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March 2021 Volume 6, Issue 7

Message from our Chair

We are busy as always and are approaching Spring as things look increasingly promising. On the pandemic front, vaccinations are up and Covid cases are down. Clinical activity on the ambulatory front is largely through telepsychiatry as we plan to resume face-to-face contact over the next several weeks. We have a new faculty mentorship that is being rolled out under the leadership of Olusola Ajilore, our new Associate Head for Faculty Development. The mentorship team includes Drs. Ed Cook, Peter Fore, Maria Caserta, Subhash Pandey and others. The program will fill a void in the department and will help us support and nurture our valuable junior faculty. Our psychology internship and child fellowship programs matched very well, as always, and we have submitted our rank list for the residency match. We have recruited four therapists on the adult clinical side, and clinical faculty recruitment is underway.

On the research front, our faculty are busy, productive and successful. The alcohol research center (CARE) had a very successful annual retreat that was well-attended by our faculty, external advisors and NIH faculty. Basic and clinical research activity in the department is almost back to precovid levels and the graduate program in neuroscience (GPN) directed by our own Amynah Pradhan, PhD. is in the midst of their recruitment season. Finally, the Erminio Costa Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Kenneth Kendler, MD, distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Human Genetics at Virginia Commonwealth University.

It will be a busy and exciting Spring/Summer season.

Anand Kumar, MD., MHA

Upcoming Events

Virtual Grand Rounds



Gender Affirming Mental Health Care for Professionals Working with TGNC Adolescents
Annie Erdahl, BA and Lindsey Wixom, BS
Social Work Interns
Department of Psychiatry
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine



Executive Functioning Across the Lifespan: from Neurodevelopmental ADHD to Vascular-related Cognitive Impairments
Virginia Gallagher, MS and Kat Lopez, MS
Pre-Doctoral Psychology Interns
Department of Psychiatry
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine



From the lab to the Real World: What have I learned trying to build a fitness tracker for the Brain.
Alex Leow, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor in Psychiatry & Bioengineering
Department of Psychiatry
University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Medicine


The Annual
Erminio Costa Memorial

Keynote Speaker:


Kenneth Kendler


Kenneth Kendler, MD

Professor of Psychiatry and Human Genetics
Medical College of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University


“Psychiatric Genetics: A Current Perspective”

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

1:00pm – 2:00pm
A Virtual Lecture
(Zoom link will be sent out soon)


Faculty and Staff News




Dr. Susan Labott-Stewart has a new book published by the American Psychological Association called Psychological Treatment of Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease.

Jesse Herron, APRN will be piloting an initiative to increase nursing specialty certification rates on 8 East. This is projected to go into effect in Summer 2021 and if effective, will be considered for application in different units / specialty lines throughout the hospital.


Announcing A New Departmental Faculty Mentorship Program:

Olu Ajilore, MD, Ph.D. will serve as our first Associate Head for Faculty Development and lead the team that includes Drs. Ed Cook, Peter Fore and Neil Pliskin.

Olusola Ajilore

The goal of this very experienced team will be to provide mentorship, broadly defined, to all junior faculty members, defined as assistant professors or instructors in our department. Members of the team will contact junior faculty individually and assess your needs in order to provide support and mentorship tailored to individual faculty goals and career objectives. This mechanism will supplement, and not replace, existing mentorship relationships within laboratories, clinical and educational programs. It will however provide a structure and mechanism that will be inclusive, and a bit more formal and consistent, in a manner that many faculty will find useful. 


Dr. Surya Sabhapathy was selected to serve on the national Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance’s advisory committee for 2021. (Web link to MMHLA:

Dr. Bradley Stavros Heit, the first author of "NMDA receptor-mediated post-hypoxic potentiation in mice lacking glutamate antiporter, system xc-" was invited to present at Society for Neuroscience Global Connectome on 1/12/21.

Dr. Neil Pliskin was a participant in a podcast for the National Fire Protection Association regarding psychological approaches to treating electrical shock injuries.

Congratulations to Dr. Emma Childs on receiving an R21 award from the National Institutes of Health as a PI for her research on "Influence of synthetic sex hormones on alcohol effects and consumption in women."

Dr. Judith Cook was invited by NIDILRR to participate in the forum, Examining the Use of Biomarkers in Establishing the Presence and Severity of Impairments, co-hosted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the Social Security Administration. The proceedings have been published

Dr. Judith Cook was interviewed by a senior reporter at the Orlando Sentinel Media Group about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the mental health of older Americans, particularly those living alone or in long-term care facilities. Also discussed were the warning signs of depression and anxiety, along with coping tips for older adults and their supporters seeking to help them while physical distancing. See the article here:

Dr. Olu Ajilore has the following new administrative roles: 1) Associate Head for Faculty Development and 2) Associate Director, Medical Scientist Training Program

Dr. Olu Ajilore was invited to present work from the CoNeCT lab at the UCLA Brain Mapping Center, McLean Hospital at Harvard Medical School and the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont.

Jesse Herron, APRN has been chosen to be an advanced facilitator for 2nd annual "Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice" program at UIC, where he will be concentrating on the practice focus of chronic pain management.

Dr. Joseph J. Cooper was appointed to the Professional Development Theme Lead role in the UICOM in January 2021.

NIAAA R21 "Influence of synthetic sex hormones on alcohol effects and consumption in women" (Dr. Emma Childs, and the Co investigators are Dr. Maki, Dr. Eisenlohr-Moul, and Dr. Aneet Ahluwalia).

Dr. Brittany Rudd, in partnership with Judge Maria Granger and Indiana’s Floyd County Superior Court 3, recently received a grant from the Indiana Supreme Court to develop an empirically informed and contextually tailored family law triaging model for the county.

Dr. Amynah Pradhan would like to congratulate her former student, Zachariah Bertels, who successfully defended his PhD in Neuroscience this January.

Dr. Dana Rusch was invited to serve on Executive Advisory Board for the Immigrant and Refugee-Led Capacity Development Network of Illinois.

Dr. Dana Rusch provided three guest lectures (Jan-March 2020) at non-UIC graduate training programs on research-practice-policy issues related to immigrant mental health justice. In mid-March, Dr. Rusch will also serve as an invited discussant for a pre-doctoral psychology intern’s clinical case presentation at the University of Chicago.


On Match Day for the CAP Fellowship programs across the country and we are very pleased to announce that we matched 3 excellent candidates:


Asma Khalid

Asma Khalid, MD
Iowa Medical Education Collaborative

Kunal Mainiz, MD

Kunal Mainiz, MD
Ochsner’s LSU Shreveport

Sandra Reyes, MD

Sandra Reyes, MD
Wayne State University


February 4, 2021 Dr. Patricia Graczyk co-presented to the Steunpunt Passend Onderwijs, a national educational group in the Netherlands, on "A Response to Intervention Framework to Promote School Attendance and Address School Attendance Problems."

Dr. Katie Burkhouse was selected as a Rising Star from the Association for Psychological Science (APS).


Feurer, C.*, Jimmy, J.*, Chang, F., Langenecker, S.A., Phan, K.L., Ajilore, O., Klumpp, H. (in press). Resting State Functional Connectivity Correlates of Rumination and Worry in Internalizing Psychopathologies, Depression and Anxiety

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"Synaptic and Network Contributions to Anoxic Depolarization in Mouse Hippocampal Slices" Accepted for   publication to Neuroscience on 2/16/2021. First Author: Bradley Stavros Heit, PhD, MS. Corresponding Author: John R. Larson, PhD

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Sally Weinstein, PhD, and colleagues published two manuscripts: Psychosocial Moderators and Outcomes of a Randomized Effectiveness Trial for Child Asthma, in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, and  “Assessing change in suicidal ideation intensity for youth in treatment for pediatric bipolar disorder” in Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry (references below). 

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The Pradhan lab published the following paper: Delta opioid receptor regulation of CGRP dynamics in the trigeminal complex.  Moye LS, Siegersma K, Dripps I, Witkowski W, Mangutov E, Wang D, Scherrer G, Pradhan AA. Pain. 2021 Feb 12.

The Pradhan lab was also the winner of the Cephalalgia Award Lecture, which is awarded to the best paper published in the journal Cephalalgia in the last 2 years. They won for the paper entitled: Soluble guanylyl cyclase is a critical regulator of migraine-associated pain.

Ben Aissa M, Tipton AF, Bertels Z, Gandhi R, Moye LS, Novack M, Bennett BM, Wang Y, Litosh V, Lee SH, Gaisina IN, Thatcher GR, Pradhan AA. Cephalalgia. 2018 Jul;38(8):1471-1484.

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