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4-H Newsletter July 2020

Here is an excerpt from the July 1 update about the status of August in-person activites:

Effective August 1, in-person events for groups of up to 10 people may resume, with group limits expanding up to 25 on August 16. All program participants and staff will be required to practice social distancing measures, including wearing a face covering. All 4-H general project and 4-H livestock shows and exhibitions scheduled through August 31 will move online to FairEntry. All overnight camps are also canceled through the end of August.

Not sure what is going on? We are updating our Unit website regularly. Please check there when in doubt!

Updates for this month!

The top things for July you need to know for 4-H:

  • Ford and Vermilion, we know you want to see your results! We will send an email with instructions on viewing your results, feedback from judges, and the public show as soon as we get it.
  • Virtual Show information: Find deadlines, what you need to upload, forms, and more, all in one place.
  • Submit your projects in FairEntry! FairEntry is open for Champaign and Iroquois Counties. Here are some tips we have learned from the Ford and Vermilion County Virtual Shows:
    • Do not wait until the last day to start uploading your projects!
    • You MUST log into FairEntry and select what you are entering. Do not hit submit until you are done selecting and uploading projects for the day, or you will be locked out until we approve your entries. Staff does not check email after the end of the business day or over the weekend and you will have to wait until Monday morning for assistance.
    • If you are recording a video (for all livestock, and some robotics and programming projects), we suggest using a phone camera. This will make your video a smaller file size, and it will upload faster. It can take 30 minutes to upload a 1 minute video if you have slower internet, so plan accordingly.
  • Join the State 4-H Family Learning Challenge!  Have fun, find new hobbies, try new things, get some 4-H swag, and grow closer as a family in this work at your own pace challenge!  Learn how to: Program a simple computer game, research your family history, bake some AMAZING bread, create a business plan, give back to the community, and so much more! Plus, if you complete all the challenges by the end of July, you will receive an AWESOME 4-H Swag Bag (while supplies last!) sponsored by the State 4-H Office and the Illinois 4-H Foundation!  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up, share with your friends, and let’s have some fun!! Sign up at go.illinois.edu/FamilyChallenge



COVID-19 and Mental Health in Youth
Infographic from National 4-H

Resources for families:

Here are some blog articles from Illinois Extension that may help:

All About Your Virtual Show Experience
infographic on how to do a virtual show entry. 1. Find your project's due date. 2. Check the list for what you need to upload. 3. Do your projects! 4. Take your photos or video, create a slideshow, write your project report. 5. Upload the materials to FairEntry. 6. Repeat for all your projects. Find everything you need at http://go.illinois.edu/cfivvirtualshowinfo2020 

The Iroquois County 4-H Show's upload deadline is July 13.

The Champaign County 4-H Show (with the exception of Dog and Clothing & Textiles) is July 20.

Here are some resources to help you upload your projects successfully!

Visit go.illinois.edu/cfivvirtualshowinfo2020 to find everything you need.

Here is a list by project area of what you'll need to upload. Many projects say a slideshow OR 3 images, and your project report. Some of your projects will be better to use a slideshow for, but you might find that 3 photos is plenty for other projects.

How to videos: see how to do a general project here and a livestock project here.

We hosted a meeting for families on how to enter the virtual show on June 15. You can watch a recording of the afternoon session here.


Livestock Judging, Master Showmanship and the State Junior Show
ILLINOIS 4-H STATE LIVESTOCK JUDGING CONTEST Held Vi r tual ly Via LivestockJudging.Com Send Quest ions to Dan Jennings at dj jennin@i l l inois.edu JULY 16, 9A.M. - JULY 17, 5P.M. REGISTER BY JULY 13 R E G I S T E R A T H T T P S : / / G O . I L L I N O I S . E D U / S T A T E J U D G I N G Juniors 8 – 14, Seniors 15 – 18 years of age as of January 1st. Questions on 3 classes 3 sets of reasons for Senior division only Senior and Junior division teams made up of 4 individuals – Judge 4 individuals and count the top 3 individuals.


The State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest will be held virtually via LivestockJudging.Com  on July 16 and 17. You must register by July 13. Register at https://go.illinois.edu/statejudging

  • Juniors 8 – 14, Seniors 15 – 18 years of age as of January 1st.
  • Questions on 3 classes
  • 3 sets of reasons for Senior division only
  • Senior and Junior division teams made up of 4 individuals – Judge 4 individuals and count the top 3 individuals.

Send questions to Dan Jennings at djjennin@illinois.edu.

The Master Showmanship participants from each county will be selected through a written application process. Anyone 14 and over (as of September 1, 2019) who shows in a livestock project at the county level is eligible. You must participate in your county's virtual livestock show to qualify. Here is the application form. The deadline is the same as for your county show (Ford and Vermilion has passed, Iroquois is July 13, and Champaign is July 20). Please note that the State Master Showmanship contest, run by the Illinois Farm Bureau, has been canceled.

You can find information about the State Junior Livestock Show and the State Junior Horse Show on the Illinois Department of Agriculture website. Please note that this is not connected to 4-H and we will not be receiving updates to share with families regarding any deadlines or requirements. 

#MakerMonday and more from the State 4-H STEM Team!
#MakerMonday = cool STEM videos

Maker Mondays is a YouTube Segment featuring the Illinois 4-H STEM Team, that guides youth through the process of designing, fabricating, and finishing anything we can think of, from cosplay inspired outfits, to custom themed drones and gadgets. These videos are designed to inspire and encourage youth to expand their imaginations, and build/make whatever they can think of. Our videos are not meant to transform youth into content experts, but rather into process experts with the tools and skills needed to find the answers to questions they have. Every video lists the materials and tools needed, and many videos will have accompanying downloads.  In our first video, we make Mandalorian Armor from scratch using basic tools and a 3D printer!


If you participated in a 4-H STEM activity this 4-H year, this is your chance to have your name entered to win a free drone from 4-H! All you have to do is follow this link and complete a 2-minute survey (available in Spanish). Or use this link if you participated in a STEM project that lasted 6 hours or more (in Spanish).

Once you’ve completed the survey, simply follow the link that appears so you can be entered into the drawing! This will take place as a LiveStream on the IL 4-H STEM YouTube channel at 11am on Monday, July 6, 2020. Are you going to be the lucky 4-Her that wins a drone?


Vermilion County 4-H Federation is hosting a puzzle book drive
brown plastic tote for book donations 

Vermilion County 4-H Federation members are requesting donations to be sent to local nursing homes. You can drop off puzzle books and face masks at the Vermilion County Extension office (3164 N Vermilion, Danville, IL 61832) through July 15. There will be a box out in front of the office for you to leave your donations in since the office is not currently staffed due to the stay at home order. Donations will be collected regularly.

If you would like more information, please contact Mynda at mynda@illinois.edu.

We truly appreciate any donations so we can continue to serve the community in this unprecedented time.

Staff Contact Information

All 4-H staff are (still) working from home. We have been working from home since March 18. This means we are not in the office to answer the phone. If you need us, the best way to reach us is via email, or by calling the Champaign Extension office at 217-333-7672 (this is the only one of the three office phones that can be answered remotely), or our direct Skype numbers.

You can follow our unit on Facebook here.

Will you have an award winning record book? Use ZSuite to help make electronic record books the best they can be!

By now, many of you have tried out Zingbooks and ZSuite. If you submit your record book for awards yearly, we would love for you to try out converting it to electronic - with the help of 4-Hers who excel at making their recordbooks amazing, the end result that 4-H members across the state will get to use will be even better thanks to you! With feedback from you, they will improve on the system.

Because we are one of the pilot areas in Illinois, we encourage you to check it out – you can find a calendar of events across the four-county area, use it for club updates, and most importantly, it has record book templates that include all the components you need to showcase your 4-H year’s work. Here are detailed instructions on how to sign up your 4-Hers. (Link to public Box file of the PDF: https://uofi.box.com/s/c82rwksrwgarsqs5qq1uvl2fc9xyksgw ).

Visit  https://4h.zsuite.org/ to get started on this new platform!

True Leaders in Service - share your stories
True leaders logo 

The True Leaders in Service, designated day of service may have passed however we are asking Illinois 4-H Clubs to keep the momentum going as they continue to focus on the 4th “H” and pledge their HANDS to larger service! Even though Illinois has moved into the Phase 3, the Recovery stage of the COVID-19 response, communities are still in need of support. To meet this need we are extending the timeline for 4-H Clubs to go through July 31, 2020!

Illinois 4-H’ers have been collaborating virtually as they collected and donated food to stock the shelves at local food pantries experiencing greater needs; making cards, videos, and encouraging yard signs to support vulnerable populations including shut-ins and senior center residents; and they have put their sewing skills to work as they made face masks which were distributed at medical facilities; local businesses; and in communities.

Find resources and the link to register your plan for service outreach at https://4h.extension.illinois.edu/clubs. The goal of the 4-H True Leaders in Service outreach is to encourage 4-H members in every county to make a positive difference. Service projects can be done by individuals, by 4-H clubs, or as a countywide service project. No matter what the project is, this is  your time to make a difference!

Coming from the State 4-H Office soon!
Illinois 4-H Live flyer 
4-H Live... from Illinois!

Despite a global pandemic, Illinois has not stopped doing amazing things. Illinois 4-H LIVE is an opportunity for young people to be highlighted and recognized for their talent, skill & passion for the creative and performing arts. U of I Extension staff will establish regional competitions online, allowing top performers from around the state to compete in an online statewide showcase in the Fall of 2020. This showcase will provide an opportunity to recognize the achievements of Illinois youth and celebrate the importance of sharing art and creativity during difficult times. Fall dates for Regional 4-H LIVE competitions will be released soon. Register here or for more information, contact Mark Becker (mbbecker@illinois.edu)

 people watching a robot plant seeds
Illinois Open Source Ag

With the generous support of the BRANDT Corporation, Illinois 4-H is entering into the initial phases of a new program where youth can get hands-on experience with cutting edge Ag Technologies. With the support of U of I and our business partners, youth will have the opportunity to work directly with a team of specialists in the State Office as well as collaborate with U of I Undergraduate students. Thanks to the help of our student interns from the Crop Science department, we are nearing the completion of our first FarmBot prototype on campus at the Student Sustainable Farm. If you know a young person interested in innovative applications for technology in agriculture, please contact Mark Becker, Illinois 4-H Food Systems Specialist for more details at mbbecker@illinois.edu

4-H Volunteer Cafe Conversations coming in August

We are so excited to announce a new series Illinois 4-H will be launching August 2020. Be on the lookout for updates on the 4-H Volunteer Cafe Conversation series. This will be an opportunity for volunteers across Illinois to meet and chat with volunteers to discuss timely topics, share ideas, and access tools & techniques to support 4-H club and member learning experiences. We will be posting topics and dates on the Illinois social media and email!


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