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Center for Global Studies Global Intersections:
Call for Student Research and Project Grants

Events This Week

Spurlock Museum’s International Fair

October 1
3:30 pm
Spurlock Museum

Celebrate the people and places of the world! This free, family-friendly event will feature artifacts, information, and crafts provided by community and University cultural organizations. While enjoying the Fair, visitors are encouraged to travel through the Museum’s feature galleries, which highlight objects from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.

Sponsor: Spurlock Museum


Waste Not, Want Not: the Role of Food Rescue in Advancing Food Security

October 4
5:00 pm
Mumford Hall, Room 103

Presented by Lisa Moon, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), an international hunger relief organization that supports and accelerates the development of food banks in more than 30 countries. Together, the GFN network of food banks rescues more than 960 million pounds of food annually and re-directs it to 6.8 million people in need.

Sponsor: Division of Nutritional Sciences


Farewell to Globalization: Varieties on National Control over Payment Card Markets in Post-Communist Countries and the Rest of Europe

October 5
4:00 pm
International Studies Building, Room 101

Against the expectation that in a global world a few multinational credit and debit cards dominate, payment card markets show surprising national variation. In countries like Hungary or the Czech Republic, banks issue no domestic credit or debit cards. In China, Denmark and Belarus, domestic cards dominate (UnionPay, Dankort and Belcart, respectively). In Russia, there is a mix of domestic and international cards, but the government wants to marginalize Visa and MasterCard in favor of a new national card. The Single Euro Payment Area is working on its own payment card scheme. As states recognize that electronic payment is a source of information on the economy and citizens, they are less and less willing to hand control to US-based multinationals over money and people.

Sponsors: Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Center; co-sponsors: Center for Global Studies and European Union Center


Performance by Stary Olsa Group

October 5
7:00 pm
Illini Union, Room A

Stary Olsa performs medieval, Renaissance, and early baroque music from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Western Europe. They use only period instruments (painstakingly handcrafted from historically accurate materials), such as cistra, Baltic psaltery, shawms, rebec, and Belarusian bagpipe. They sing in Belarusian. The band has been on a U.S. tour since early January and is making a special stop at the U of I. Come see and hear why this band has received so many rave views!

Sponsors: Russian, East European and Eurasian Center, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures; co-sponsors: Department of Education Title VI Grant, European Union Center, Center for Global Studies, Robert E. Brown Center for World Music

Upcoming Events

October 9
From Allies to Comrades

October 18
Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Seminar Series

October 19 – October 21
Illinois Theater Performances of Travesties

October 20
Films of the Revolution Screening: The Commissar

October 20 – October 21
Researching and Teaching the EU: Best Practices and Current Trends in EU Scholarship: A Working Conference for Regional College Faculty

October 25
Famine in a Time of Declining Global Hunger

October 26 – October 29
Illinois Theatre Performances of Travesties

November 1
Folk Instrument Exhibit at the Sousa Archive

November 1
Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Seminar Series

November 2 – November 3
1917-2017 Symposium

November 7
Films of the Revolution: Yo Soy Cuba

November 8
Alleviating Food Insecurity through Multiple Program Participation

November 10
Artist’s Talk by Coco Fusco at “Propositions on Revolution” Exhibit

November 15
Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Seminar Series

December 1
Community and Faculty Closing Roundtable For Ten Days that Shook the World, Ten Days that Shake the Campus

December 13
Black Square Opera Workshop

Opportunities for University of Illinois Students and Faculty

Modern Greek: New Online Classes

Fall 2017 Conference Travel Funds
Deadline: October 2

MPSA Political Science Conference: Call for Proposals

Deadline: October 6