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NILOA March 2017 Newsletter

This month’s NILOA Newsletter highlights faculty driven work in assessing student learning featuring a NILOA Viewpoint, Eight Years on: Early - and Continuing - Lessons from the Tuning Project, from Daniel McInerney, a NILOA Assessment in Practice, A College Where Adjuncts Are Not Just Add-ons, from Angela Félix, and a new two-page resource on the DQP Assignment Library.

We invite you to submit an application for the 2017 Excellence in Assessment (EIA) Designation, as well as submit requests for a DQP/Tuning Coach, and consider applying for the second annual Teaching and Learning National Institute (TLNI): Using Evidence for Improvement. Also included is a notice on the forthcoming release of NILOA's 2017 Provost Survey, a Featured Website from Southern Connecticut State University, relevant News items, and information on Upcoming Conferences and Programs.

2017 NILOA Provost Survey

NILOA Advance Alert

NILOA is pleased to announce that in April 2017 we will launch our third NILOA Provost Survey. Please feel free to preview the survey before it is launched this April, along with previous survey reports through the following link:

The aim of the survey is to gain a clearer picture of the current state of assessing student learning in the United States. It builds on and updates NILOA’s first national survey conducted in 2009 and second survey in 2013. The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. With foundation support and assistance from several higher education associations, NILOA will send the survey to all accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States to gain a current picture of outcomes assessment practices nationwide.

New NILOA Assessment in Practice
AiP cover 

A College Where Adjuncts Are Not Just Add-ons
Angela Félix
Rio Salado College 

In the real world, providing the necessary resources for full-time faculty to engage in college-wide assessment work is challenging, at best, and integrating an adjunct faculty cohort of over 1,400 members into this work would seem to make the task downright impossible. But at Rio Salado College, that is just what we have done. Rio’s adjunct faculty are at the heart and soul of our instructional model. We were founded in 1978 as a “college without walls,” whose mission was to reach beyond traditional boundaries to provide increased access to higher education. From the very start, our structure was built on a small core of full-time faculty who provide leadership to a large cadre of adjunct faculty, most of whom are practitioners in their fields. Rather than considering adjuncts as add-ons, the adjunct faculty were, and are, essential to the success of the institution. Read more…

New NILOA Viewpoint

Eight Years On: Early—and Continuing—Lessons from the Tuning Project
Daniel J. McInerney
Utah State University

It has been eight years since the first teams of educators took part in the introduction of the Tuning process to U.S. higher education. In April 2009, under a generous grant from the Lumina Foundation, groups from the state systems of Indiana, Minnesota, and Utah gathered in Chicago to learn of the initiative first introduced in the European Union in 2000 as a university response to the Bologna Project. Two sets of concerns quickly arose, however, both of which still have a tendency to throw a monkey wrench into the progress of some key academic initiatives.  Read more…

Excellence in Assessment (EIA)
 EIA Designation Logo

Application materials for the 2017
Excellence in Assessment (EIA)
are due April 14!

The Excellence in Assessment (EIA) program recognizes institutions for their efforts in intentional integration of campus-level learning outcomes assessment. The EIA designation focuses on campus processes and uses of assessment outcomes, rather than on student performance or accomplishment. The EIA designation evaluation process is directly and intentionally built from NILOA's Transparency Framework. Institutions working to implement and sustain comprehensive use of assessment of institutional student learning outcomes are eligible to receive the designation. We encourage institutions to review the application materials, and submit an application by the April 14, 2017, deadline. Read more...

NILOA In the Field

It was a busy month for NILOA’s Senior Scholars. February was mostly marked with field activities based on reaching out to campuses and institutions that are working to improve their understanding and implementation of creative, responsive and effective assessment methods. Throughout last month, NILOA Senior Scholars travelled to Florida for a coaching visit at Broward College, Virginia for a Multi-State Collaborative Charrette, and to Arizona to participate in a 2017 General Education and Assessment Conference organized by the AAC&U. Please feel free to view commentary, opinions and participants’ perception of these events.

Read more…

NILOA Updates

NILOA Featured Website

Southern Connecticut State University’s Office of Assessment and Planning web page provides viewers with a clear and holistic understanding of the institution’s student learning assessment efforts. Located on the web page is a link to information about the university's assessment process, which explains how assessment is undertaken and who is involved. Under information on student learner outcomes, viewers can find alignment of outcomes, and information on how elements are brought together into a coherent system of campus-level evidence of student learning. Read more...

DQP Updates

We invite you to read a new two-page resource
on the DQP Assignment Library.

In this resource, we provide information on the impetus for developing the Assignment Library, how it can be used by practitioners, and the peer-review process that each assignment undergoes. In total, the Assignment Library boasts a total of 74 assignments designed for either the Associate, Bachelor, or Master's level from 45 different colleges and universities. We have also begun to highlight Featured Assignments which have additional information, reflective commentary, and materials available for site visitors. Read more...


Recording of ACE Webinar Now Available
The recording of a webinar, Effective College Instruction and the Impact on Student Success presented by Dr. Natasha A. Jankowski, NILOA director, is now available. The webinar was based on Dr. Jankowski’s white paper, Unpacking Relationships: Instruction and Student Outcomes, commissioned by ACE as part of the Council’s collaboration with USA Funds to examine higher education instruction and assess the connections between quality teaching and student success.

Large-Scale Assessment without Standardized Tests
The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) released a report titled, On Solid Ground, which shares results from two years of data collection based on the VALUE initiative. Director of NILOA, Dr. Natasha Jankowski, called the report a wonderful contribution to the understanding of student learning assessment in higher education.

Minnesota Collaborative Builds Campus Cultures of Assessment
The Minnesota Collaborative, which stems from AAC&U’s Multi-State Collaborative, is a new initiative by ten Minnesota institutions aimed at creating and improving a culture of assessment on their campuses.

Within a recent EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) survey, one key teaching and learning issue that emerged was Competency-Based Education (CBE) & Assessment of Student Learning. Click the link to read more about the survey.
Towards increasing student participation and graduation from post-secondary institutions with recognized credentials, Steven Mintz discusses the need to expand pathways and modes of assessment for students.
Alan November shares insights about effective teaching practices. One such practice is teaching students how to self-assess their work.
Check out this critical yet humorous commentary about the practice of assessment within higher education. The piece serves as food for thought for those going through assessment at their institutions.
Are you using ePortfolios and interested in sharing your (or your institution's) experience with the practice? If so, consider submitting a paper for an edited volume that seeks to highlight the use of ePortfolios within the Catalyst for Learning Framework. Papers should be 3,000 - 4,000 words and the deadline for submission is June 15, 2017.
Upcoming Conferences and Programs

March 16-18. 2017 Diversity, Learning, and Student Success
Jacksonville, FL. Association of American Colleges & Universities.

March 17. Call for DQP/Tuning Coach requests.

March 18.Call for Applications - Teaching and Learning National Institute 2017
Olympia, WA. Evergreen State College.

March 27-29. 2017 Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education
San Francisco, CA. Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

March 29-31. 2017 SoTL Commons Conference
Savannah, GA. Georgia Southern University.

March 29. Webinar- Aligning for Learning: Evaluating Connections
1:00 - 2:00 pm. American Institutes for Research (AIR) and NILOA.
**This webinar will be co-presented by Natasha A. Jankowski, NILOA Director.

March 31. Webinar: Show Me The Learning!
2:00 - 3:00 pm. Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE).

March 31-April 4. Higher Learning Commission 2017 Annual Conference.
** Monday, April 3, 10:00-12:00 pm. Natasha Jankowski and NILOA Senior Scholar David Marshall will lead a workshop Meaningful Mapping: Aligning Learning Experiences to Enhance Student Learning.
** Monday, April 3, 4:00-5:00 pm. Natasha Jankowski and EIA designees Jeff Grann, Mo Bischof, and Julia Williams will present Excellence in Assessment Designations: Lessons from the Field.

April 5-7. 2017 ANNY Annual Conference
Hyde Park, NY. Assessment Network of New York.
** Dr. Natasha A. Jankowski will deliver the keynote address

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