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CGS Announcements

Networking and External Relations:
The European Union Approach to Foreign Policy

October 25
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Main Library, Room 106


Center for Global Studies Global Intersections
Application deadline: November 17

Events This Week

From Allies to Comrades

October 9
4:00 pm
ACES Library, Heritage Room

How should those on the same side of a political struggle relate to each other? This talk looks at the figure of the comrade in various languages and movements to find a model for political relation today. Anyone, but not everyone, can be a comrade.

Sponsors: Unit for Criticism & Interpretive Theory; co-sponsors: Department of Anthropology, Center for Global Studies, Women and Gender in Global Perspectives


Research Spotlight Series: Dr. Harriet Murav

October 11
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Main Library, Room 321

From the moment a scholar embarks on a research project to its eventual point of completion or further continuation, she or he would have interacted with information professionals and fellow scholars in the field, worked with library and archival collections and a multitude of electronic resources and technologies. Although much is written about the end-result of such a journey, understanding the research process itself remains an exciting area of scholarship. Each Research Spotlight will highlight a scholar’s work and the author will discuss the work by addressing the following: What factors and interests led to this research project? What resources (people and materials) were critical to completing this manuscript? What opportunities and challenges did the scholar encounter in the research process? What suggestions does the scholar have for emerging scholars in this field of study?

Sponsor: International and Area Studies Library


Teaching History in Post-Conflict Societies: The Case of the Balkans

October 11
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Foreign Languages Building, Lucy Ellis Lounge

In post-communist Balkans and especially in the states which emerged after the disintegration of Yugoslavia, educational reform was designed as one of the necessary preconditions for democratization and sustainable peace. In a region ‘suspicious’ of nationalism, the revision of history teaching was also embodied in the reconciliation process and has been promoted through bilateral, multilateral/regional and international projects. The underlying assumption behind this activity was that a change in the teaching methods of history might have a long-term effect on the way neighboring peoples see one another. On the other hand, the ‘memory boom’ – a global phenomenon of the last decades- generated fierce disputes and even violent confrontations related to the traumatic historical experiences of the recent past. The victims have claimed the ‘duty to remember’ as part of their identity, also aiming at a moral recompense via history. What is the role of education in post-conflict societies? Can history teaching function as part of a major project of peace education? Should controversial and sensitive issues be silenced or taught? How can traumatic memories be transformed into a history lesson? These questions are going to be discussed by using the example of Balkan countries after the 1990s.

Sponsor: European Union Center


The Dominican People in the U.S.: Different Migrant Streams, Divergent Stories

October 12
12:00 pm
International Studies Building, Room 101

Ramona Hernández, Director of the Dominican Studies Institute of the City University of New York will present this lecture.

Sponsor: Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Urbana-Champaign's West African Drum and Dance Conference: Midwest Mandeng

October 13 - October15
Various times

The event hosts an African Market Place with dance teachers Youssouf Koumbassa, Djeneba Sako, Marietou Camara and drum teachers Bolokada Conde, Moussa Traore, Mangue Sylla, and Abass Camara.

Sponsors: C-U West African Drum & Dance Collective; co-sponsors: Urbana Public Arts Program, City of Urbana, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Department of Dance, Urbana Public Arts Program, Common Ground, Center for World Music, C-U Folk & Roots Festival, Urbana Business Association, School of Music, Center for Global Studies, Center for African Studies, H2O Salon, Maize, University Library

Upcoming Events

October 18
Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Seminar Series

October 19 – October 21
Illinois Theater Performances of Travesties

October 20
Films of the Revolution Screening: The Commissar

October 20 – October 21
Researching and Teaching the EU: Best Practices and Current Trends in EU Scholarship: A Working Conference for Regional College Faculty

October 25
Famine in a Time of Declining Global Hunger

October 26 – October 29
Illinois Theatre Performances of Travesties

November 1
Folk Instrument Exhibit at the Sousa Archive

November 1
Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Seminar Series

November 2 – November 3
1917-2017 Symposium

November 7
Films of the Revolution: Yo Soy Cuba

November 8
Alleviating Food Insecurity through Multiple Program Participation

November 10
Artist’s Talk by Coco Fusco at “Propositions on Revolution” Exhibit

November 15
Right to Food, Food Assistance, and the Biological Consequences of Malnutrition Seminar Series

December 1
Community and Faculty Closing Roundtable For Ten Days that Shook the World, Ten Days that Shake the Campus

December 13
Black Square Opera Workshop

Opportunities for University of Illinois Students and Faculty

Modern Greek - New Online Classes

The "Caliphate of Hamdallahi": A History from Within - Call for Proposals
Deadline: November 1