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CREDC Public Seminar
Tuesday, October 10th 
3-4 PM Central Time 
1030 NCSA | Webcast 

Fred Cohn, Program Director, Product Security Office, Schneider Electric will present the CREDC public seminar on Tuesday, October 10 at 3 PM CTThe title of his presentation is Securing Critical Infrastructure From Sensor to Reactor.

Abstract: In today's environment, the distinction between Critical Infrastructure equipment and commercial products is blurring.  Additionally, the original separation of OT networks from commercial business networks and public facing internet is also no longer so clear.  As a manufacturer of equipment that spans applications from home consumer to the most critical of Critical Infrastructure, standardizing on key cybersecurity practices and technologies ensures that all our products are protectable from cybersecurity threats.  But, leveraging sophisticated cybersecurity technologies in some resource starved devices can be challenging.  We are investigating and standardizing on solutions that enable us to authenticate device integrity and authenticity, protect devices from intrusion by unknown sources, and protect configurations and application programs from unintentional modifications.

Bio: Fred Cohn is a new CREDC Industry Advisory Board member. He has served multiple roles since joining Schneider Electric in 2001. He currently serves as their Senior Program Director for the Product Security Office where he is responsible for driving Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) process development and deployment, managing the cybersecurity technical consistency domain, and leading its PSIRT. Cohn is also responsible for leading the internal SDL education program which has resulted in over 19K course completions to date. In his previous roles at Schneider Electric, Cohn served as Program Director addressing network convergence and standards and consortia. He has also served as a Director of Marketing for their Automation Business Unit. Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Cohn worked in project management, sales, and marketing for Accent Color Sciences and AEG-Modicon. Cohn holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Babson College.

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Thursday, November 9th: Tim Yardley, Information Trust Institute


November 28-30, 2017
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | Richland, WA

The next CREDC Industry Workshop will be held in the Pacific Northwest on the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory campus, November 28-29, 2017. This event will be hosted by PNNL, Washington State University, and Oregon State University. PNNL is located in eastern Washington on the beautiful Columbia River. This event will bring together CREDC researchers, cyber-security of energy, and utilities to discuss and address challenges unique to this part of the US grid. To learn more and to register, visit:


We have compiled a summary report of the breakout discussion sessions from the 2017 Industry Workshop held in Tempe, Arizona last March. Participants were asked to join two of three moderated discussion groups on relevant topics impacting EDS cyber resiliency. Participants included CREDC researchers as well as government and industry stakeholders. The breakout discussion topics were: 

  • Cyber Supply Chain Provenance and Protection
  • Engineering Secure EDS 
  • PKI in Current and Emerging EDS

You may view the report in the 2017 Industry Workshop Archives at Much thanks to Carl Hauser for working with Al Valdes and Sean Smith to write and produce this report!


We've got an exciting opportunity for Managing Director, Smart Grid, a position that will work closely with CREDC researchers and staff. If you're interested in advancing next-gen technologies for the smart grid, we hope you'll apply. For a full job description, please visit:

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