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IECAM Newsletter, FY2018 Issue 5


Looking for Data for Your PFA/PI Grant Application?


To help grant proposal applicants and writers to find data for their Statement of Need, we have created a convenient table providing detailed information on data availability, sources, and other information for each of the community characteristics indicated in ISBE’s FY 2019 PFA grant applications. In the far right “Where to find data” column, hyperlinks have been added to the search options, so the linked websites are just one click away.

IECAM has data related to the following characteristics:

  • Rates of poverty
  • Rates of unemployment
  • Rates of homelessness
  • Rates of children with developmental delays and disabilities
  • Rates of parents without high school completion/no GED
  • Rates of illiteracy/educational level of parents
  • Rates of teenage pregnancies
  • Rates of limited English proficiency
  • Rates of infant mortality, birth trauma, low birth weight, or prematurity
  • Rates of parent survivors of domestic abuse and/or child abuse and neglect

IECAM does not have data for:

  • District rates of dropouts, retention, truancy (links to other sources are in the notes below the table)
  • Rates of drug/alcohol abuse (links to other sources are in the notes below the table)
  • Rates of youth in care
  • Rates of special needs eligible siblings and/or primary caregivers

IECAM: Your PFA/PI Grant Application Resource Center

Throughout your application process, you can always go back to IECAM's special web page for PFA/PI grants for the 2018–2019 school year. This page includes links to much of the data needed to complete the Statement of Need for the PFA and PI grant competitions.