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Students at quad day

Welcome Back to Campus

Thanks to our Psychology Student Leaders, Catherine Frey, Aidan Healy, Adonis Holmes, Kyla Lee, Kristen McCowan, Sahana Moodabagil, and Keila Pope for their wonderful contributions at Quad Day. The Psychology Leaders had a steady stream of visitors at our table from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. For more information about Psychology’s Student Leader Program visit our webpage.

brain illustration 
Graphic: Billy Gallant, Daily Illini 

Psychology Minor

The department established a new minor in Psychology at the end of the 2017 Spring semester. You can tailor the minor to what fits your needs as a student. Read this article to learn more about the minor.

Group of students 
(Photograph: Ashley Ramm) First Row L-R: Pei-Ling Yang, Abisola Smith, Naidan Tu, Stephanie Kern; Back Row L-R: Junyeob Kim, Zoe Xu, Drew Weiner, Angie Willoughby, Director,Caroline Tancredy 

Master’s Degree in Psychological Science

The Department of Psychology is celebrating the inaugural year of our Masters in Psychological Science (MSPS). This program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to enhance their preparation for a doctoral education and/or for a job in industry. Eight students are enrolled in the program which is located in a dedicated renovated space on the 3rd floor of the Psychology Building. Adjunct Assistant Professor Dr. Caroline Tancredy is the Director for the program. Visit this page for more information.


Writing Support Center

Psychology is pleased to announce the creation of a new Writing Support Center for graduate students, now located in Room 205. It will be staffed by an advanced graduate student who will be available for one-on-one writing consultation and assistance. In addition, resources for writing success will be developed including writing groups to support specific projects. Faculty oversight will be provided. We hope that this new service will enhance the success of our graduate students in their academic and professional endeavors.

Professor Enrique Neblett, University of North Carolina 
Professor Enrique Neblett, University of North Carolina 

Summit on Diversity in Psychological Science

The Illinois Summit on Diversity in Psychological Science is set to kick off on Monday, March 26, 2018, 4 p.m. with the 29th Lyle Lanier Lecture presented by Dr. Enrique Neblett. Additional talks and workshops will take place at the I-Hotel on Tuesday, March 27 and Wednesday, March 28. The overarching aim of this Summit is to set a new agenda for research in psychological science that will transform the way we think about diversity and its context in the academy and in society more broadly. Stay tuned for more information on speakers and topics!

 alumni advisory board

Psychology Alumni Advisory Board

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board would like to hear your ideas on how to serve students in new ways, encourage you to participate in some of our programs; or consider making a financial contribution to increase much-needed scholarship funds. If you have an interest in making a difference in the lives of current students, please contact Loren Kuzuhara, President or Carrie Grady, Vice President. Read about the Psychology Alumni Advisory Board’s initiatives that enhance the educational experience of psychology students: You can learn more about our programs here.


First Friday Alumni Panels

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has created a mentoring opportunity for undergraduates and alumni. The “First Friday of the Month” panel discussions help current students explore career options. Contact Cheryl Berger, Assistant Head for Alumni Relations, if you would like to be part of a future panel discussion.

student group alumni panels

Psychology Alumni Advisory Board Travel Awards

The Psychology Alumni Advisory Board has designated funds from the Shape the Future Today Fund to support graduate student conference travel. Presenting at conferences is a vital part of any graduate student’s career, both to develop important connections, and to solicit feedback on research and ideas. 

Alexis DeCeanne (Society for Industrial/Industrial Conference) 
Alexis DeCeanne (Society for Industrial/Industrial Conference) 

“These funds will certainly further my career goals by helping me gain experience presenting as a graduate student, networking with influential members of my field, and learning from other presentations and research ideas. I really appreciate what the Alumni Board does for current graduate students and for the University as a whole, and thank you for your immense generosity in making these funds available.”


Christopher Widdowson (Vision Sciences Society) 
Christopher Widdowson (Vision Sciences Society) 

“Conferences are an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with other members of the scientific community. I appreciate your dedication to fostering the development of young academics.” 

Read about Alexis and Christopher 

Read about past recipients 

Keri Carter Pipkins 

What's Your Story?

Keri Carter Pipkins (BS, ’96) Associate Director, The Career Center, University of Illinois

“I use my undergraduate experience every day as I work with current Illinois students. I utilize my knowledge of various theories as well as my abilities to analyze and synthesize information.” Read more > 



Gary Dell 

Center for Advanced Study Professor

Gary Dell has been added to the distinguished roster of Center for Advanced Study Professors. Read more >

Hans-Friedrich Köhn 

Best Reviewer Award

The Editorial Council of the Psychometric Society selected Hans-Friedrich Köhn to receive the 2017 Best Reviewer Award. The winners were announced at IMPS 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland and presented with a certificate of recognition during the Awards Ceremony on July 21, 2017.

(L-R: Cecilia Cheung PhD ’13, Renee Baillargeon) 
(L-R: Cecilia Cheung PhD ’13, Renee Baillargeon) 

Society for Research on Child Development Awards

Professor Renee Baillargeon received the Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development award from the Developmental Division of the Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD). Cecilia Cheung received the Early Career Research Contributions Award. 



Aron Barbey 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 

 Aron Barbey

Associate Professor Aron Barbey led a team that found that the structural integrity of the hippocampus, a region in the brain, could mediate the relationship between fitness and memory. Read more >

Dolores Albarracin 
(Photo by L. Brian Stauffer) 

Dolores Albarracin

Keeping your message brief and simple—on the level of a gentle reminder, as opposed to constant nagging—can produce gains when trying to increase engagement with health care programs, says new research from U of I professor and social psychology expert Dolores Albarracin. 
Read more >

(Photograph: Yara Mekawi: Top to Bottom: Emily Dworkin, Professor Nicole Allen) 
(Photograph: Yara Mekawi: Top to Bottom: Emily Dworkin, Professor Nicole Allen) 

Emily Dworkin and Nicole Allen

Emily Dworkin (PhD, ’16) led a large-scale analysis of nearly 200 independent studies of sexual assault and mental health. Professor Nicole Allen is a co-author on the project. The analysis found that having been sexually assaulted is associated with significantly increased risk of anxiety, depression, suicidality, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder and bipolar disorder.

(Photograph: L. Brian Stauffer: L-R Sanda Dolcos, Yuta Katsumi) 
(Photograph: L. Brian Stauffer: L-R Sanda Dolcos, Yuta Katsumi) 

Sanda Dolcos

Research Assistant Professor Sanda Dolcos, graduate student Yuta Katsumi and their colleagues found that Western men, in particular, value handshakes – but only with other men. Read more >

Yihao Liu 

New Faculty

Yihao Liu is an assistant professor with a joint appointment in Psychology and the School of Labor & Employment Relations.

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Diversity in Psychology

The members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Psychology are committed to fostering and supporting a climate of inclusion, celebrating human diversity in all its forms, and engaging in cutting edge diversity science. For more information about diversity research in psychology, diversity awards, and campus resources visit this page on our website.


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