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Illinois Innovators 
Victoria Halewicz, ECE

ECE Assistant Professor and CSL affiliate Andrew Miller was among the first guest speakers on Illinois Innovators, a new podcast series hosted by the College of Engineering's Marketing and Communications Coordinator Mike Koon.

This series features students, faculty, and alumni with noteworthy research, technological advances, and entrepreneurial efforts. Other notable guests include CSL's Sanjay Patel, who discussed virtual reality and his company PersonifyMayank Kale, who is affiliated with the Health Care Engineering Systems Center and CEO of Invoq Health; and Mani Golparvar-Fard, CEO of Reconstruct, Inc., a start-up with CSL's Tim Bretl and Derek Hoiem. Read more.

Rakesh Kumar 
Victoria Halewicz, ECE

ECE and CSL Associate Professor Rakesh Kumar explained the problem simply. “Processors are overdesigned for most applications,” he said to IEEE Spectrum in a recent article. The CSL faculty member presented an elegant solution at the 44th International Symposium on Computer Architecture in Toronto. Read more.

CSL Associate Professor Tim Bretl and his students, Kyung Yun Choi (MS '17) and Aadeel Akhtar (PhD '16) 
Susan Mumm, AE

Developed by Aerospace Engineering and CSL Associate Professor Tim Bretl and his students, Kyung Yun Choi (MS '17) and Aadeel Akhtar (PhD '16), the fingers of this flexible model hand are smashed, twisted, and bent in every direction. Surviving the torment, the digits bend back into shape without so much as an “ow." Read more.

Dong San Choi, Philip E Pare, Jr, Carl William Pearson, and Yingxiang Yang 
Victoria Halewicz, ECE

The Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) Academy helps prepare Engineering at Illinois doctoral students who aim to become the next generation of great engineering professors. This year, four ECE PhD candidates have been selected: Dong San ChoiPhilip E Pare, JrCarl William Pearson, and Yingxiang Yang. All four are affiliated with the Coordinated Science Lab. Read more.

CSL PhD Defenses in July

Keith Campbell
July 13, 2017 | 8:30 a.m.
CSL 419
Thesis Title: Robust and Reliable Hardware Accelerator Design through High-Level Synthesis
Academic Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adviser: Deming Chen

Henry Duwe
July 14, 2017 | 4 p.m.
CSL 239 
Thesis Title: Dependable Design for Ultra-Low-Power Processors
Academic Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adviser: Rakesh Kumar

Xun Jian
July 26, 2017 | 2 p.m.               
CSL 368
Thesis Title: Common-Case Optimized Memory Architectures for Future Data-Centers and HPC Systems
Academic Unit: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Adviser: Rakesh Kumar