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 Students start the year in the updated 106S.

Uni launches new school year with updated classrooms

The start of the school year at Uni revealed two more transformed rooms thanks to the Innovations in Learning project. The fundraising project supports improvements in learning spaces at Uni.  Both room 106S and room 107 (the small room adjacent to 106N) were transformed into active learning spaces. 
Room 106S was renovated with new tile and glass writing boards on the walls. A main screen with a tablet control panel allows the teacher to project and share to and from student monitors. The windows are covered with glare-reducing shades that still allow outside views, and the room was fitted with new HVAC for quiet, reliable climate control. 
Each of the six "piers" (mobile work stations) in the room accomodates a group of students with a monitor, a writing board table and chairs. With our one-to-one laptop initiative, each student can connect a laptop to the group's screen. The room is designed to encourage collaborative learning and social interaction. 
Students meet in the new room 107, a breakout room adjacent to room 106N. 

Depending on your history with Uni, you may know room 107 as an observation room, a shop class demonstration room or a storage area.  The room, adjacent to room 106N, emerged in August as a breakout or conference room. All four walls were painted with magnetic whiteboard paint. Students can use dry erase markers anywhere on the walls, as well as magnets.  Like room 106S, room 107 now has glare-reducing shades and up-to-date climate control. 

Please join us for our portion of the Campaign for Illinois Kickoff on Oct. 13 from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.  Learn about our newest projects, tour our active learning classrooms and enjoy appetizers and drinks.

Three teachers join Uni faculty

Three teachers, including two Uni alumni, joined the faculty this fall. Following the retirement of history teachers Bill Sutton and Janet Morford last spring, Uni hired Dr. Andrew Wilson to teach freshman history and Melissa Schoeplein ('94) to teach subfreshman history.  Uni alum Cynthia Smyser ('92) is teaching subfreshman science and upper class engineering electives while Sharlene Denos is on sabattical for the year. 

The Gargoyle, our student news publication, interviewed the newcomers. Their stories are here: Teacher profiles: New kids on the block


Interim provost speaks at Uni Open House

Interim provost John Wilkin spoke at the Parent-Faculty Organization meeting prior to our annual open house. He announced the appointment of Rosa Milagros Santos as the Associate Provost for Faculty Development, and addressed the formation of a Uni advisory board as recommended by the Uni High Strategic Vision Report, which was issued last spring. The advisory board is the first step being taken in response to the report, and Wilkin said the board membership will be announced as soon as it is finalized. At this point, Wilkin did not believe there would be faculty or student representation on the board. 


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