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Weekly Grad Newsletter

Welcome to your weekly UIC English grad student news digest.
Vicki Bolf, Grad Studies Program Coordinator


PhD candidate Melissa Macero is the newly-elected president of the UIC Graduate Student Council.

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Apr 10: Visiting Assistant Director of the Writing Program and Center at Fordham University. The English Department of Fordham University invites applications for a two-year Visiting Assistant Professor (VAP) to serve as Assistant Director of the Writing Program and Writing Center beginning in Fall 2021. The teaching load for this full-time, benefits-eligible, non-tenure track position is 2-2, reduced from the normal load of 3-3 to support administrative responsibilities. The successful candidate will teach primarily first-year writing courses, with the opportunity to develop and teach other writing and rhetoric courses at undergraduate as well as graduate levels. In addition to teaching, the candidate will assist the Director of the Writing Program and Center with a range of administrative duties. These include staffing first-year writing courses, observing and mentoring writing instructors, developing and leading pedagogy training programs, providing faculty leadership at the Writing Center, and supporting implementation of revisions to the first-year writing curriculum. 
Apr 16: Apps to teach an online section of UIC's Writing Workshop this summer due (check email for details).
Apr 25
: Assistant Director of Graduate Fellowships at George Mason University. The Office of Fellowships aims to raise the academic profile of Mason and its students by encouraging talented graduate students to explore fellowship opportunities and resources available to advance their academic and professional goals. The Office is committed to inclusive excellence practices and specifically seeks to mentor underrepresented students. The Office provides a supportive and friendly environment for students with a strong focus on mentoring and cultivating academic excellence. PhD preferred, STEM grant admin experience required.
Apr 30: Assistant or Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern Unviersity (Boston). Assistant or Associate Teaching Professors teach first-year and advanced writing courses, including courses in writing for the social sciences, the sciences, the health professions, the engineering and computer science professions, and the business profession. Teaching Professors are eligible for promotion and hold leadership positions at all levels of faculty governance. Full-time teaching load is three courses per semester. In addition to teaching, Teaching Professors are expected to serve on various department, college, and university committees and to pursue professional development opportunities. This is an untenured, but continuing and tracked position with the possibility of promotion to Associate and Full Teaching Professor, as well as multi-year (3 year and 5 year) contracts.

Events & Deadlines

TODAY Apr 2: Ander Monson One-on-One reading with Kathleen Blackburn. 3-4:30 via Zoom. Meeting ID: 821 5846 0067. Passcode: TH8y0qme. One tap mobile:
+13126266799,,82158460067#,,,,*06813384# US (Chicago)
Apr 2: HSI Crossing Latinidades Creative Writing Fellow application due!
Apr 2-July 24: ¡Viva La Libertad! exhibition at the Newberry Library. " exhibition and series of public programs bringing together scholars, writers, artists, and community members to explore the independence struggles of the Americas and reflect on their legacies today." 
Apr 5-9: Grad Appreciation Week sponsored by the Graduate College. Check the flyer for information on events including a game night, social hour, and cover letter & CV/resume workshops! Links for events shared via email earlier this week.
Apr 5: Global Asian Studies (GLAS) Colloquium featuring Dr. María Eugenia López-Garcia: “To Mother and to Serve: Cinematic Visions of Filipina and Mexican migrant Domestic Labor.” The talk will explore the maternal and sentimental imagery of Filipina and Mexican migrant domestic workers in transnational cinema, focusing on globalization and the relationship between location, globality, and possibility.
Apr 6: Feminisms Lunch Lecture: in c/o: Black Women, 11 am-12 pm, via Zoom. "Join us for a presentation by UIC Museum and Exhibition Studies graduate student Andrea Yarbrough: With over 30,000 vacant lots throughout the City of Chicago, there is a unique ecological opportunity for public space and the future of deemed "blighted" or vacant land. When adequately nourished, there are possibilities to foster a greater sense of place and promote sustainable, restorative living for disenfranchised communities on the South Side of Chicago and beyond."
Apr 7: "Large Projects, Large Teams: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Strategies for Project Management and Collaboration" Digital Humanities Workshop, featuring The Freshwater Lab's newest project, "The Backward River."
Apr 8: Institute for the Humanities Resident Graduate Scholar Seminar, Caitlin Dye "Combustible Identities: Whitish Ranchers, Falsos Indigenas, and the Making of Blame in Bolivia's Amazon Fires, 2019." 2-4 pm via Zoom.
Apr 8: Workshop with Dr. Karen Kelsky, "Knowing Your Own Value In The Academy" (flyer). Zoom registration. This event is part of Grad Appreciation Week at UIC--see above for more information on other events.
Apr 9: Departmental Awards for Excellence applications due!
Apr 9: Second-Year Colloquium Series with Maryam Ivette Parhizkar. 3-4:30 pm via Zoom.
Apr 9: Newberry Library Scholarly Seminars: Irish Studies (11 am-12:30 pm) and Religion and Culture in the Americas (3-4 pm).
Apr 9: “The Reciprocal Politics of Bed Space Activism: From Confinement to Radical Care,” 2021 Mellon Humanities Without Walls Virtual Conversation Series, University of Illinois at Chicago. 2-3:30.
Apr 21: Disability as Disposability: AIDS, Covid, and the Manufacturing of a Viral Underclass April 21, 3-4:30pm. IRRPP and the Health Humanities Program at the College of Medicine presents a talk by Northwestern University professor Steven Thrasher based on his upcoming book that explores how SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus, and HIV are connected because they affect populations considered disabled and disposable by capital.
Apr 23: One-on-one reading with Aimee Parkinson and Dan Magers. 3-4:30 pm.
Apr 24: Newberry Library Scholarly Seminar: Eighteenth Century Studies Seminar (1-3 pm).
Apr 30: MA Project Certificate of Approval & completed MA project due to DGS Office.


Check the UPenn CFP website for current and future conferences in your fields and subfields, including conferences especially for graduate students.

Funding & Grants

Apr 8: Nominate yourself to be one of 4 ACLS Emerging Voices nominees from UIC. You must have a PhD granted between Jan 1, 2018 and Aug 15, 2021. ACLS Emerging Voices fellows will take up one-year positions at select institutions in ACLS's Research university Consortium and receive a $60,000 stipend plus benefits and $5,000 in research and professional development funds, plus access to the ACLS's professional development resources. You must submit before 4 pm on April 8 to be considered for nomination.
Apr 9
: Departmental awards for excellence for graduate students applications due! We may be able to award runners-up as well this time around, so do put in an application. Prizes for:

  • Best PhD diss chapter (Selby)
  • Best essay, MA Project, or Prospectus (Kogan)
  • Teaching Excellence (Distinguished Teaching Award)
  • Best British Studies essay of 25 pages or fewer (Fromm)

May 14: UIC Library Special Collections Graduate Student Fellowship. $2,000 for one semester. The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) Library is offering Graduate Student Fellowships to further research using the holdings of Special Collections and University Archives. Special Collections at the Richard J. Daley Library houses manuscripts, rare books, photographs, and artifacts on the social, political, and cultural history of Chicago. The Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago Special Collections documents the city’s rich history as a center for the education and practice of the medical arts. Premier collections include the papers of Richard J. Daley, the Chicago Urban League, the Century of Progress, exemplars of 21st century design, and the Chicago settlement house movement. More information is available on the Library website. An interdisciplinary committee will review the applications, and selections will be announced in early June 2021. Up to three Fellowships may be awarded.


Read a review of Prof. Daniel Borzutuzky's latest collection of poetry, Written After A Massacre in the Year 2018, in the New Yorker: "Daniel Borzutzky's Poems Channel Cacophony in an Age of Calamity" by Hannah Aizenman.

The new UIC Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) has Social Justice Education Resources and an Inclusive Teaching Toolkit on their website.

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