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September 2020
Welcome, Josh Thompson!

Please give a big AITS welcome to Josh Thompson who has recently joined our unit as a Business Process Solutions Architect! Josh has done a number of things personally and professionally, so many could consider him to be jack-of-all-trades. He and his wife, who is a professor with the University, have identical twin daughters (pictured right) and a dog named Chloe. Josh lenjoy technology, gadgets, making cocktails, playing games and maintaining an ever-growing media library!

What is the coolest thing you're working on right now?
JT: Currently teaching myself some code (Python)

Which three individuals, living or dead, would you like to eat dinner with the most?
JT: Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill, Cleopatra

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
JT: Super-intelligence

What is your favorite place in the world and why?
JT: Costa Rica; it's a very relaxing and happy country.

What has the best concert you ever attended?
JT: 2009 ACL Festival in Austin, TX. Headliners included: Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, Bassnectar, Mos Def, B-52s and a ton more. Had VIP passes, so actually got to meet several groups/artists.

Favorite show to binge watch?
JT: Archer

AITS Annual Report

The AITS FY20 Report is now available on the AITS website! In this year's report, you'll find highlights of people, accomplishments, and projects from throught the 2020 fiscal year. Thank you, AITS, for another year of providing out-of-this-world service and support to the University of Illinois community!

Check out the Annual report here: https://www.aits.uillinois.edu/reference_library/organizational_reports_and_presentations

Watch for the RIMS and ITPC FY20 Reports to be published at the same link in the coming weeks!

Updates & Conversation with System Leaders

Mark your calendar for Monday, September 21, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m to attend an engaging Zoom Webinar with System Office Leaders.  During the webinar, information about U of I System accomplishments from the past will be shared and updates on how we are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic now and into the future will be provided. Attendees will also have the opportunity to submit questions during the webinar.

You can use the following link to register for the event:

UI Stride: Walktober

The System Office Wellness Committee has officially kicked off the UI Stride Walktober program! R
egistration began on Monday, August 31 but the program will start on Monday, September 14. Don't forget that this wellness program is also available to household members for participation!

You also have the ability to choose how you participate in the program: individually or in a team. Either way you, as an employee, will have a chance to compete for the bragging right to the UI Stride trophy and a wellness kit upon completion of the challenge. For more information and details, visit the System Office Wellness: UI Stride page.

AITS Excellence Award Nominations

Get your nominations in for the 2020 Excellence Awards until Friday, September 4, 2020! The Excellence Awards recognizes individuals who demonstrate an attitude of excellence through behaviors supporting and modeling AITS’s mission, vision, values, and/or strategic directions. The winner will be honored at the 2020 AITS Business Meeting on September 17, 2020.

Need help creating a nomination? Visit our Nominations that Shine page for tips and suggestions.


Recognizing AITS Employees

If you'd like to recognize a colleague for doing great work, use our High Fives & Fist Bumps tool! Recognition from our customers can be submitted to our Recognition Team at aitsrecognitionprgm@uillinois.edu. Think that someone you work with is beyond excellent? Take it one step further and nominate them for the AITS Excellence Award!

Happy Customers
Michele Unser has worked diligently to help the UIS Registrar’s Office with a critical update related to the display of information in the student schedule detail for remote class delivery. This will allow students to see the information they need in Banner Student Self-Service. They are very thankful for all of her work and want to make sure she is recognized for this effort.​


"Michele has been super helpful.  (as always, or course ☺)  Just wanted to put a good word in for her – we greatly appreciate her helping us out, here.  (Thanks again, Michele!)  Have a great weekend, everyone."

"I'll COMPLETEY add to that.  She's been awesome."

-Recognized by
Beth McCarter


-Recognized by
Brian Catherwood
UIS Office of the Registrar


-Recognized by
Brian Clevenger
UIS Office of the Registrar

​I am writing this mail to convey my appreciation to one of your staff members Mr. JC Steenbergen who was very helpful. More specifically, I had difficulty logging in with my new password, which I recently updated.

JC, was not only knowledgeable but very courteous and helpful.

-Recognized by
Dr. Pallassana Balgopal
UIUC School of Social Work


TAM Team Recognition Program

AITS's Technical Application Management (TAM) leadership members have initiated a recognition program within in their team! This program was developed to recognize team members for the hard work that is done day-in and day-out. Each month, two team members will be recognized as the TAM Employees of the Month for their excellence in tasks, projects, and daily work.

Want to implement a recognition program within your team but not sure how? The AITS Recognition Team is happy to host a brainstorming session to discuss ideas and possible implementation!

TAM Employees of the Month - July

Michael Keck and Keith Waltermire
Campus COVID-19 Response Activities - Michael and Keith have both been asked to step up to quickly respond to Campus needs for COVID-19 Testing and recording. Michael has been tasked with driving UIS data population for tracking campus employee data while Keith has been actively working w/UIUC to provide Faculty with the ability to see their class rosters with Verified Absences identified. Both had to drive out requirements in a very quick timeframe and design and develop the solutions to meet Campus deadlines. Both Mike and Keith poured their time and energy into meeting the timeframe, working on detailed requirements and guiding the campuses towards a reasonable solution to meet their needs. They have cooperated with the campus leaders and provided workable, effective solutions to the problems presented.

Amanda Hemming and Jeannine Reese
Amanda and Jeannine both work continually to keep the iBuy system up to date and functioning at its best for our users. They make sure the iBuy upgrades are tested and moved to production, request feature enhancements, submit support tickets to Jaggaer (our iBuy vendor), create and maintain forms, workflow, and help with user questions and support tickets; these are just some examples. They were both assigned to the Source to Pay (S2P) project and are contributing to the project and adding to their knowledge. Jeannine is working on the Contracts+ team and Amanda is working on eProcurement Optimization team.  Jeannine is engaged in the meetings and provides feedback when needed. She is volunteering and going above and beyond making sure she understands the administration of this new module and providing assistance to the project team as a whole. She is a great asset to the Contracts+ team and provides back up when needed to the eProcurement Optimization team.  Amanda was made the testing lead on the eProcurement Optimization team. She has stepped up to make sure the team had additional communications, job aids, and whatever she felt was needed to stay on track. Amanda is not afraid to suggest creative ideas or ways of thinking to the project team. Amanda is also the back-up for the Contracts+ team. Both Amanda and Jeannine do a great job communicating to iBuy users and team members when we experience a system issue or outage and are great at follow up.


Training Activities

Web Intelligence Training

9/17 - Web Intelligence: Reporting Basics
ONLINE | 1:00 - 3:30 PM  [Register here]

This course demonstrates how to use the Web Intelligence report editor to create custom reports and analyses. Topics include: creating basic reports, filters, sorting, calculations, breaks, and file formats.

Decision Support General Report Assistance

1-on-1 Report Assistance

AITS offers training sessions and 1-on-1 report assistance with our data experts. To register or to see the complete schedule, please visit the Training Registration Application. If a session is full, please click the Wait List link to be added to our wait list.

Deployment/Rollout Activities

9/8 – Apply Microsoft critical patches to non-production servers
9/10 – Apply Microsoft critical patches to production servers
9/12 – RRB - ICCN router upgrade
9/13 – RRB - ICCN router upgrade
9/13 – Routine maintenance on all non-production Solaris and Linux servers. Includes Oracle db patching
9/13 – xferprod upgrade to Solaris 11
9/19 – Configure HAB network switches for Disaster Recovery environment.
9/26 – HAB - ICCN router upgrade
9/27 – SharePoint maintenance - on-premise platform
9/28 – SiteMinder upgrade