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Spring 2021 | April 4 - April 11 | View Past Newsletters


Upcoming Virtual Events


Upcoming iSEE & JACS Conference Events

Over a series of Zoom webinars (see schedule and speakers below), “The Future of Water” brings together a diverse group of researchers, educators, journalists, and activists to dive deeper into the topic. Our modified “teach-in” will introduce the Illinois campus and community to cutting-edge thinking from highly influential scholars on topics ranging from drought to the global politics of water to pollution, public health, and biodiversity.

Noon Tuesday, April 6: Marcus King

Noon Wednesday, April 14: Book Talk With Catherine Coleman Flowers

Noon Tuesday, April 20: Peter Gleick (MillerComm Lecture)

Noon Friday, April 23: Joan Rose (MillerComm Lecture)


Yossi Klein Halevi and Mohammad Darawshe on Israel and Palestine

Moderated by Chancellor Robert J. Jones

Date: Tuesday, April 6th, 12 p.m.

For more Information and to register, please visit: go.illinois.edu/InDialogue 


Finding Yingying

Virtual Screening: April 2-9, 2021

Online Conversation: Tuesday, April 6, 5 pm

An award-winning debut by Chicago-based filmmaker Jiayan Shi, "Finding Yingying" presents the tragic story of Yingying Zhang, a 26-year-old Chinese student who disappeared from the University of Illinois campus in 2017. In deftly balancing one of the most tragic events to befall Urbana-Champaign, this film humanizes Yingying through her own diary reflections and the perspectives of her family and friends. With exclusive access gained by trust, Shi closely follows the family's journey as they search to unravel the mystery of Yingying's disappearance and seek justice for their daughter while navigating a strange, foreign country. As an international student, Shi knowingly conveys the universal hopes, dreams, and fears of families with loved ones studying abroad. 


BROWN BAG SERIES: Covid-19 Exposes the Social-Economic Divide in Learning: An observation case in Kenya

Date: April 7, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm (cst), 8:00 p.m. East African (Nairobi) Time.

Register in advance for this webinar HERE


From Refugee to Game Developer: Peacemaking through the Art of Gaming

Date: APRIL 8, 2021 AT 4:00PM

REGISTER AT: go.illinois.edu/LualMayenTalk 


Working on Mayan Languages: A Community-Based Research


Time: 7:00pm CDT

In this talk, Professor Mateo Pedro will discuss his work on Mayan languages in Guatemala highlighting language documentation, language maintenance, and research. 


Public Poetry Reading with Pulitzer Prize-Winner Tyehimba Jess

April 8, 7:00 p.m. Central on Zoom

Don't miss your chance to see Tyehimba Jess, Year of Creative Writers Poet in Residence, read from his remarkable work. He is the author of leadbelly (2005) and Olio (2016), winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

Jess is the rare poet who bridges slam and academic poetry. A two-time member of the Chicago Green Mill Slam team, Jess was also Chicago’s Poetry Ambassador to Accra, Ghana. His work has been featured in numerous anthologies, including Soulfires: Young Black Men in Love and Violence (1996), Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry (2000), and Dark Matter 2: Reading the Bones (2004). He is also the author of African American Pride: Celebrating Our Achievements, Contributions, and Enduring Legacy (2003).

Register now to join us for what will surely be a memorable evening.

Time: 7:00pm CDT
In this talk, Professor Mateo Pedro will discuss his work on Mayan languages in Guatemala highlighting language documentation, language maintenance, and research. He considers this type of work as Community-Based Research given the community involvement in projects of this kind.

Quarantine Comedy

Date: April 9th, 2021

Time: 5:30 pm CST

RSVP on Eventbrite: https://go.illinois.edu/QuarantineComedy

Join us and comedian Amer Zahr, writer of "Being Palestinian Makes Me Smile" and creator of the documentary "We're Not White," for an evening of Quarantine Comedy and a discussion on Amer Zahr's experience growing up Arab and learning the Arabic language and culture. 




Monday, April 12th

6:00–7:30 p.m. Screening

Tuesday, April 13th

3:00–4:30 p.m. Screening

4:30–5:30 p.m. Live Q & A

with director Christina Antonakos-Wallace and activists featured in FROM HERE: Tania Mattos and Sonny Singh

Register: go.illinois.edu/FromHere


Workshop: Reimagine Belonging

Date: April 14th 2021, 2-4:30 pm (Online)

Register: go.illinois.edu/reimagine

The question of who belongs is at the heart of the political divide in the United States and the European Union. In this interactive workshop, participants will dig into the immigration history of Germany and the US, media representations of immigrants, and make connections to their own stories. Together, we will develop strategies to build solidarity for immigrant and racial justice, and work towards pluralistic democracy in our community. 


Women at the Frontlines Against COVID-19: Leadership from Informal Settlements in South Africa, Iran and Argentina

April 16, 2021 10:00am CST

Representatives from Hoda House & EDF (Iran), La Poderosa (Argentina), and House Assembly (South Africa) will share their experience in times of COVID-19 and how their organizations showed resiliency in dealing with the hardships caused by COVID-19 and supported their community.

Zoom Webinar Registration HERE


Opportunities for University of Illinois Students and Faculty

 gi grant

Global Intersections: Student Research and Project Grants

Global Intersections is a Center for Global Studies initiative designed to encourage multicultural, international, transnational, and global perspectives in student research. This initiative invites collaborative proposals from faculty and students across multiple disciplines that promote understanding and aid in solving global problems. These projects provide opportunities for students to engage directly in the process of developing new research directions in areas of global import.

2021-2022 Project Proposal Timeline

  • Proposals are for projects in the Fall 2021 semester
  • The deadline for project proposals is April 9, 2021
  • Funded projects must begin no earlier than 8/23/2021, and end no later than 12/17/2021
  • If you have questions about Global Intersections, please contact Maria Dorofeeva at dorofeev@illinois.edu

For more information, click HERE

All proposals should be submitted via the Global Intersections application by 5 pm on Monday, 4/9, 2021. 



The Leipzig Global Studies Program is recruiting!

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy seeks to fill the above tenure track professorship, funded by the Tenure Track Programme of the German Federal Government and the Federal States, from 1 October 2021.

For more information, click HERE.


International Health Policy Credential Mini-Class

Tuesday, April 13, 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5)

Register to attend the International Health Policy Credential Mini-Class

This six-week, non-degree program connects students and working professionals with experienced practitioners to gain foundational understanding and fundamental tools for international health policy. In this Mini-Class, you will meet one of the speakers of the program. This is an opportunity to preview the program curriculum and hear from an experienced practitioner in the field of international health policy. Join the mini-class to learn more and ask questions!

 summer program

Artificial Intelligence in Data Science - UNDERGRADUATE SUMMER SCHOOL 

Priority Deadline: May 1st 

Do you know students looking for summer opportunities at UIUC? Invite them to apply for Global Education and Training’s 4-week, online summer school program – Artificial Intelligence in Data Science, taught by top university faculty from the Siebel Center for Computer Science and the School for Information Science. Students will perform hands-on-analysis of real-world datasets to analyze and discover the impact of the data. UIUC has the #5 computer science undergraduate program (U.S. World News and Report, 2020). 

All current undergraduate students from universities worldwide are eligible to apply. 

  • Program dates: July 19 – August 13, 2021
  • Program fees: $1000 per student (group rates available)
  • Apply here: https://bit.ly/30xebSY

Email Meng Liu (mengliu2@illinois.edu), GET Program Coordinator, with questions about the program.


7th International Scientific Congress “Topical Issues of Global Studies: Global Development and “Limits to Growth” in the 21st century”

June 15-18, 2021

The Conference will discuss topical issues of global studies and will provide the results of the work of the interdisciplinary scientific and educational school of Lomonosov Moscow State University “Mathematical methods of complex system analysis”.

To participate in the Conference you should submit the application form and abstracts by filling in the electronic form on the website https://www.globalistika.ru/problemi-globalnih-issledovanii.  Participation in the Conference is free of charge and does not require any registration fee. In the case of a possible face-to-face format participants bear their own expenses for arrival and accommodation.

Application forms are accepted until April, 30.

global video


In keeping with the 2020–2021 research theme “The Global and Its Worlds,” the Humanities Research Institute (HRI) and Illinois Global Institute (IGI) are inviting students, faculty, and staff to submit short, inspirational videos reflecting on our theme: #GlobalAndItsWorlds. Show us your global world, whether you are currently in Urbana-Champaign, or you are in a place called home. We want to see how our community sees and celebrates our Global Worlds.

Videos can be in several formats—TikTok, YouTube, or directly uploaded to the Illinois Mediaspace. Please watch the informational video announcement below or here.  You must log on to Illinois Mediaspace once before subscribing to this channel. Please contact Rini B. Mehta (creator and manager for this channel, email: rbhttchr@illinois.edu) with your NetID AND “#GlobalAndItsWorlds” IN THE SUBJECT LINE if you have difficulty in posting your video.



Graduate Minor in Global Studies (Ongoing)


CGS Resources

Pandemics in Historical Context
Webpage consisting of a selection of public talks by innovative historians working on plagues and pandemics. 
Webpage dedicated to resources related to COVID-19 that provide global perspectives of the pandemic. 
Webpage dedicated to resources related to COVID-19 for K-12 Educators.
Global Currents
Blog that is currently running a series of essays by individuals from the information world related to how they and their areas are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Global Studies Custom Search Engine
Use it to search articles and essays related to the COVID-19 pandemic!
If you have suggestions of additions we can make to these pages, please email global-studies@illinois.edu for general inquiries, Steve Witt (swwitt@illinois.edu) for blog inquiries, or Timur Pollack (tpollack@illinois.edu) for inquiries about the CGS website