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Experimental visualization of individual nanowires and their and fabrication imperfections. 
Illinois ECE

New research led by Holonyak Lab faculty is advancing the field of optical microscopy, giving the field a critical new tool to solve challenging problems across many fields of science and engineering. Read more

Harshil Dave in his lab. 
Lizzie Roehrs, CSL

Holonyak Lab student Harshil Dave wins the Gregory Stillman Semiconductor Research Award for his excellence in semiconductor research. Read more

Wenjuan Zhu 
Allie Arp, CSL

Many industries call for electronics that can operate reliably in extremely high temperatures. Holonyak Lab's Wenjuan Zhu hopes to develop gate dielectrics that can withstand temperatures above 500°C (932°F). Read more

Jarod Meyer 
Lizzie Roehrs, CSL

In the spring of 2020, Holonyak Lab senior Jarod Meyer became one of three undergraduate students from ICORLAB to publish a first-authored journal paper in the last six years. Read more

Honors and accolades
  • Interim Director Xiuling Li has been named a Donald Biggar Willet Professor in Engineering. One of the highest honors the university grants to its faculty members are endowed named appointments, including professorships and chairs. This honor will be celebrated at a later time. Join us in congratulating Professor Xiuling Li!

  • Former HMNTL Director Brian Cunningham has been appointed to the Intel Alumni Endowed Chair in ECE beginning August 16, which is an upgrade on his current Willet Professorship in Engineering. The Intel Alumni Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering was established by dedicated alumni working at Intel, and was created to chair was created to recruit or retain a top researcher in integrated circuit technology within the department. Congratulations Brian!

  • Holonyak Lab alum Ruochen Lu recently accepted an offer from Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, The University of Texas. He will join them in January as an assistant professor. Lu's adviser was HMNTL's Songbin Gong.

  • Ryan Hool, a graduate student in Pro. Minjoo Larry Lee’s research group, won a best student presentation prize at the 2020 IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference for his talk "Electron irradiation study of metamorphic 1.7 eV GaAsP solar cells.” In his talk, Hool showed that GaAsP solar cells show promise for use in space due to their high retention of efficiency after heavy exposure to high-energy electrons. The performance of tandem solar cells based on GaAsP grown on low-cost Si has risen rapidly over the past few years due to work at HMNTL and elsewhere, making them a candidate for satellite and other aerospace applications. Read more


Kejie Fang, NSF. $248,962 for 4 years started 9/15/18. "Enhancing Classical and Quantum Information Capacities with Imperfect Resources: Experimental Implementations and Theoretical Bounds."

Around Holonyak Lab

New Fall 2020 course offering, ECE 598 YZ: Light-matter interactions
Holonyak Lab's Yang Zhao is teaching a course about the fundamentals of light-matter interactions. Topics include dipople oscillators, linear optical properties, and dispersion relations, in addition to how this information can be applied in research. For more information on the class contact Zhao, or visit her website.

Illinois Community Pledge
In a Massmail earlier today, Chancellor Jones encouraged members of the Illinois community to sign a pledge committing keeping the campus safe should we all return. Activities like taking COVID-19 online safety training, wearing a face covering, and practicing social distancing are among a number of ways individuals are being asked to commit to campus-wide safety. There is also a corresponding social media campaign, #IveGotYouCovered, that participants are encouraged to share to increased the number of people taking the pledge. To pledge, or get more information, visit covid19.illinois.edu/pledge.

Stay up-to-date on the latest happenings around Holonyak Lab
Follow the Nick Holonyak Jr., Micro and Nanotechnology lab on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and now Youtube for the latest news and updates. Have a story you'd like to share? Email aarp@illinois.edu.

Equipment update and processing tips

New toxic gas detection system
Holonayk Lab is upgrading its DOD Technologies CL-96 toxic gas detection system. The upgraded system will include double flow rates for sample tubes, and greatly improved remote management and notification capability. This system is critical for safe operations where use of toxic gasses is involved. The new system has been ordered and will be commissioned in July or August.

New etchers
Two new reactive-ion etching machines have arrived. One is an Oxford RIE and the other is an ICP-RIE. These additions will provide a needed general etcher and an etch tool for InP and Lithium Niobate.

Additional equipment improvements
The Lesker dielectric sputtering tool is scheduled to receive an isolation gate valve, which will greatly increase the throughput for depositions. In addition, the photolithography area will have a dedicated developing bench installed.

Facility information

Laboratory training available online
The HMNTL facility and laboratory access process has been streamlined to include online training, in order to be more responsive to onboarding new researchers and to accommodate social distancing protocols. Follow the correct link below to find the steps you need:

External opportunities

Call for Nominations for EDS PhD/Masters/Undergraduate Fellowships
The IEEE Electron Devices Society invites nominations for the 2020 PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate Student Fellowships. These awards are presented annually to promote, recognize, and support undergraduate, graduate and masters level study and research within the EDS field of interest.

Please visit the EDS website links below to access information about these Fellowships.

EDS Masters Student Fellowship
Prize: US $2,000 and an award plaque
Submission Deadline: August 15, 2020

EDS PhD Student Fellowship
Prize: US $5,000 and travel funds to attend the IEDM for presentation of an award plaque
Submission Deadline: August 15, 2020

EDS Undergraduate Student Fellowship
Prize: US $1,000 and an award plaque
Submission Deadline: August 15, 2020

Applicants sought for 2021 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize
This national invention competition recognizes teams of undergraduate students who have tested a prototype of one invention and individual graudate students who have tested prototypes of two or more inventions. The initial application deadline is Friday, September 25, 2020. Complete details about the application process and eligibility requirements are available here. The online application is open.

This past year, Dicky Liu became the first Holonyak Lab student to be a graduate finalist in this competition.

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