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November/December 2017

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  • News and Updates
  • Calendar
  • Our Affiliates Out and About
  • New Bibliography on the CCB Website: Underworlds, Overworlds: A Storytelling Bibliography for Fall and Winter Created by Fiona Hartley-Kroeger
  • New Books We Just Had to Read Plague Land and The Wolf, the Duck & the Mouse
  • Highlighted Book from Our Wish List: Wild Robot

News and Updates

The CCB will have a presence at the upcoming iSchool Research Showcase on Wednesday, November 8th. Mark your calendars and stop by Illini Union Ballrooms A and B 1401 West Green Street, Urbana to learn more about App Authors project and ongoing research opportunities at the CCB.


November/December Calendar

Brown Bag: Amanda Gailey, Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Digital Scholarship, Children's Literature, and Classroom Collaboration: Reflections on Making The Tar Baby and the Tomahawk": Monday, November 13th 12-1pm

Closed for Thanksgiving Break: Monday, November 20th – Friday, November 24th

Closed for Winter Break: Monday, December 18st-Tuesday, January 16th


Our Affiliates Out and About

CCB Director Deborah Stevenson and App Authors session leader Lizzy Isbell will be presenting “App Authors: Kids, Coding, and Apps in Informal Spaces” at the iSchool Research Showcase in the Illini Union Ballroom on Wednesday, November 8.

 Associate Professor Kate McDowell was honored by the Prairie Rivers Network as Volunteer of the Year for helping the organization tell the story of its history. Prairie Rivers Network is an affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation and focuses on clean, healthy rivers and safe drinking water.

 Ann Ohms, K-12 program coordinator, and Karla Lucht, Graduate Studies Advisor presented at the 30th Annual Illinois School Library Media Association Conference this October. Lucht gave the talk “Social Justice in Youth Literature” and Ohms served as a panelist and moderator for the session “Building and Leveraging your Professional Learning Network”. They also gave a joint talk “Are You Future-Ready? Explore Continuing Education at the iSchool at Illinois”. The Center for Children’s Books provided Ohms with materials about the CCB, as well as, provided them with books for their “shelfie” station at the iSchool reception where iSchool alumni took pictures with their favorite books.


New Bibliography on the CCB Website

Underworlds, Overworlds: A Storytelling Bibliography for Fall and Winter

Created by Fiona Hartley-Kroeger


New Books We Just Had to Read

Every month, the CCB and BCCB Graduate Assistants highlight books reviewed in the most recent issue of the Bulletin that we were excited to read.  These decisions are based on personal preference, but all books listed are Recommended by the Bulletin. For complete reviews, visit the Bulletin website ( to learn how to subscribe.

Hannah’s Review: Plague Land by Alex Scarrow

Reading Level: Gr. 9-12

Pages: [384p]

Publisher and Year: Sourcebooks Fire, 2017

Trade ed. ISBN: 978-1-4926-5210-6

Trade ed. price: $10.99

Leon, his younger sister Grace, and his mother moved from New York City to London after a messy divorce from their American father. Moving to London was a difficult transition for Leon and his family. Leon is stricken by stress induced migraines, his sister broke her arm, and his mother is now working a high-stress full time job. If that isn’t bad enough, a mysterious virus has spread across Africa. Leon, always paranoid, believes that the news isn’t reporting the true calamity of this virus. Unfortunately, Leon is right. The virus spreads quickly, liquefying its victims leaving nothing but bones behind. The virus quickly spreads to the rest of the world, it is an unstoppable force decimating anything living it comes in contact with. It does not take long for the virus to arrive in England, and Leon and his family must fight to survive. This novel is part horror and part survival story, exploring the terror of an apocalyptic world, where not even your fellow humans can be trusted. Readers, don’t get attached—no character is safe from the vicious plague. 

Stacia’s Review: The Wolf, the Duck, & the Mouse by Mac Barnett ; illus. by Jon Klassen

Reading Level: 6-9 yrs

Pages: [40p]

Publisher and Year: Candlewick, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-7636-7754-1

Price: $17.99

A brief encounter with a wolf lands Mouse swallowed alive "in the belly of the beast". Alone in the dark and fearing the end, he cries out but is quickly answered, "Be quiet! . . .I'm trying to sleep". With the lighting of a candlestick, Duck appears upright in bed, dressed in nightgown and stocking cap, utterly confused as to why someone has woken him in the middle of the night. Mouse clarifies that outside it’s morning, so the two get acquainted over breakfast, enjoying jam and toast on a well-set table. ("You'd be surprised what you find inside of a wolf.") As they prepare lunch together, Mouse begins to understand the ease that comes with living in the safety of a stomach. Duck explains, "When I was outside, I was afraid every day wolves would swallow me up. In here, that's no worry," and Mouse agrees. Mouse will stay! Duck throws his spoon in excitement and the two dance in celebration, upsetting the wolf's tummy. A nearby hunter notices the wolf's agony through his moaning and moves to strike the easy target. Once again fearing the end, duck is rallied by mouse who appeals, "We must fight. . . . Tonight we ride to defend our home." Faced with the option of giving in or living it up, this one is a no-brainer. This delightful and unlikely tale of home is all about the laughs, cemented in the illustrations with Klassen’s signature eyes: whether open wide in shock, closed with enjoyment, or covered by a funny hat, they key up the humor. Negative space is expertly used, making the illustrations washy and crisp all at once, creating a layered collage feel. Pink endpapers are purposely placed to accentuate subtle shifts of green, blue, purple, and peach among the otherwise muted grey and brown surroundings. Readers will recognize elements from Aesop and Grimm littered throughout, with a perfect pourquoi tale ending “And that’s why the wolf howls at the moon.”


Highlighted Book from Our Wish List

Brown, Peter. Wild Robot. Hardcover ed. Little Brown Books, 2016. ISBN 978-0316381994.

For more book selections or to order this one, visit the CCB’s Amazon Wish List.


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