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News from ISE at Illinois - Fall 2017
Illinois ISE Alumni now leaders in academia

ISE Alumni are moving into positions of leadership across the academic engineering community: Mun Choi, BSGE 1987, President of the University of Missouri System. Joseph Hartman, BSGE 1992, Dean of Francis College of Engineering. Jeffrey Linderoth, BSGE 1992, Professor and Department Chair, Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Faculty News
ISE faculty advance autonomous vehicle techology 

ISE students, faculty and alumni are working on autonomous technology to ensure that future incidents of vehicle crashes and surgical errors might be greatly reduced. 

ISE offers new undergraduate track in the Internet of Things. 

ISE students, alumni, and faculty are using their systems engineering and business knowledge to help make the Internet of Things a reality. At ISE, a specialized focus for undergraduate students (Secondary Field Option) in IoT was introduced this year.

James Allison leads student team in designing real satellite payload 

University of Illinois students are designing a small satellite, or CubeSat after winning an award for funding from NASA. The project gives undergraduate students educational experience with aerospace technology and travel.

ISE Affilliate Professor Sheldon Jacobson and Lecturer Doug King develop new algorithm for congressional redistricting 

Concerns that the process of U.S. congressional redistricting may be politically biased have led a team of University of Illinois computer scientists and engineers to develop a new computer algorithm.

Sreekalyan Patiballa and Girish Krishnan win Freudenstein Young Investigator Award 

In early August 2017, Krishnan and Patiballa were awarded the Freudenstein Young Investigator Award at the International Design Engineering Technical conferences held by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Their paper is titled “Qualitative Analysis and Design of Mechanical Metamaterials.”

Paul Couston BSIE 2019: Undergrad students create solar powered phone charging case 

Particle, Optivolt Labs’ trailblazing product for the iPhone, is unique from competitors in key ways. The compact system includes two cases—one to protect the phone and an outer case with the battery and solar panel, which utilizes both indoor and outdoor light to triple the life of the phone battery.

ISE senior engineering project team awarded patent 

Senior Design is the capstone course of the ISE undergraduate majors, the culmination of four years of coursework. A Fall 2013 Senior Engineering Project team has just been awarded a patent for their project for Spartan Tool, LLC: "Jetter Hose Distance Counter Design." 

Alumni News
Jackie DiMonte BSGE 2012: engineer, cheerleader, venture capitalist 

Since graduating from ISE in 2012, Jackie DiMonte has gone on to earn her MBA, work for an Internet of Things (IoT) company, and now she works as a venture capitalist. Today DiMonte works for Hyde Park Venture Partners, a company that invests in technology startups.

Maria Lupo BSGE 2009: CSE 40 Under 40 

Maria Lupo is a project manager and building-automation specialist for Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD), Chicago. ESD’s automation team specializes in technically complex projects requiring resilient, flexible infrastructure for clients.

Q&A with digital sales pro Tasha Levy, BSIE 1994 

Facebook’s Tasha Levy works out of the Chicago office in sales as the Multicultural Lead. She’s part of Facebook’s Global Marketing Solutions team, which helps top brands across the United States looking to engage African-American Affinity audiences.

Sean Kelley BSIE 2017: From Rural Illinois to the Windy City 

Originally from the village of Philo, Kelley graduated from Illinois in 2017 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Today, Kelley lives in Lincoln Park and works for Uptake, an Internet of Things startup company in Chicago. 

ISE Corporate Partners Prince Castle, Molex, and Northrup Grumman