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Welcome to the Fall 2021 Semester! Whether you are a new or a returning student, Technology Solutions, the university’s central IT department, welcomes you to UIC. We are here to provide you with the tech tools and support you need to succeed this academic year. 

August's Tech Talk newsletter is your Back-to-School Tech Guide highlighting important IT announcements and the tech services, tools, and resources available to UIC students. 


View Semester Operations
Get up-to-date information on general tech support, virtual support, classroom and computer lab availability, equipment lending, printing resources, and more on the Fall 2021 Operations Page.

Join Us at Weeks of Welcome
Don't miss the Tech Talk: Student Tech Resources & Services webinar as we cover the various tech resources and services available to UIC students. Learn about email, campus printing, cloud storage services, web-conferencing tools, free software, staying safe online, equipment lending, where to get tech support, and more! Find the webinar on the Weeks of Welcome page and register today.


Discover Student Technology Resources
The IT at UIC website makes it easy for you to discover the technology tools, software, and resources available. Stay updated on service announcements, academic IT news, security information, and training opportunities.


Request Tech Services & Find Answers
The UIC Help Center is your one-stop shop to discover IT services, find answers to technology-related questions, and request IT help when needed.


Service Status
Find reported outages, scheduled and emergency maintenance, and service downtime notifications on the Service Status page. If you are experiencing issues, you can also Report an IT Problem.


In-Person & Virtual Support
In-person technical support is available for the fall semester at the BSB C-Stop by appointment only. Visit: go.uic.edu/BSB-Cstop

Virtual support is available via the Help Center, email, or phone. Visit: it.uic.edu/service-desk


UIC Email
Gmail is the official email for UIC students, created for students by default once their NetID is activated. 

In May 2021, UIC email spam filtering was updated to improve overall email delivery security. As a result of this change, UIC email users may see more emails routed to Junk Email or Spam folders. 

We suggest that you periodically check your Junk Email/Spam folder in case any
messages are incorrectly marked as spam, and report any phishing attempts
that do make it to your inbox to security@uic.edu.


Cloud Storage
Upload and share files and folders through several cloud-based storage services including Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


Web Conferencing
Need to meet virtually with your classmates for a group project? Select from a variety of web conferencing tools including Google Meet, Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.


Preferred Name & Personal Pronouns
Students may designate a preferred first name (PFN) to be shown in most university systems and can also define their personal pronouns in Blackboard and Zoom to better represent their identity.


Blackboard Introduction
Blackboard Learn is UIC's learning management system and provides a virtual extension of your physical classroom where students can access course information, materials, and communicate with the instructor and classmates.

Visit the Blackboard Introduction page to access user guides and learn more about Blackboard and Blackboard tools, such as VoiceThread and Respondus.


Download the Blackboard App
Don’t forget to download the Blackboard app to your smartphone. It's free to download and available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Using the app, you can access course materials, join Collaborate sessions, send messages, view grades, and more all from your smartphone!


Online Terms
New to online learning? Overwhelmed with the tools, technologies, and terms? Don’t let acronyms and IT jargon hinder your understanding of the online learning environment! This article gets you up-to-speed.

“Netiquette," or how to communicate appropriately online, is important to your online learning experiences. Technology Solutions is here to provide you with some quick Netiquette tips!

  1. Familiarize yourself with the web conferencing tool(s) you will be using.
  2. Review & follow instructor communication guidelines.
  3. Turn your camera on, actively participate & introduce yourself when you speak. 
  4. Mute yourself when not speaking. 
  5. Select a quiet space with little to no distractions to help you stay focused.

Read more on Netiquette and best practices.


Microsoft 365
Access a suite of Microsoft programs including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more with Microsoft 365 for FREE with a valid UIC NetID and password, either online or by installing the apps locally on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.


LinkedIn Learning
Available to UIC students FREE of charge, 24/7, for convenient, self-paced learning, LinkedIn Learning can help you gain new skills through 15,000+ valuable courses in the Business, Creative, and Technology fields. To access, sign in with your UIC NetID and password.


Virtual Computer Lab
Remotely access specialized software like Mathematica, R Studio, Matlab, SPSS and more right from your home computer and even mobile device by using Virtual Computer Labs.


UofI WebStore
Visit the University of Illinois WebStore to access various discounted or FREE software including Microsoft 365, UIC VPN, Mathematica, and more! Our licensing agreements often allow software to be used both on-campus and on personal computers.


Wepa Print
Cloud-based printing service Wepa allows you to print directly from various sources including Blackboard, Google Drive, email, mobile, and USB. Visit the IT at UIC website for print station locations, answers to frequently asked questions, and user guides.

Touch-Free Printing
Wepa’s mobile app allows you to manage print jobs, check balances, and release requests directly from your smartphone. Wepa Express, a new feature in the mobile app, also allows you to release documents at any print station without having to touch the screen. Learn more about touch-free printing and how to print with Wepa.

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research (ACER) provides the UIC research community with advanced computing resources, data infrastructure, and research consulting services. ACER is pleased to announce its fall training program schedule. ACER's workshops and tutorials focus on key topics and tools in computational research and data science. Sessions this fall include:
  • Overview of research technologies at UIC
  • Hands-on introduction to supercomputing
  • Sessions on R and Python with a data science focus
  • Data visualization
  • And More!

A full list of upcoming events can be found on ACER’s events page. Because space is limited, please only register if you are able to attend.


Sign Up for Duo 2-Factor Authentication
Technology Solutions has added 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to many University systems including Microsoft 365 (Office, Outlook, and Teams), Box, and Qualtrics. 
If you do not sign up for Duo, you will not be able to log into University systems that require 2FA to access.

2FA requires you to verify your identity using a second factor, such as a mobile device, when logging into University systems using your NetID and password. Students are encouraged to confirm their existing account or sign up for the Duo 2FA service.


Beware of Online Scams Targeting Students
Each year, the UIC Information Security and Privacy Office receives numerous reports of email and telephone scams targeting the UIC community. The team works hard to mitigate and prevent these attacks, however, students should stay alert and recognize potential cyber threats such common ones listed below:

  • Email Scams | Cybercriminals impersonate a person, company, organization, or other entity and email you with the goal to get you to click on a link and enter your NetID and password, or open a file attachment. 
  • Job Scams | Fraudulent job offerings that attempt to steal sensitive information or request funds in the form of cash transfers, Bitcoin payments, or gift cards.
  • Phone Scams | Cybercriminals pose as charities, banking institutions, healthcare organizations, and even local authorities, calling and harassing students with false claims, and requesting immediate payment to avoid phony negative consequences.

Learn more about scams targeting students, identifying red flags, and how to stay safe online.


Defend Yourself from Cyber Crime
To report any suspicious emails that do make it to your inbox, email security@uic.edu.


UIC Alert
UIC Alert allows UIC officials to send an email and/or text messages to mobile phones or any text message-capable device in the case of a campus-wide emergency. Students are encouraged to register their mobile device to receive text notifications.

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