beast, Talking Monkey: Contagion and Education in Medieval and Early Modern Culture”

David Wright, English: “That Nigger Wild, a Novel”


IPRH Graduate Student Fellows, 2017–18

Marilia Correa Kuyumjian, History: “Unusual Suspects: Persecuted Soldiers Under Military Rule in Brazil, 1964–1985”

Emily DiFilippo, Spanish and Portuguese: “Unthinkable Embodiments: Disability and Precariousness in Spain of the Crisis (2005–2015)”

Brandon Jones, English: “Green Hopes: Ecology and Utopia in Postwar American Fiction”

Carolina Ortega, History: “De Guanajuato to Green Bay: A Generational Story of Labor, Place, and Community”

Zachary Riebeling, History: “After Meaning, After Trauma: The Crisis of History in Postwar German Thought, 1945–1987”

Michael Shetina, English: “Are They Family? : Queer Parents and Queer Pasts in Contemporary American Culture”

Augustus Wood, III, History: “Island of Fire in the Neoliberal City: The Black Working Class in Struggle in Atlanta, 1970–2000”



Jessica Greenburg, Anthropology: “Ghosts in the Machine: Rights, Sovereignty and (post)Institutional Crisis in Europe”

Junaid Rana, Asian American Studies: “The Life of Dada Amir Haider Khan”

Emmanuel Rota, French and Italian: “Laziness: A Modern Myth”


More information about the IPRH fellowship programs can be found online at Please join IPRH in congratulating this newest cohort of fellows.