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Happening Around Campus and Beyond


Institute™ by LeaderShape®

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? The Institute™ by LeaderShape® is a nationally recognized four-day, three-night leadership retreat held for Illinois undergraduate students that will take place January 11-14, 2022, at the Allerton Park & Retreat Center in Monticello, IL.

Through self-assessment, intensive small group discussions, team building challenges, and more, participants will develop a vision for something they care about. By leading with passion, integrity, and a healthy disregard for the impossible, participants explore who they are and the impact that they want to have on communities working towards a more caring, just and equitable society.

Upcoming info sessions and link to registration are all available at http://leadership.illinois.edu/institute. Applications are open September 27 -- Monday, October 25.


Global Engagement Lounge Fall Celebration

September 29, 5:30-7:00 PM
Asian American Cultural Center

Join the Global Engagement Lounge as we celebrate the change of season! Trace fall leaves onto a canvas, color in beautiful fall images, crochet a small pumpkin, and de-stress while having a cup of apple cider.

Dinner and art supplies will be provided.


The Women's Network-UIUC Blog Team

The Women’s Network-UIUC is looking for ambitious, female-identifying students to join our Blog Team as Blog Writers! If you are looking for a creative outlet, a leadership role, a way to develop your career in writing or journalism, a hobby, or a way to meet new people, this opportunity is perfect for you. Join TWN by filling out our membership form, and apply for our Blog Team by submitting an application by 5:00 PM on September 29.

The Women’s Network (TWN) is the largest collegiate women’s networking organization in the United States. TWN’s mission is to connect collegiate and recently graduated women to each other and to seasoned industry leaders. You deserve to feel celebrated, empowered, and uplifted by our powerhouse community! We do not charge membership dues. Please check out our website for more information, and feel free to email national@thewomens.network with any questions.  


Provost's Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

The Office of the Provost is now accepting applications for appointment to the 2021-2022 Provost’s Undergraduate Student Advisory Board. 

The Advisory board is a group of diverse undergraduate students who volunteer to serve as advisors to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost. They aim to accurately portray the current realities of the undergraduate experience by articulating the highlights and challenges of being a student at the university. As representatives of the undergraduate population at Illinois, their objective is to convey what could make a successful undergraduate student experience. Board members aim to ensure that fostering an inclusive environment and students' sense of belonging is critically addressed by providing meaningful recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Provost and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. 

The application can be accessed at https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/562596319.

If selected to participate as a Board member, appointments will be for one full academic year. All applications will be due by Monday, October 4, 2021, at 11:59 PM.


Zoom-friendly Spaces

The University Library supports participation in online classes in some of our designated study spaces.  While not available in all campus libraries, Zoom-friendly spaces are available in some study rooms and areas where conversations are traditionally permitted. Headphones are required, and users are encouraged to bring their own devices to participate in class.

Find more information about locations and reserve a space today.



Submit events for inclusion in the Media Advising Newsletter at https://go.illinois.edu/NewsletterSubmission


Second Eight Week (POT B) Class Spotlight


JOUR 494: Navigating the Job Market

Covers how to get noticed when you’re out searching for an internship or job, including how to produce a resume that attracts positive attention, how to write a cover letter designed for the job you’re applying to, how to present yourself in an interview, what employers are looking for in those interviews, and where to look to find internships and jobs.
1 credit course

MACS 364: Topics in Media Business
PR & Entertainment Industry

This course explores strategies for developing and executing public relations campaigns for media products. The class will identify emergent marketing techniques in promoting film, TV, music, and gaming through digital practices, social media platforms, and branded storytelling. The course will also critically evaluate the role of entertainment institutions and celebrity culture in blurring the line between publicity and art at a time when entertainment figures like Beyonce, Billie Eilish, and Demi Lovato use documentary to promote their work and explore race, depression, and addiction.




Fleming Research Scholarship

College of Media students that are actively involved this academic year in research or an independent study project surrounding film (criticism, history of, or advertising in film), contemporary film production, travel writing, or the evolution of print journalism, are invited to apply for one of four Ian Fleming Research Scholarships. The student's research project may be either on their own or in conjunction with a College of Media faculty member as a research assistant or within an independent study course.

Click here for more information and to apply.


Important Dates and Deadlines


College of Media ICT Application Deadline
September 30, 2021

Deadline to Drop, Elect CR/NC, or Submit Grade Replacement for Full-Semester Course 
October 15, 2021

POT B Courses Begin 
October 18, 2021

Registration Time Tickets Available for Spring 2022 
October 18, 2021


Academic Advising


If you have a quick question, you can visit virtual express advising. This is for 5 to 10 minute questions. Express advising is available at https://go.illinois.edu/MediaExpressAdvising on the following days and times while class is in session:

Mondays - 9:00 AM-10:30 AM Central Time
Thursdays - 2:30 PM-4:00 PM Central Time
Fridays - 10:30 AM-12:00 PM Central Time

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