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  News for Alumni and Friends June 2017  

CS @ ILLINOIS has received the $100,000 Grand Prize for the NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Award, recognizing significant positive outcomes in increasing women’s meaningful participation in computing education. Read more.




Professor Vikram Adve will serve as Interim Department Head of Computer Science until a permanent replacement can be chosen for departing Department Head Rob A. Rutenbar.


CS doctoral students Motahhare Eslami and Jingbo Shang have each won a Google PhD Fellowship, awarded to students doing exceptional work in computer science and related disciplines.


Using public health and transportation data, Professor Sheldon H. Jacobson and colleagues found that for each 1 percent increase in a county’s population who frequently ride public transit, obesity rates dropped 0.2 percent. 


Professor Luke Olson has been named the Director of the Computational Science and Engineering program, which trains students from across the College of Engineering in computing skills and tools to enable scientific discovery.


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New Media Coverage

New York Times

Jean E. Sammet (M.A. Math ’49) was an amazing computing pioneer: co-designer of COBOL, author of an early influential text on programming languages, and 1st female president of the ACM.

Computing Research News

"As we approach the end of Moore’s law, the hardware-software interface is evolving with profound implications for how easily we can use our systems and how well they perform." Professor Sarita Adve discusses what's next.

News Gazette

The “Robot Revolution” exhibit is back in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry, and Professor Steve LaValle is one of the featured scientists.

Chicago Inno

UIUC has received a $100,000 grant in recognition of its progress towards gender parity, and to continue supporting women in computer science at the school.  (Also, video at WCIA.)



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Oct. 19

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