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Ricker News Spring 2017
Librarian's Corner

We are pleased to present our inaugural email newsletter! We will continue to make the newsletters available on our web site and will gladly send a printed copy if you request it. 

Over the last two years, I have enjoyed meeting students, faculty and members of the community. I have had many conversations that have helped inform the tools, resources, and services we offer in support of the academic pursuits of all of our users. My goal is to continue building on the rich collections in the fields of architecture and art while exploring new and innovative ways to serve our patrons. We have made changes to our web pages and the physical space in order to make our resources more accessible. Our newsletter highlights some of our new initiatives, and we hope to share more news as we continue to move forward. 

This is an exciting year for us, as we are celebrating the centennial anniversary of the naming of the Ricker Library. To celebrate, we have created an online exhibition that tells the story of Nathan C. Ricker, his work on campus, and the history of the library. We are also in the process of planning other events to mark this occasion. We look forward to sharing more details in the coming months.

On your next visit to the library, please don’t hesitate to stop by my office. My door is always open and I relish the chance to hear about your experiences with the library, as well as any suggestions you might have. 

Melanie E. Emerson
Head, Ricker Library of Architecture and Art

Class Visits
the arch 101 class viewing library materials 

In Fall 2015, Ricker Library had 8 visits/sessions with 173 students from the School of Art+Design and the School of Architecture. We also had 12 visits/sessions with 331 students in the Spring of 2016.

This Fall semester we had 19 class visits and instruction sessions with 482 students total attending. At the beginning of this academic year, we held a library orientation for first year Architecture graduate students, and at the beginning of October, the Architecture 101 students came to explore highlights from our collection as an extra credit assignment (pictured).

New Technology at Ricker
the overhead scanner at ricker library. 

Last year, Ricker Library installed new power outlets and two new scanners. The power outlets are set up on every table in the Reading Room and include traditional outlets, as well as USB outlets, so students can charge their laptops and their phones at the same time.

We installed an overhead scanner as well as a new flatbed scanner, which means we now have four scanners in our library for students to use. So far, the overhead scanner has been used over 17,000 times since it was installed in January 2016! Click on the picture to see a video of our scanner in action.

The installation of the the power outlets and the purchase of the overhead scanner were made possible the support of endowement funds. 

Krannert Art Museum Library Guides

Starting in Fall 2015, staff at Ricker have been creating guides for Krannert Art Museum exhibitions, including books and reference sources related to the exhibition topic, as well as information and resources about the art and artists. This blog post from the Krannert website has more information about the guides, as well as links to the first three guides. 

Since that post was published, we have created more guides for exhibitions opening this fall and spring: Borderland Collective: Northern TriangleZina Saro-Wiwa: Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance?, Making and Breaking Medieval Manuscripts, Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal, Light and Movement in Sculpture, and Encounters: The Arts of Africa.

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
art+feminism wikipedia edit-a-thon poster 

In March 2016 and 2017, Ricker hosted the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. We organized and publicized the event with the help of two architecture student organizations, the College of Fine and Applied Arts, and faculty in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Art+Design, and other groups on campus.

We had students, faculty, and members of the community join us to create and expand on articles about women in art, architecture, and related fields. The event included Wikipedia tutorials in order to teach participants how to contribute to Wikipedia, but also better understand the need for diversity of content and editors. We hope you'll be able to join us next year!

Visit the event's Wikipedia page for more details and images.

poster for Untitled Project:  Robert Smithson Library & Book Club by Conrad Bakker 

Ricker Library's current exhibition is a selection of 19th and early 20th Century floral pattern and design books--more details can be found on our library exhibition page. The fall exhibition was a selection from Untitled Project: Robert Smithson Library & Book Club by Conrad Bakker. This installation was on display September 19th through December 19th. More details about the project are available on the project website. Bakker is a professor at the School of Art+Design and shows his work internationally.

The summer exhibition was Books from Nathan C. Ricker's Collection. The exhibition before that, running from April 4 to May 15, was Unmet Expectations in Discursive Environments, which highlighted the work of Ray Majewski, an architecture student who graduated in 2015.

Notable Acquisitions

The Ricker Library generally acquires more than 3,000 new titles each year. Below are just a few examples of some of our notable acquisitions. Our most recent acquisitions are available on the library’s website.

the book open to a page that says 31 Decembre over more text in French. There are words and abstract shapes in bold colors on the opposite page. 
La Fin du Monde, Filmée par l'Ange N.-D. Roman. Compositions en Couleurs par Fernand Léger. 1919.

An important work in the oeuvres of Cendrars and Léger, and one of the classic works of the 20th century European avant-garde. Léger's vividly colored collages and typo-collages are intimately intertwined with Cendrars' text, and the influence of their collaborative effort continues to this day. Cendrars' satire on religions in general is illustrated with mostly non-objective designs; included, however, is the figure of the trumpeter-angel of Notre-Dame de Paris.

the cover of du cubisme 
Du Cubisme par] Albert Gleizes [et] Jean Metzinger ; gravures originales par Marcel Duchamp, Albert Gleizes, M. Laurencin, J. Metzinger, F. Picabia, Picasso, Jacques Villon [et] d'après G. Braque, André Derain, Juan Gris [et] Fernand Léger. 1947.

Originally published as an essay by artists and theorists Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger, then later turned into a book in 1912 to coincide with the initial group exhibition of  Section d’Or artists organized in October 1912. It is considered to be the first formal treatise on the Cubist aesthetic. This is the edition that was published in 1947 that includes a new introduction by Gleizes and and epilogue by Mertzinger. 

an engraved plate of the arc de triomphe. the text on the arch reads victoire d'austerlitz 
Arc de Triomphe des Tuileries, Érigé en 1806, d'Après les Dessins et sous la Direction de MM. C. Percier et P.F.L. Fontaine, Architectes; Dessiné, Gravé et Publié par Normand Fils.

Brès, Jean Pierre; Louis Marie Normand; & Charles Percier. 1828. This exquisitely illustrated volume contains a brief history of the arc and detailed descriptions of each of the plates, followed by 27 engraved plates, 26 of them showing architectural and sculptural details of the arch, including elevations and floor plans, the last one showing 24 plans for a junction of the Louvre and Tuileries palaces.

the cover of Futura 1 

Stuttgart: Edition Hansjörg Mayer. 1965-1968. 

A complete run of the 26 issues of a contemporary art journal with an impressive array of contributors, including artists such as Dieter Rot, Wolf Vostell, Robert Filliou, and Dick Higgins. Each issue is a folded broadsheet, designed by an artist, which includes a variety of examples of visual poetry or concrete poetry as well as experimentations with typography, graphics, and print. 

This item was acquired with support from the Anthony J. Petullo Library Endowment Fund.

an engraving of "fontana nella piazza colonna" from Le Fontane Publiche delle Piazze di Roma Moderna 
Le Fontane Publiche delle Piazze di Roma Moderna.

Vergelli, Gioseppe Tiburtio & Pietro Paolo Girelli.

This volume consisting of 31 beautiful full-page engraved plates depicting the public fountains scattered throughout Rome's piazzas, drawn by Vergelli and engraved by Girelli. Most plates appear with captions below the image including the architect when notable, fountains depicted include the Trevi Fountain, the Fountains of St. Peter's Square, the Fontana della Barcaccia, the Fontana del Tritone, the Fontana delle Tartarughe, the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, the Fontana dell'Acqua Felice, and many others. Our copy is the second edition.

New Catalogues Raisonnes at Ricker

Ricker library has aggressively collected catalogue raisonnes, or complete works of artists for many years. These essential tools of art historical research are a core collection at Ricker Library. The following selection covers ones which have been received in the past year. All are shelved in the Ricker Vault.

Francis Bacon: catalogue raisonné

London: Estate of Francis Bacon, 2016


Long in preparation, this catalog of the work of Bacon (1909-1992), one of the great British painters of the twentieth century, is complete in five volumes. Volume 1 consists of an introduction, essays, etc. Volume 5 contains an extensive bibliography. Volumes 2, 3, and 4 cover the years from 1929-57, 1958-71, and 1971-92. Primarily color images are provided, along with provenance, listing of solo or group exhibitions, and a brief essay or notes. This title was the gift of an anonymous donor.

Aubrey Beardsley: a catalogue raisonné

Zatlin, Linda Gertner

New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016


Two volume catalog of the work of Beardsley (1872-1898). Book illustrations are included (Salome and Le Morte D’arthur noteworthy among them), as well as drawings for other purposes, including poster designs.

The Drawings of Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574)

Härb, Florian

Rome: U. Bozzi, 2015


Extensive discussion of theory and practice in Vasari’s drawings Oeuvre followed by catalogue of drawings ranging from those for documented paintings to those for the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence and the paintings in the Vatican. Extensive bibliography and index.

Burri: general catalogue

Cora, Bruno

Città di Castello : Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri, [2015]


General catalogue of the work of Alberto Burri (1915-1995) in six volumes. Three are devoted to the paintings with volume 4 devoted to Tempera, Drawing, Architecture and Sculpture, volume 5 on graphic works and volume 6 a bibliography, list of exhibitions, etc.

Richard Diebenkorn: the catalogue raisonné

Livingstone, Jane and Andrea Liguori, eds.

New Haven: Yale University Press, 2016


Four volumes on the complete work of Diebenkorn (1922-1993). Volume 1 consists of essays and references and V.2-4 covers 1933-1993. Volume 2 is of some note to local readers as it contains a discussion of the artist’s time working and teaching in Urbana, in 1952-53. Six paintings from this period are illustrated along with an essay on the importance of his time in Urbana to his future work.

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