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Master’s Degree in Psychological Science

The Department of Psychology has launched a new Master’s Degree in Psychological Science. The department is accepting applications for the program and students will begin the two-year curriculum starting fall 2017. Visit this page for more information.


Psychology’s Rising Stars

Association for Psychological Science

Joey Cheng and William Chopik (BS, ’09) were named Rising Stars by the Association for Psychological Science. The Rising Star designation recognizes outstanding scientists in the earliest stages of their research careers post PhD.

 Joey Cheng and William Chopik

Joey Cheng, pictured on left, is an assistant professor in our Social-Personality Division.

William Chopik (BS, ’09) is an assistant professor in the Social-Personality Division in the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University.

Ruchika Prakash 

Early Career Award

Ruchika Prakash (PhD, ’09) received an early career award from the Division on Adult Development & Aging (Division 20) of the American Psychological Association. She is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Ohio State University. Prakash is a new member of the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board.

Diane Beck 

2017 Campus Distinguished Promotion Award

Diane Beck received a 2017 Campus Distinguished Promotion Award in recognition of her stellar achievements including the scope, quality and impact of her scholarship, teaching, service and engagement efforts. She was promoted to Professor with tenure.

Catherine Fairbairn 

Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professors Scholar

Catherine Fairbairn has been selected to receive the Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professor Scholar by the College of LAS for her exceptional accomplishments in teaching and research.

 L-R: Chancellor Robert Jones, Chicago Illini Club President Sarah Ayers, Illini of the Year Award recipient Rebecca Darr, President Timothy Killeen, First Lady of the University Roberta Johnson Killeen, Trustee Jill Smart, and UIAA Interim President Doug Beckmann

Chicago Illini of the Year Recipient

Rebecca Snyders Darr (BS, ’90) was one of three University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumni selected as the 2017 Chicago Illini of the Year Award recipients.

Pictured L-R: Chancellor Robert Jones, Chicago Illini Club President Sarah Ayers, Illini of the Year Award recipient Rebecca Darr, President Timothy Killeen, First Lady of the University Roberta Johnson Killeen, Trustee Jill Smart, and UIAA Interim President Doug Beckmann. (Photo by Lloyd DeGrane.)

Emily Newton 

Alumna Blogs for Prospective Students

Emily Newton (BS, ’15) is pursuing a double master’s degree in mental health counseling and forensic and legal psychology at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. She is also working as an honors intern with the Department of Justice. Newton wrote a blog for #lasinsider to share how a LAS degree prepared her for graduate school.


What’s Your Story?

Lauren Hays 

Lauren Hays (BS, ’12), Human Resources Director, Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center

“I work in a children's psychiatric facility as an HR Director so I get to use both my Abnormal Psych class, social psych, and other psych classes. I also get to apply the business-related psych information as well.”

Read more stories on our website.

 Psychology Alumni Advisory Board

Psychology Alumni Advisory Board

Read about the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board’s initiatives that enhance the educational experience of psychology students.

 First Friday Alumni Panels - students in a session

First Friday Alumni Panels

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has created a mentoring opportunity for undergraduates and alumni. The “First Friday of the Month” panel discussions help current students explore career options. Contact Cheryl Berger, Assistant Head for Alumni Relations, if you would like to be part of a future panel discussion.

April 7, 2017 panel: How can I use my psychology degree for a career in Neuropsychology/Neuroscience?

Yuta Katsumi and Sophie Lohmann 

Psychology Alumni Advisory Board Travel Awards 

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has designated funds from the Shape the Future Today Fund to support graduate student conference travel. Presenting at conferences is a vital part of any graduate student’s career, both to develop important connections, and to solicit feedback on research and ideas.

Read about our current recipients, Yuta Katsumi, pictured above on left, Cognitive Neuroscience Division and Sophie Lohmann, Social-Personality Division.

Follow this link to read more about our past recipients.

 Psychology Leaders with books they helped raise funds to purchase

Psychology Leaders

The Psychology Leaders raised money to purchase books for a 4th grade class at Dr. Preston William Elementary School. The Psychology Leaders organize community and campus service projects each semester. Read here for more information about the leaders.

(Pictured above, L-R: Maryoli Rojas, Aimee Schneider, and Sahana Moodabagil)

Senior 100 Honorary list 

Senior 100 Honorary

Congratulations to the Psychology students who were selected for this award for their notable achievements: Bailey Burns, Rabia Ilyas, Chitra Iyer, Justin Lien, Evan Lorenz, Madeline Reinecke, Toral Shastri, Ashley Wehrheim, and Nicholetti White.

Matthew Moore 

2017 Beckman Graduate Fellow

Matthew Moore (Cognitive Neuroscience Division), has been selected as a 2017 Beckman Graduate Fellow. He plans on completing a highly interdisciplinary project capitalizing on expertise in cognitive neuroscience, engineering, social psychology, and business to address important questions regarding brain function.



Brent Roberts 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


Brent Roberts

University of Illinois psychology professor Brent Roberts and his colleagues reviewed more than 200 studies of therapeutic interventions—such as counseling or the use of antidepressant drugs—which also tracked personality over time. Read more >

Cynthia Fisher 

Cynthia Fisher

While most two-year-olds can recognize a range of nouns, such as the words that identify their parents, their siblings and their favorite toys or foods, you certainly wouldn't expect them to be able to grasp more advanced grammar—especially concepts like transitive and intransitive verbs. Professor Cynthia Fisher’s research gives us reason to rethink that assumption. Read more >

Aron Barbey 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


Aron Barbey

Associate Professor Aron Barbey led a team that found that the structural integrity of the hippocampus, a region in the brain, could mediate the relationship between fitness and memory. Read more >

Dolores Albarracin 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 


Dolores Albarracin

Keeping your message brief and simple—on the level of a gentle reminder, as opposed to constant nagging—can produce gains when trying to increase engagement with health care programs, says new research from U of I professor and social psychology expert Dolores Albarracin. Read more >

Lanier lecture poster 

2017 Lyle Lanier Lecture

Psychology’s Lyle Lanier Lecturer, Dr. Takao Hensch, was interviewed on WILL Radio’s 21st Program on March 27, 2017. Listen to the interview here.

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Sam Ferber, pictured on right, is spending the 2017 spring semester in Rome as part of the University of Illinois’ study abroad program. Sam is a member of the Psychology Leaders Program.

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Diversity in Psychology

The members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Psychology are committed to fostering and supporting a climate of inclusion, celebrating human diversity in all its forms, and engaging in cutting edge diversity science. For more information about diversity research in psychology, diversity awards, and campus resources visit this page on our website.


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