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Office of the Provost

Dear Colleagues,

We have shared several updates about Fall 2021 in the past several weeks as we monitor the progress with managing the pandemic and respond to new science-based COVID-19 guidance from the CDC, IDPH, CUPHD and our own SHIELD team. Below is a condensed version of what we need to know as we prepare for in-person classes in a few weeks. 

Face Coverings

  • Everyone (faculty, staff, students, visitors) is required to wear a face covering in university facilities. Read more about face coverings and face shields here.
  • If a student is not wearing a face covering in your class, ask them to put one on. If they refuse, dismiss the class and report the student to the Office for Student Conflict Resolution for further discipline by filling out this form. Call UIPD, 217-333-1216, only if an individual becomes belligerent, disruptive and threatening.

Vaccination Record Cards

  • All vaccinated faculty, staff and students should have an uploaded university-verified COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card in the MyMcKinley Portal. This uploaded record, when verified, is used to set your building access status to “Granted.”
  • If you are vaccinated and have not uploaded your vaccination record, please do so immediately to ensure you will have building access on the first day of class:
    • Log into the MyMcKinley Portal: https://mymckinley.illinois.edu
    • Click on the “Forms” button in the menu header.
    • Choose “COVID-19 Vaccine Record Consent.”
    • Fill out the form.
    • Upload a photo of your completed COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card (a cell phone image is fine).
    • Click submit.
  • If you have already uploaded your record, you can see if it has been verified in your Safer Illinois app.
  • If you have questions or issues uploading or seeing your status, please contact the Wellness Answer Center via email at covidwellness@illinois.edu or call 217-333-1900.
  • If you are not able to be vaccinated for COVID-19, you are required to participate in the university’s on-campus testing program in order to maintain building access. Read more about the on-campus COVID-19 testing program here.

Building Access

  • Students who are compliant with university COVID-19 requirements (either through vaccination or continued regular on-campus testing) will have “Granted” status on their building access screen in the Safer Illinois app or on their Boarding Pass. 
  • Spot checks for building access status will be conducted by Wellness Support Associates at buildings across campus each day. Read more about the Wellness Support Associates program here.
  • In addition to these spot checks, Student Affairs will be systematically monitoring daily testing logs for noncompliance. Noncompliant students will face student discipline. Read more about COVID-19 policy enforcement here.
  • As an instructor you are allowed, but not required, to check students’ building access status screens before or during in-person classes as an additional compliance check. Read more about building access here.
  • You should not ask someone if they are vaccinated. You are also not allowed to require students to disclose or prove their vaccination status through the Safer Illinois app or any other means, in accordance with laws protecting private health information.
  • Only instructors (including TAs), advisors, WSA-trained personnel and supervisors are allowed to require someone to display their building access status. Units and departments can have employees take the WSA training to check building access if they choose to do so.


  • All students, faculty and staff who are not able to be vaccinated for COVID-19 are required to participate in the university’s on-campus testing program. Read more about the on-campus COVID-19 testing program here.
    • For the Fall 2021 semester, undergraduate students without a university-verified Vaccination Record Card must test and receive negative results every other day. Graduate students, staff and faculty members without a university-verified Vaccination Record Card are required to test twice weekly.
    • Testing frequency for the Fall 2021 semester was a science-based decision from the SHIELD team to help minimize spread of COVID-19.
    • All individuals who do not have a university-verified vaccination record in the MyMcKinley Portal will have a building access status of “Granted” as long as they are compliant with their testing schedule.
    • Individuals who become non-compliant with the testing schedule will have their building access status changed to “Access Denied” until they test and receive a negative result. Non-compliance will be handled through the relevant discipline process.
  • There will be a number of on-campus testing sites during the Fall 2021 semester. Read more about on-campus testing sites here.
  • The university also has resources available for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19. Read more about these resources here.

Mental Health & Wellness

  • The university has resources available to you and your students to address mental health and wellness:

You should also review the university’s COVID-19 website as information changes frequently in response to new guidance. If you have more questions, visit this page specific to on-campus instructors here. The full instructor/faculty FAQ is also available in this Box folder. I encourage you to use the search bar at the bottom of the COVID-19 website to search by keyword or topic. Please email any questions to covid-19@illinois.edu.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we prepare to welcome students back to campus. We continue to monitor COVID-19 in our community, and we will be prepared to modify our approach as necessary.


Andreas C. Cangellaris 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost