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A Message from Interim Dean James D. Anderson - Fall 2017 

New Semester Brings Much to Celebrate
Dean James D. Anderson
It's an exciting time at the University of Illinois, and we at the College of Education are thrilled to begin a new academic year. Read more...

Students at the University of Illinois
Inaugural LES graduates enter a competitive workforce prepared to succeed 

Inaugural LES Graduates Prepared to Succeed in Workforce
The first class of graduates within the College's Learning & Education Studies program are prepped to enter a competitive workforce and succeed. Read more...

Shari Hopkins attends Special Education Legislative Summit, gets inspired to expand research 

Advocacy Efforts Inspire Bigger-Picture Research
Shari Hopkins was inspired to expand her qualitative research on the participation of students with severe disabilities after attending the Special Education Legislative Summit in July. Read more...

Faculty at the University of Illinois
College of Education attracts top faculty talent for Fall 2017 

College Welcomes Five New Faculty Members for Fall 2017
The College of Education at Illinois continues to attract top scholarly talent to campus and is excited to welcome five new faculty members in Fall 2017. Read more...

Is affirmative action in college admissions under threat? EPOL scholar discusses issue 

EPOL Scholar Interviewed About State of Affirmative Action
Is affirmative action in college admissions under threat? Dr. Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, an expert on the subject, discusses the topic with campus education editor Sharita Forrest. Read more...

Professor Peter Kuchinke to be inducted into IACE Hall of Fame 

EPOL Professor to be Inducted into IACE Hall of Fame
Professor Peter Kuchinke of the Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership will be inducted into the 2017 International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. Read more...

Dr. Dan Morrow named to inaugural faculty at new Carle Illinois College of Medicine 

Ed Psych Chair Named to College of Medicine Faculty
Dr. Daniel Morrow of the Department of Educational Psychology has joined nearly 100 inaugural faculty members of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. Read more...

Research at the University of Illinois
Scholars aim to increase access for diverse set of learners in NSF-funded project 

Study Aims to Increase Access for Diverse Learners
Special Education scholar Maya Israel will be the principal investigator of a National Science Foundation-funded project that focuses on progressions in how students should learn computational thinking within the context of elementary mathematics. Read more...

Innovation at the University of Illinois
Illinois Digital Ecologies and Learning Laboratory focused on finding innovative ways to teach and increase interest in science 

Cutting-Edge IDEALL Space Increasing Interest in STEM
The Illinois Digital Ecologies and Learning Laboratory in the College of Education is a modern, cutting-edge space that is sparking children's interest in STEM. Read more...

Events at the University of Illinois
Dean's Diversity Lecture Series at the University of Illinois 

Dean's Diversity Lecture Series this Fall
Author José Angel and scholar Z Nicolazzo will be two of the speakers this fall at the Illini Union as part of the College's popular Dean's Diversity Lecture Series. Read more...