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Dear Survivor,

These are difficult, painful days. Whatever you are feeling – whether you are anxious, angry, hopeless or hopeful, overwhelmed or bored, frustrated, up or down, stealing moments of joy wherever you can – your feelings are valid, and you are not alone. The Women's Leadership and Resource Center (WLRC) and Campus Advocacy Network (CAN) are here with you. You belong here, and you are important to us. We believe you, we believe in you, and we know that you deserve better

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to center survivors; rethink issues around violence, safety, and healing; and advocate for an end to intimate partner violence. DVAM feels especially meaningful this year. With stay-at-home orders enacted around the world, people experiencing domestic violence have faced increased financial strain, barriers to reporting, and isolation, while losing access to vital resources. Meanwhile, state violence against Black folks, racism against Asian Americans, and xenophobic immigration policies have continually reminded us that gender-based violence is rooted in structural inequities and white supremacy. At colleges and universities, recent changes to federal Title IX regulations have added to fear and uncertainty about survivors’ rights and sense of safety on campus. 

We invite you to join us this October as we reimagine and advocate for an institution where everyone feels they belong and where we are all free from violence. Over the past several weeks, we have worked to foster intimacy, vulnerability, and community with storytelling sessions for new and returning students, as well as one-on-one interviews and short videos that amplify the voices of our community members. This month, we will host a series of programs to continue building solidarity and belonging while engaging the campus community about gender-based violence and centering survivors’ stories. Mark your calendars with our upcoming events

Survivors, you have the strength and wisdom to know what you need and want for your healing. You are the expert on your experience, and we are here to support you along the way with resources, information, advocacy, and options. Please remember that you can reach a confidential advocate anytime at can-appointment@uic.edu or kmaginot@uic.edu. We are available by phone, email, videochat, and online text chat, and we look forward to knowing you.

Take care,


Listen to survivors’ stories, learn about anti-violence activism, and access resources:
4 album covers by various artists next to the words "Playlist: Surviving." 

Listen to Surviving, a Spotify playlist compiled by WLRC Special Projects Assistant Emoonah McClerklin and WLRC Student Assistant Tiffany Hamling.

Chanel Miller, with long dark hair and wearing a white shirt, stands and smiles toward the camera. On the right side of her picture is the cover of her book, Know My Name. 

Watch Chanel Miller’s “I Am With You” to learn Chanel Miller’s story of survival, healing, and creating space for survivors to speak their truths.

The words "SURVIVING THE MIC" and a radio microphone in light blue, and the URL "www.survivingthemic.org" in pink, all on a dark blue background. 

Follow Surviving the Mic on Instagram and Facebook to find brave and affirming creative spaces for survivors of trauma.

A large X with the words "Intersectionality" and "Matters" on each side, and the words "with Kimberle Crenshaw" below it. 

Subscribe to Intersectionality Matters!, a podcast from the African American Policy Forum and Kimberlé Crenshaw, to learn about the intersections of racism, sexism, and state violence in the lives of Black women--and the activists, scholars, and movements working on these issues.

"UIC" in white letters inside a red circle, and the words "U and I Care" in red 

Apply for emergency funding from UIC’s U & I Care Emergency Fund or from the Network’s Emergency Crisis Fund for survivors of domestic violence.

Get help 24 hours a day from a free, confidential hotline or text-based chat:
Domestic Violence Awareness Month Events

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we have five major events coming up. CART live captioning will be provided for all events. Please email wlrc@uic.edu for additional accommodation requests.

Purple gradient background with people protesting 

Whose Lives Matter?: Gender-Based Violence in the Era of the Pandemic and the Uprisings

Wednesday, October 7, 2020
3-4:30pm CST
Registration required for Zoom link
Join us for a virtual interactive workshop as we discuss issues like what particular barriers gender-based violence (GBV) survivors are facing amid major global crises, how we can work to end GBV and support survivors, and why eradicating GBV is central to transformative justice.
Co-sponsors: Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, Disability Cultural Center, Gender and Sexuality Center, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Undergraduate Student Government
Purple border and pink background with purple ribbon 

Getting Comfortable Talking about the Uncomfortable

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
4:30-6pm CST
Registration required for Zoom link

Join us for a discussion on interpersonal violence and how we address it and have conversations with loved ones about it. Bring a craft or hobby to work on as we chat to help keep you grounded and comfortable. If you don't have one, check out our Crafts to De-Stress document.

Co-sponsor: Arab American Cultural Center

Violet and red background with yellow bold text 
Friday, October 16, 2020
12-1pm CST
Registration required for Zoom link

Bring your lunch and join our Campus Advocacy Network team for a conversation on gender-based violence, including naming harassment, boundary violations, and the new Title IX policy.

Co-sponsors: Graduate Student Council and Women in Engineering Programs

Gradient teal background with red banner 

Shake It Up!: Our Words, Our Truths: Students Navigating Title IX Processes

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
3-4:30pm CST

Registration required for Zoom link

Join us to hear UIC students' experiences with Title IX, learn about recent changes to Title IX guidelines and procedures, and participate in a critical dialogue about survivor-centered institutional advocacy and activism.

Co-sponsors: Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Undergraduate Student Government

"SURVIVING R. KELLY" in white text on a black background 

Not Your Usual Watch Party!: Surviving R. Kelly

Friday, October 30, 2020
12-1pm CST
Registration required for Zoom link

Bring your lunch and join us to watch excerpts from two R. Kelly documentaries and discuss issues related to gender-based violence.

CAN Resources
Front page of CAN website, featuring a photo of walkways and trees on UIC's quad, Dr. Natalie Bennett speaking to a group, and WLRC buttons. 

New CAN Website!

We are so excited to share our newly relaunched Campus Advocacy Network website!

Looking for information on gender-based violence and CAN advocacy services? Check out our FAQs for students, faculty/staff, and friends/family. We offer resources for safety planning, how to support the survivors in your life, syllabus language, and more! If you have any other questions for CAN, reach out anytime via our Ask An Advocate page.

Wordcloud including terms UIC, WLRC, CAN, Believe Survivors, #stoptheshame, cybermisogyny, cybersexism, online abuse, technology-facilitated abuse, cyberstalking, online harassment 

Online Safety Campaign

According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, 97% of domestic violence programs report that abusers misuse technology to stalk, harass, and control survivors (NNEDV 2016). Online abuse is even more likely now that so many of us are working, studying, and socializing remotely.

Throughout September, we shared useful tips about technology-facilitated abuse and its effects, ways to stay safe online, and how to care for yourself and your loved ones in the midst of the pandemic on our social media (CAN Facebook, WLRC Facebook and Instagram). You have the right to be safe from harm, harassment, and abuse online! 



This Is Me! This Is Us!: A Video Project for Community, Intimacy, and Vulnerability

Check out our video project that highlights UIC community members' experiences and advice to provide an important road map for students. We appreciate all the submissions from students, staff, and faculty so far. Please contact Dr. Ada Cheng (adacheng@uic.edu) for details if you are interested in contributing a video.


A cup of coffee, a notepad with pencils on top, a notecard with paper clips, a WLRC promo card, and WLRC buttons all form the border of a poster with text about Don't Cancel Your Class! 

Don't Cancel Your Class! 

Are you thinking about cancelling class or assigning “busy work” because you can’t teach due to personal, family, or work obligations? Don't Cancel Your Class!

Arrange for a CAN presentation instead and keep your students learning and engaged even in your absence. DCYC! Is for any instructor--tenure-track, adjunct/contingent, graduate teaching assistants--who wants to make alternative arrangements for a class. We offer a variety of topics, including consent, dating violence, harassment/stalking (online and in person), healthy relationships, and toxic masculinity.

Aerial photo of UIC's campus 

WLRC will be working remotely for the Fall 2020 semester. We can be reached at wlrc@uic.edu and will continue to stay connected with you through email and social media.

The Campus Advocacy Network will continue to serve UIC students, faculty, and staff. Our confidential advocate is available for virtual appointments. To schedule a meeting or request more information, please email can-appointment@uic.edu. You can also call (312) 413-8206 and leave a voicemail.

We are open to connecting with you in multiple ways:

  • Phone: (312) 413-8206 or (312) 488-9784
  • Video conference (Webex or Google Hangouts)
  • Online chat (Google Chats)
  • Email

For those living with violence, having to isolate or quarantine oneself can make a situation more unsafe. We are here to answer questions and provide support if you or a loved one is in a situation like this. If you are looking for shelter, food, or safety planning, please reach out to CAN to learn the options available on and off campus. We also encourage you to check in with friends and family who may be vulnerable and share our contact information with them.

More info & resources

CCUSC Events & Resources
CCUSC logo: "Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change" in red text on a white background, with the UIC red circle to the left. 

UIC's Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change will all be open and available virtually this semester! Click each center's name below for this week's events, services, and resources:

African-American Cultural Center

Arab American Cultural Center

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

Disability Cultural Center

Latino Cultural Center

A navy banner has bold white lettering at the top of the flyer, smaller navy text on a white background in the middle, and a navy banner at the bottom with a yellow link to the guide and white logos for the UIC Disability Cultural Center and UIC Disability Resource Center. 

UIC Online Events Accessibility Guide

The Disability Resource Center and the Disability Cultural Center have partnered to create this guide, which offers a consolidated resource for event planners as they facilitate accommodations. It details ways to build accessibility into events from the start and covers

  • Planning
  • Publicity
  • Responding to Access Requests
  • Setting Up ASL/CART in Online Platforms
  • Facilitating Events for Accessibility
  • Access Practices for Events of All Sizes.
Campus Opportunities
Woman with braids stands in middle of grocery store aisle 


Belonging: Power, Place, and (Im)Possibilities Virtual Exhibition

The Social Justice Initiative presents “Belonging: Power, Place, and (Im)Possibilities”, a powerful but nuanced exhibition by the celebrated Chicago photographer and conceptual artist, Tonika Johnson.

In a series of portraits and interviews, Johnson chronicles the ways in which nine young people have been made to feel they don’t belong in their own city. While Johnson’s portraits of young peoples’ experiences paint a grim picture of hierarchy, surveillance, entitlement and narrow mindedness, it is not a tale of defeat.

Ronak Kapadia: Reimagine Everything: How Insurgent Aesthetics and Queer Collective Care are Transforming Our Worlds

Friday, October  2, 2020
3:30-4:30pm CST

Join C21 at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee for a conversation with UIC's Dr. Ronak K. Kapadia as he explores how the Black and brown Midwest has become the epicenter of a twenty-first century insurgent rebellion against the dominant militarized policing order in the United States. From abolition to healing justice and transformative justice and mutual aid, a new generation of visionary artists and activists from queer and trans Black Indigenous and People of Color (QTBIPOC) communities are offering a crucial wellspring for ideas about survival, healing, and justice in the waning years of twenty-first century US empire. 


UIC L@S GANAS is Hiring!

UIC L@S GANAS is looking for a student worker to assist on a podcast for approximately 10 hours per week.

This individual will work with the director of the L@S GANAS program on proofing and transcribing the podcast.

Skills needed:

* Ability to focus on task at hand
* Edit transcript to fit audio
* Hand transcribe past episodes
* Proof final audio tracks for clarity
* Strong English skills, attention to detail
* Familiarity with the podcast format

New Voters Project Internship Opportunities

The Illinois PIRG Internship and Volunteer program is designed for college students who are passionate about political engagement and looking to increase their experience in political organizing and strategy. This semester long program provides interns with opportunities to build their leadership skills, political engagement, and interest in advocacy careers. Interns and volunteers will work remotely on the New Voters Project to get out the youth vote in the upcoming elections. Given the remote nature of the internship, students taking part in digital learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic can still apply and be considered for the position.

Community Opportunities


Call for Papers, Feminist Political Economy Spring 2021

Al-Raida is a bi-annual, feminist journal published by the Arab Institute for Women at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon. The journal has been in print since 1976, and continues to be a feminist beacon in the Arab region and beyond. Al-Raida encourages cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary submissions with a focus on the Arab region, including diasporic populations. Al-Raida accepts both academic and non-academic pieces, including personal anecdotes, journalistic pieces, prose, and book reviews. All scholarly submissions are peer-reviewed.

Please submit your full-length article at www.alraidajournal.com, along with a short biography (no more than 200 words) on or before Friday, November 27, 2020 for consideration.


Campus Abolition Action Guide

National Students for Justice in Palestine & Palestinian Youth Movement

PYM & NSJP created an abolition action guide with political education resources, webinars, links to Black-led groups and current campus campaign and demands. 

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