CEAB Updates in the New Year!
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Community Engagement Advisory Board (CEAB) Newsletter


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Dear CEAB members,

We hope you all had a safe and restful holiday season, and we wish you a 2021 full of health, restoration, and peace. We are excited and grateful to continue to work with you this year! To kick it off, we started a CEAB newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date with team announcements, events, and news that may be of interest to you.  We welcome any feedback you may have!


The CEC Team

A message from our Director, Dr. Marc Atkins:

Dear Colleagues — I know we are all very glad to see 2020 in our rear view mirror. We have lots of work to do to right the ship and we are very grateful to have our our CEAB by our side in our efforts. Our community work could not be more urgent now, and with your help, we are excited to get back in the field to advance the health of Chicago and its communities. Thank you as always for your work. We very much look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Community Engagement Core (CEC) Updates and Announcements


An Introduction

Please help us welcome our newest team member, Devyani Gore! She will be taking on the role of Research Specialist at CEC and will be working closely with CEAB. Devyani has a masters degree in health psychology from UW-Milwaukee and her research interests center around immigrant health. She grew up in Singapore and India, is a self-proclaimed foodie, making Chicago, her kind of city! She is looking forward to exploring the city and using her new role to engage in an ongoing commitment to social justice in her life!


Some Farewells

After 3.5 years at CCTS, 1.5 of those with our team, our wonderful Gaby Peña is moving on to become the Associate Director of the UIC COVID 19 Community Engagement Strike Force. Congratulations to Gaby! 


Dr. Angela Walden is leaving our team and is moving on to the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity as the Director for Inclusion Initiatives. Congratulations to her! We will miss her dearly.


UI Health Research Registry (UIHRR)

We will be launching the University of Illinois Health Research Registry (UIHRR) this month. This innovative research match-making portal is designed to increase participation in health research studies. Thank you CEAB for providing helpful feedbak on marketing materials. The Registry management team will reach out again in the future for additional input. Click here for more information.


CEAB Updates and Announcements

The CEAB Team, December 2019 

CEAB Member Spotlight

In this section we will be featuring CEAB members.  We look forward to learning more about each of you, the communities you serve, what makes you smile, projects you may be working on, etc. Stay tuned!


Researcher Spotlight


Dr. Renee Taylor, UIC researcher, met with CEAB recently to discuss her reserach project: Chicago Can Beat COVID 19. Dr. Taylor seeks to study the uptake of COVID 19 testing primarily among underserved communities.  Chicago Can Beat COVID 19 will make thousands of saliva-based test kits available to community members in the Cook County area. Her research team will partner with an advisory board and community champions to help guide the process.  Dr. Taylor is seeking opportunities to partner with community and religious organizations, as well as private businesses, to make the testing kits conveniently available to community members. Community organizations interested in more information can contact Dr. Taylor at: Rtaylor@uic.edu.

See more information about testing here.


Upcoming Events


Some upcoming events that may be of interest to you.


A Critical Conversation with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

Date: January 20, 2021
Time: 4:00 - 5:15 PM
Cost: Free
RSVP:  http://go.uic.edu/MLKKendi



Ten Simple Rules for Building an Anti-racist Research Group
with Dr Bala Chaudhary

Date: January 22, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost: Free
RSVP: https://diversity.uic.edu/10rules/


MLK Book Club 2021: How to Be an Antiracist

Registration Deadline: January 22, 2021
Monthly book club start dates: February 1st to April 30th

Join us for our first UIC Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Book Club: How to Be an Antiracist.  We will have various dates and times beginning February 1st to April 30th for a monthly virtual book club.  This is open to students, staff, faculty, family, community, and alumni.  Register today!
Click HERE view the books and dates, and to register.


Key Concepts in Dissemination and Implementation Science: Ensuring Equity in Research Translation

Date: February 12, 2021
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

This workshop is a collaboration between our core CCTS-CEC and the NUCATS Center for Community Health. It will provide an introduction to key Dissemination and Implementation terminology, methods, and measures, with a fundamental focus on the value of involving community stakeholders in all aspects of research while ensuring equity in the translational process.This free workshop is appropriate for those interested in D&I science, health equity, and/or the development, adoption, or implementation of evidence-based interventions and programs. 

If you are interested in attending please email us at implementationscience@northwestern.edu

Webinar details forthcoming


In the News


CCTS co-director, Dr. Richard Novak, leads UI Health study

UIC and Northwestern University are taking part in a multi-center study to test the antiviral drug remdesivir to treat patients with COVID-19. Learn more here




Find Research Studies of Interest

The New Normal Registry | The New Normal™ (TNN) movement is making health research accessible to everyone at a huge scale for the first time in history, with tons of different people and organizations coming together. Find out more here.