Tips for project selection and publication ordering too!
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Enrollment & Project Books Update - Jan. 2021

Happy 2021, 4-H families!

As January comes to a close, we wanted to follow up with more information about selecting projects, enrolling, and ordering publications. Please read this email carefully

It includes very important information as some steps in the enrollment process may have changed, and it includes links to helpful step-by-step enrollment guides and tools for project selection & ordering publications. As always, your local 4-H program coordinator is available if you have additional questions.

 Project selection guide cover

Step 1: Project Selection

It is important to take the time and review all of your project options every year.  It is especially important this year as all projects need to be selected at the time of enrollment

Utilize the resources below to find what sparks your interest:

  • Learn about all the different projects 4-H has to offer with the Illinois 4-H Project Selection Guide. Projects are organized into eight larger areas: animal sciences, career and leadership development, civic engagement, creative arts, environment, food systems, healthy living, and STEM.
  • If you can’t find the project you’re looking for, use this handy guide from 4-H DKK to help you locate your desired project in one of these eight sections. For example, clothing and sewing projects are located under the STEM category and plants and soils projects are found in the Food Systems category.
  • Watch this helpful video on project and publication selection created by our local 4-H staff.
  • Found a project that sounds interesting but don't really know what it is? Get a better idea of what a project is about and find some quick hands-on activities to do at home using Illinois 4-H Spark Sheets (available for about 50 different projects) and our local 4-H Try It Series, which includes both video and written instruction sheets for five different project areas.
  • Note: we recommend first-year members select 1 to 3 projects.

TIP: As mentioned previously, all projects should be selected at the time of enrollment.  If necessary, project enrollment changes or additions can be done at a later date, but please understand families cannot make those changes. Because of the new system, 4-H staff will need to make any additions or changes. We appreciate your patience with us as we work through this new process.

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Step 2: Enrollment

Enrollment is open through 4-H Online 2.0. Families began enrolling in December, and are continuing early 2021. It is important to enroll so you continue to recieve important information about 4-H at the county, multi-county, and state levels. To help us do this, we're asking that all our 4-H families complete enrollment and payment by Feb. 15, 2021.

Before you start, please read the instructions below, as they guide you through the enrollment process. (If you have already enrolled and paid for the 2020-21 4-H year, feel free to move on to the next step.

All enrollment resources can be found here. Are you a new 4-H family? Start here: Creating a New 4-H Online Account or Are you a returning 4-H family? Start here: Returning Youth/Cloverbud Enrollment

If there are any questions or issues, please contact your 4-H program coordinator for further instructions. TIP: For families with more than three youth enrolled that receive the family discount, please reach out to your 4-H program coordinator PRIOR to enrollment.  This must be done in order to receive the discount and cannot be adjusted after enrollment is approved.


Step 3: Assumption of Risk Form

Youth and volunteers need to sign a Assumption of Risk form to participate in 4-H and Extension activities. This is only required once in the 4-H career. The form must be signed by the youth and parent/guardian, and the names must be printed/signed by hand (no electronic signatures). The form can be mailed to the Extension office, or scanned and emailed to your 4-H program coordinator. TIP: If you would like confirmation that this step has already been completed, please reach out to your county office. 

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Step 4: Project Books

After your family enrolls with your project choices, you may need to order project books for the 4-H year. Your enrollment confirmation will include more information about this simple step or families can access the link directly at

TIP: Have questions about what book to order or how much it will cost? Find the Publication Title & Price List in our Selecting Projects & Ordering Publications folder in the 4-H Enrollment Resource Center.


We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new enrollment system and a very unique year overall. Please know there may be small issues that arise while we process enrollments in 4-H Online 2.0, and we ask for your understanding and patience. As with everything this year, we continue to build our resiliency and skills in our new virtual world!

Thank you and best wishes, 

DuPage, Kane, and Kendall 4-H Program Coordinators:

Andrea Farrier,, 217.300.1369,
Doris Braddock,, 217.300.8664,
Kim Eisnaugle,, 217.300.9092,


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