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Hello fellow Secretariat members! I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying cool! In just a few weeks the campus will be buzzing again when the students arrive, so I hope you’re able to take advantage of what little quiet time we have right now.  

We had a great time meeting on the Quad during the July luncheon. It was a hot one for sure, but it was worth it to spend time in a casual atmosphere getting to know one another better. Thanks so much to everyone who braved the heat!

I hope that you are able to attend the August luncheon to get an overview of the revamped Human Resources website. See Programs and Events below for more information. A survey will also be handed out at the luncheon to gauge your interests in future programs for the luncheons, specifically, what types of professional development programs you would like to have offered. The Programs and Events Committee is doing a great job of putting together quality programs for the year. We will, of course, continue to host our special programs such as Boss of the Year and Office Professional of the Year. We have confirmed a very special guest in September: Chancellor Jones! And, we’ll be holding our December luncheon at the President’s House, as we have done for many years in the past. But, there is also going to be a strong focus on professional development throughout the year that will be beneficial to us all. Continue to watch for the announcements.

The Membership and Mentoring Committee is working hard to create a mentoring program to help us foster relationships and grow our skills. I think we could all agree that it’s not just the new staff who benefit from mentoring relationships. We all have something to learn from each other regardless if we’ve been here 2 years or 20 years. See below for details so far.

I’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who has volunteered to serve on our committees this year. We have a lot of returning committee members who are so kind, easy to work with, and have so much to offer. We all will benefit from their continued help. The new committee members are so friendly and enthusiastic! I can’t wait to work with them through the year and create new friendships! Our committees can always use help, so if you think you may be interested, do not hesitate to contact any one of us with questions.

Do you like to run or walk in races? Several Secretariat members have already signed up to participate in RunTheBluegrass next March. Several different distances are offered along a beautiful course that will end at the home of the Kentucky Derby! How appropriate is it that The Secretariat (human, not animal) is going to Kentucky for a race!? Think about joining us whether it be walking or running. I have no doubt that we’ll have a great time!

The Elected Officers and committee members want to make sure that we’re meeting your needs and expectations. If we’re not doing that, we want to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. All suggestions are welcome.

"The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. The weeks that come before are only a climb from balmy spring, and those that follow a drop to the chill of autumn, but the first week of August is motionless, and hot. It is curiously silent, too, with blank white dawns and glaring noons, and sunsets smeared with too much color." ―Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

Angie Wisehart



(previously Program/Reservations)


11:45 PM – 1:00 PM

Wednesday, August 16th 

114 Huff Hall

1206 South Fourth Street, Champaign, IL


Renee Lyell, Marketing & Communications Manager

Employee Development and Learning (EDL)

Presenting: New HR Website and Opportunities Offered Through EDL


Catered by Michaels

Sandwich Box Meals

Hummus and roasted vegetable
Roast beef

Salad Box Meals

Chicken Caesar salad
Vegetable over pasta salad
Tuna salad over greens

Cost is $12.00

RSVP is required

Mark your calendar for September's luncheon.  Our guest will be Chancellor Jones!


RESERVATIONS (Deadline:  5 p.m., Friday, August 11, 2017). Reservations will NOT be accepted past the deadline date! RSVP for you and your guest by clicking the following link:

Please note:  Be sure to finish the registration form completely, this assures your lunch is ordered correctly. Remember cancellations must be received 48 hours before the deadline date or payment will still be required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrea Fain amfain@illinois.eduLeta Summers, Tina Hill, Jennifer Sans, or Karen Yeager                           



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Lezli Cline, Chair

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What we're up to:

The Social Events organizers are taking a hiatus for the summer, but anticipate more opportunities to socialize with other Secretariat members in September!

Andréa Fain


What we've done:


Photos from this past month's luncheons and previous luncheons are available for your viewing on The Secretariat Flicker album. 

Selena Douglass



Thank you to all Secretariat members who have renewed their memberships. To make sure that you don’t miss any of the wonderful opportunities the Secretariat has to offer, be sure to renew your membership today

We’re starting a new mentoring initiative and we’d love you to be part of it. Stay tuned for more details soon!


Happy July Birthday!

Debbie Kemphues, Lauri Quick, Brenda Deaville, Shanitera Walker, Loraine Graham, Patti Grove and April Wellman

Happy July Anniversary!

Sarah Adams (16 yrs.), Wendy Kunde (11 yrs.), Jackie Walters (10 Yrs.), Cathy Bialeschki (9 yrs.), Jessica Dalhaus (5 yrs.), Karen Yeager (5 yrs.), and Amber Holmes (4yrs.)

Happy August Birthday!

Rob Chappell and Julia Harper

Happy August Anniversary!

Donna Purcell (23 yrs.), Sonja Bean (17 yrs.), Katherine Freeman (16 yrs.), Betsy Lancaster (13 yrs.), Katie Wax (11 yrs.), Sandy Hardin (9 yrs.), Jen Sans (5 yrs.), Stacy Dudzinski (3 yrs.), Karla Denzler (2 yrs.), Amy Cain (1 yr.), and Crystal Hahnstadt (1 yr.)

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Nigh
Jill Ouellette
Marie Buckhanon




Nominations for the 2017 Secretariat Boss of the Year are now being accepted.  The nominator and the nominee must register to attend the October 18, 2017 luncheon, where the winner will be announced.  The speaker at the meeting will be the 2016-17 Boss of the Year recipient Marlah Bonner-McDuffie, Associate Dean for Advancement, College of Media.  

Nominations can be made by any current member of The Secretariat to nominate their boss.  Eligible Secretariat members who would like to nominate more than one boss should submit separate nomination forms/letters.  Elected officers of The Secretariat and members of the “Boss of the Year and Office Professional of the Year” committee are excluded from submitting a nomination.  In order to facilitate an unbiased evaluation of each nomination letter, please do not mention your boss or department by name, but instead use a moniker/nickname throughout your letter.  Any references that might identify the candidate will be redacted so the committee can be completely unbiased.  The following guidelines are suggested for the nomination letter:

The nominee should:

  • Perform his/her duties beyond the expected
  • Enthusiastically support the University of Illinois and its programs
  • Routinely show consideration and support of others – staff, colleagues, students and visitors to office/campus
  • Perform courtesies beyond their daily responsibilities
  • Exhibit other qualities that exemplify outstanding leadership and organizational skills

The nominator and the nominee must register for the October 18 luncheon, where the winner will be announced.  If in the event of an emergency, such as illness or unforeseen meetings/conference where the nominee or nominator would be unable to attend the luncheon, please contact Colleen Hammel.  The “2017 Boss of the Year” award recipient and one nominator will receive complimentary lunches.

Link to the form:

Please submit the nomination form and nomination letter to Colleen Hammel at or via campus mail to the College of Media Office of Advancement, 114 Campbell Hall, 300 N. Goodwin Ave., MC-252 by Friday, September 29, 2017.

Acknowledgement of receipt of the nomination paperwork will be emailed to the nominator and the nominee by October 6, 2017.  Any nominator who does not hear from the committee by then should contact Colleen Hammel at or via phone at 333-0462.

Thank you!

Colleen Hammel, Chair


“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine…it’s summertime!” – Kenny Chesney

Sonja J. Bean, Philanthropy Chair


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